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The Breaking of the Three Spell KeepersAdmiral 02-13-2015

The Breaking of the Three Spell Keepers

In ashen lands of slag, open pit mines, industry and fire, the Chaos Dwarfs reigns over the only empire in the Dark Lands to have stood the test of time. Theirs is a realm of unspeakable cruelty, toil and hardship, of demented ingenuity and horrific inventions breaking the laws of nature in the mortal world. Theirs is a realm of devout worship to their Father of Darkness, a whole empire willing and able to sacrifice no small portions of their resources at the fiery altars in front of His mighty idols. These are the dark domains of Hashut, known to some as Mingol Zharr-Naggrund the great and all her holdings.

Though the worshippers of Hashut are fanatically obedient to their Bull God, they pay some respects to the Dark Gods, Daemons and demigods of the wider Chaos pantheon, and not only because they exploit them as a source of raw material for insane projects in the arts of Daemonforging and sorcery. They may rule over an empire of their own, yet the Dwarfs of Fire truly are Chaos Dwarfs. They worship a Chaos god and do not deny it. They trade with, and may ally themselves to mortal, beastly and Daemonic forces of Chaos alike. Through high Hashut, their deeds and destinies are all entwined with that of the greater Chaos.

Few sects in the Dawi Zharr world are unwilling to recognize these facts even in rituals of cult worship, and those who are unwilling must still bite their tounge and swallow their pride to tip their hat to the wider Chaos pantheon, lest terrible calamities may befall them. For it has happened before and may happen again.

The mysterious relationship between Chaos and Chaos Dwarfs may to some extent be gleaned from the myths and legends of the Dawi Zharr. These are not stories of love and kind helpfulness, but rather tales of cold calculation, brutal exploitation and untamed ambition. More often than not, they are sagas steeped in raw fear and subjugation to the cruel whims of Chaos, akin to sailors who must travel upon the stormy seas and trawl their depths, even though the oceans may swallow them and their vessels whole. Whatever the themes inherent in the varied myths about Chaos amongst the worshippers of Hashut, they all agree on the inescapable bonds between their labouring race and the greater fate of the Dark Gods and all their realms.

These are the stories of exposure to gods mightier than their own, as told by the Blacksmiths of Chaos.

This is one of these stories.

Secrets of Jealousy: It is said, that in ancient times, Tzeentch was the ultimately strongest Dark God of Chaos, before his brothers united and cast him down, shattering his might into innumerable shards that would become magic spells. To gather all these wayward sorceries and restore himself to full power, the Changer of Ways created the Blue Scribes, P'tarix and X'iratp, who would hunt all lost spells through time and space and catalogue them for their master. Their work is a neverending one, for magic in its myriad forms multiplied in the hands of mortals, yet the Blue Scribes bent to their task without ceasing or tiring.

Aeons after the great fall of Tzeentch, the Father of Darkness single-handedly defeated three independent Daemon Princes and broke their wills to His own. With ruthless might did He crush and break them, and out of the flames of domination did He reforge their once mighty forms into Daemons more akin to horned cages and fanged strongboxes than any kind of creatures alive in the mortal world. These were the Spell Keepers. High Hashut did this so that He could hoard His secret sorceries, for the Bull God invented or conquered many a unique and forbidden spell which He jealously wanted to guard for Himself and for His future chosen ones, out of righteous hunger for power.

Into the three Spell Guardians did Hashut lock away magic incantations of the Lores of Death, Fire and Metal, and here within their bowels were the sorcerous mysteries safe, for the Father of Darkness had wrought the Spell Keepers in such a fashion that not even Tzeentch himself could see into their shackled minds. Not even Kairos Fateweaver could know neither their arcane contents, nor the number of spells kept within the reforged Daemon Princes.

Yet the three Spell Keepers of Hashut were neither mute nor deaf, and these weaknesses would be used by Tzeentch to pry the secrets from out of their hard shells. The Architect of Fate would not suffer anyone to deny him a secret, lest of all the sorceries that he himself needed to know if he ever was to transcend the rest of the Great Four and rule all of creation anew. Tzeentch, the Master of Fortune, summoned the Lord of Change, Uzuzap Talonhand, and tasked him with depriving Hashut of his hidden spells. Uzuzap in turn summoned the ever-searching Blue Scribes to record the magic incantations, and then stole away the three Spell Keepers from the infernal realm of the fiery Bull God.

Torment: The three Spell Keepers were locked away in twisting dungeons of ever-shifting crystal spires and maelstroms of miscast magic. Here, Uzuzap Talonhand drained the strength from out of the Spell Keepers' essence, and tortured them gravely in wells of insanity and upon lonely peaks of angst before interrogating the weakened Daemons. The Blue Scribes stood eagerly by to do the bidding of the Lord of Change.

First, Uzuzap Talonhand demanded the secrets from the Spell Keeper of Death, yet the bound Daemon denied the Tzeentchian torturers any spell whatsoever. For this affront to the Great Conspirator, he was slowly destroyed in a torrent of random magic cast by the bickering Blue Scribes, and then cast into a maelstrom of oblivion, thereby diluting and eradicating all the precious sorceries.

Second, Uzuzap Talonhand demanded the secrets from the Spell Keeper of Metal. The bound Daemon feared the fate visited upon the Spell Keeper of Death, and thus he betrayed his master and revealed Hashut's secret sorceries to the Blue Scribes. The Spell Keeper of Metal was released, yet punished severely by the Father of Darkness, who melted down the bound Daemon and locked him away for an eternity of agony inside a very small cage, only to be summoned and enslaved occassionally by Daemonsmiths who wished to use the broken wretch for their own nefarious ends.

Third, Uzuzap Talonhand demanded the secrets from the Spell Keeper of Fire. The cunning Daemon lied to his tormentors, and swore that he knew but one spell, for Hashut had not deposited any more inside him. In the manner of lizards, the Spell Keeper of Fire sacrificed his tail to escape, by losing one precious magic incantation to the predations of Tzeentch, yet retaining all the other secret fire sorceries for high Hashut. The Spell Keeper of Fire was eventually released and returned to the abode of the Father of Darkness within the Realm of Chaos.

The mighty Bull God, however, never stooped low enough for gratitude in His dark heart, but instead He punished the bound Daemon for his failure to safeguard every single spell from Uzuzap Talonhand and the Blue Scribes. So it was that Hashut ripped out the tounge of the Spell Keeper of Fire and branded the secret sorceries on the inside of the Spell Keeper's skull, thereby making it only possible to retrieve the hidden incantations by splitting the Daemon's skull without shattering it.

Thus it is that the Chaos Dwarfs, and even the Father of Darkness Himself, must welcome the wider Chaos with one hand, while pushing it away with the other. To welcome with both hands is to kindle the wrath of Hashut. To push away with both hands is to test the patience of Chaos. Akin to the Spell Keeper of Fire, the Dawi Zharr cannot remain entirely separated from the wider Chaos, but must yield something of value to Chaos, if they are to profit from its mysteries and powers, without inviting their doom.

Such is the balance act of the Blacksmiths of Chaos.

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RE: The Breaking of the Three Spell KeepersHunter 02-14-2015

Man, that is an awesome piece of narrative. Amazing work!

02-14-2015 06:07 PM
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