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CDO Competition Prize SponsorsBloodbeard 02-25-2015

Competition Prize Sponsors

This is a list of the nice people who have made chaos dwarf related miniature donations to be used a prizes in our competitions: Golden Hat, Artisan's Contest and Scribe's Contest.

We are grateful for these contributions as they add another layer to the already valued honour of winning a competition.

How about donating some of your hard earned slaves to these community members in sacrifice and honour of the selfless donations?

If you know of anybody missing on the list, please write my a PM so we can give credit where it's due.

Golden Hat

GH XV: Mantic Miniatures for donating Abyssal Dwarfs for the winner.

GH XX: Russian Alternative for donating Dwarfs of Fire Canyon for the entire top three. Fuggit Khan for donating an unopened blister of metal big hat axemen to a random entrant. Sticklander for giving 25 plastic big hat axemen and a metal big hat command group to a random entrant.

GH XXI: Admiral for making a scratch built Flayed Man for the winner.

GH XXII: Baggronor and Titan Wargames for donating a Chaos Dwarf House for the winner and a Pyromancer for 3rd place. Dark Arts Studios for a 2nd place Goretrek the Chaos Dwarf.

GH XXIII: Werewoolf Miniatures for donating 13 Sons of Adramelech with pole arms, including command group. Fuggit Khan for donating three random prize draws of 3 Russian Alternative miniatures each.

GH XXIV: Baggronor and Titan Wargames for donating Dwarf Dragoons led by Grulka. Roark for donating Russian Alternative Dwarfs of Fire Canyon. Admiral for donating Evil Dwarf Escort Vessels of Ancient Times.

GH XXV: WarColours Shop for donating store coupons to all three winners. Zanko for donating 4 front rank and 4 rear rank Titan Wargames Dragoons. Admiral for donating a kit of Taming of the Wildman of Ancient Times. Macrocosm at Macrocosm Miniatures for donating a Dark Dwarves Lord kit.

GH XXVI: EnjoysRandom for donating a painted set of War Booty by Admiralty Miniatures and 8 Chaos Dwarf Dragoons by Titan Wargames.

GH XXVII: Baggronor and Titan Wargames for donating 1 set of Goblin Command and 1 set of Goblin Scavengers. Abecedar for donating an Oldschool Miniatures Daemoncannon.

GH XXVIII: Admiral for donating Slave Orc Heads of Ancient Times from Admiralty Miniatures. Poison for donating a €30 store coupon at Warcolurs. Zanko for donating two big hat Oldhammer Miniatures.

Artisan's Contest

AC XV: Admiral for scratchbuilding a Flayed Man to the winner. Fuggit Khan for donating a 3rd edition chaos dwarf mortar and crew for a random entrant.

AC XVI: Dark Art Studios for donating a Goretrek the Chaos Dwarf resin minature for the winner.

AC XVII: DAGbariel for donating a Bazooka Team, Barin Spikehead and Lufin Bristlebeard as 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. Greenstuff World for donating textured greenstuff pin rolls for 3 random participants.

AC XVIII: Grimstonefire for donating an evil dwarf leader.

AC XIX: Grimstonefire for donating an evil dwarf leader.

AC XX: Dark Arts Studios for donating Goretrek Chaos Dwarf Champion.

AC XXI: Jackswift for donating a unit of Russian Alternative Fire Canyon Dwarfs.

AC XXII: Admiral for donating Hobgoblin Slavedrivers of Ancient Times from Admiralty Miniatures, and Carcearion for donating a detail sprue from his Bit Forge.

Scribe's Contest

SC I: Baggronor and Titan Wargames for donating a metal chaos dwarf lord to the winner.  

SC II: Zanko for donating a Titan Wargames chaos dwarf metal command group to the winner.

SC III: Baggronor and Titan Wargames donated a Marrog Blackhand.

SC IV: Ravenswood for donating a Bezhukk the Immortal.

SC V: Baggronor and Titan Wargames for donating Grulka, evil dwarf lady.

SC VI: Admiral for donating an Animated Dwarf Statue of Ancient Times.

SC VII: Ravenswood for donating a Bezhukk the Immortal.

SC VIII: Admiral for donating a kit of War Booty of Ancient Times.

SC IX: Zealot Miniatures and Admiral for donating a kit of Dungeon Oddities - Dungeon Clutter:

SC X: Admiral for donating a Four Reliefs wall plate from Admiralty Miniatures.

SC XI: Admiral for donating a Triumph & Thralldom wall plate from Admiralty Miniatures.

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