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Author MessageThe Potter's Slaves, by Uhr-Kulmbizharr
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The Potter's Slaves, by Uhr-KulmbizharrAdmiral 05-07-2015

The Potter's Slaves, by Uhr-Kulmbizharr

Once upon a time, there was a lowly potter who thought that the crafting of mere household pottery was beneath the dignity of Chaos Dwarfs. One day, he sought to rectify this by teaching slaves the craft of pottery.

First, the potter brought in an Orcish thrall whom he tried to teach his craft. The Orc was clumsy and worthless, and he could not fathom how to throw pots on a wheel. At last, the slave Orc managed to pinch and coil some rudimentary pots without handles, which were fired in a kiln. Yet when the Orc was ordered to empty the still-hot kiln for the next load of pots, the stupid slave burnt his hands on the earthware. The Orc smashed all the ceramics to pieces out of dumb, animal rage.

In wrath, the potter maimed and cursed all the limbs of the Orc and put every piece of the slave's body in large pots which he fired in the kiln, broiling the Orc alive.

Next, the potter brought in a Goblin thrall whom he tried to teach his craft. The Goblin was nimble but spiteful, for the slave pinched hidden holes in the bottom of the crude amphoras which he threw on the potter's wheel. The ceramic vessels were fired in the kiln, and sold to a brewery. Yet when the brewer discovered his precious liquids to leak out of the faulty pots, he took the potter to court in front of His mighty idols and their Sorcerer-Prophet overlord, and was duly compensated.

In wrath, the potter bound up all the limbs of the Goblin in a tight and painful package on the slave's back, and then cursed and threw the helpless mite into a delicatessen pit of Snotlings who had gone rabid out of starvation.

At last, the potter brought in a Hobgoblin thrall whom he tried to teach his craft. The Hobgoblin was dexterous and skilled at handicraft for being but a Greenskin, and the slave managed to both throw and fire passable household earthware. The potter found no hidden holes in the pots, and ordered the Hobgoblin to carry the ceramic vessels to his customers. The slave did so, but deviously sprinkled small, rusty iron spikes into the empty pots that were to be used for food storage. Weeks and months later, the mouths, throats and guts of several Chaos Dwarfs were rent bloody by the swallowed metal spikes, and dozens of slaves died out of infections and haemorrhage as the spikes tore them apart from inside and left festering wounds. The potter was nearly ruined as he paid off enraged customers.

In wrath, the potter cursed and flayed the vile slave and nailed the Hobgoblin to a brick wall with his hammer. This time, however, the potter brought in new Hobgoblin thralls whom he would try to teach his craft. He had discovered that Hobgoblins could manage pottery, and now he would set an example to his new slaves in order to keep them away from future mischief. The Hobgoblin villain on the wall shrieked and wailed as fully twelve times twelve cursed iron nails were hammered through his body in sight of his gleeful kinsmen.

For such is the fate of the failing slave. A master may experience the setbacks of trial and error and live without harm should the Father of Darkness and His dread court of shackled Daemons allow it. Yet the slave may not, for he is the weak and immoral scum of the earth and must be dealt with accordingly.

- The Potter's Slaves, by Daemonsmith Uhr-Kulmbizharr the Blind, the renowned Chaos Dwarf author of fable stories during the foundation of Zharr-Naggrund*

* To this day, most ceramic vessels for everyday use in the Chaos Dwarf empire are made by Human and Hobgoblin slaves in vast manufactories, assisted by other slaves such as Goblins and Gnoblars who act as porters and carry out various forms of unskilled labour. Hobgoblins possess greater ability for the crafts than do other Greenskins (as is evident in their dress and equipment), yet because of their treacherous nature they regularly experience unspeakable cruelty at the hands of Chaos Dwarf overseers whenever a fault or lethal prank is discovered.

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RE: The Potter's Slaves, by Uhr-KulmbizharrDînadan 05-07-2015

Bah foolish potter, he should have used human slaves; they can work just as dexterously as the hobbos but their will can be broken to avoid the greenskins' inherent mischief.


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05-07-2015 07:26 AM
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RE: The Potter's Slaves, by Uhr-KulmbizharrAbecedar 05-08-2015

Dînadan Wrote:
Bah foolish potter, he should have used human slaves; they can work just as dexterously as the hobbos but their will can be broken to avoid the greenskins' inherent mischief.

+1.   All ugly pottery is secretly made by hobgoblins.  Here is an egg seperator my wife loves as an example

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