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Author MessageThe Pious Warrior, by Utnipishzim

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The Pious Warrior, by UtnipishzimBeloss 11-25-2015

The Pious Warrior, by Utnipishzim

Once upon a time there was a Dawi warrior known for his great piety. Long was his beard and tall was his hat, for on the battlefield he was possessed of a uncanny fortune. The Goblin bow was no sooner bent against him than it would snap. The boars of the Orcs were spurred towards him only to balk and run wild throwing the Grobi lines into disorder. Such was his favor in the eyes of Hashut that the warriors of his Throng would scarily dare cross a river or deep gorge less he had first done so in safety.

One day while pouring over his horde of gold and gem encrusted articles he stroked his beard, oiled with the finest unguents, and was struck with a thought.

"Surely above all my peers High Hashut has favored me, for in fortune of war and commerce I have no equal. But have I not seen priests of the temple on whom all manner of misfortune has befallen in this or that way? How should it be that I need my offerings mediated to the great Father of Darkness by those on whom his favor rests more lightly?"

With this in his heart the Dawi took gold and oxen and journeyed to the Temple of Hashut to make sacrifice as was his custom. Upon gaining the temple steps he brushed the acolytes aside and stood himself on the dais of the great alter.

"Look on me you novices, for I am blessed by the God, blessed as any sacred Taurus or Prophet, and more than most! Surely at the bud of my manhood it was by mistake that I was made a mere warrior rather than sent to stand where I now do!"

So saying he cut the throat of his first prize bull and, having memorized the words of the priests from lingering long in the temple halls, he intoned the sacred words of sacrifice.

No sooner had he begun the droning litany than the eyes of the great statue of Hashut above the alter gleamed. Sulfurous flames shot from its mouth and nostrils consuming the ox, the gold and the arrogant warrior all at once.  

Having observed the proceedings from further within the temple a sage and lordly Sorcerer-Prophet stepped forth and spake unto the astonished acolytes:

"The favor of Hashut is given in measure to those who fulfill the duty's of their station, woe to those who twist his approval into ambitions of ascendance!"

- The Pious Warrior, by Sorcerer-Prophet Utnipishzim the Proselytizer, venerable instructor during the ordaining of the second priesthood.*

* A parable meant to illustrate the distinction between the blessings of class and the blessings of merit. While the Dawi Zharr have a place for ambition in advancing within ones predetermined sphere, it has never been acceptable to attempt a graduation from ones fundamental class. Additionally there are few greater sins than to covet the priesthood. To do so is to blaspheme against Hashut.

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11-25-2015 04:52 PM
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RE: The Pious Warrior, by UtnipishzimAdmiral 11-27-2015

Way to make an entry. Takes Hat off

Great parable! Your writing by far surpasses my own scribblings in this genre. It's good to have another fable author aboard here on CDO. Looking forward to more.

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RE: The Pious Warrior, by UtnipishzimBeloss 11-27-2015

Thank you!

11-27-2015 05:56 PM
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RE: The Pious Warrior, by UtnipishzimForgefire 11-27-2015

Great story! Surely those greedy priests had installed a flamethrower device in the bull.

11-27-2015 06:54 PM
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RE: The Pious Warrior, by UtnipishzimAbecedar 11-28-2015

Oh, Forgefire how cynical thou art.  watch your back at the next offering.

Well done with the story. Very nice

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11-28-2015 01:22 AM
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