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Author MessageThe Will to make power over life
Fuggit Khan
The Eye of Hashut

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The Will to make power over lifeFuggit Khan 02-12-2016

Scribes Contest VI entry:

In aeons past, the Old World was inhabited by Titans, beings of immense size and power. They were akin to Gods, in a time before the Gods themselves were born. The Titans decided to impart a sliver of their consciousness to the world, giving spirit and life to every stone, every river and every tree.

But amongst the Titans stood one who raged fury and contempt at these actions. His name was Dakgron.

Dakgron argued for “the Will to make power over others”, while his Titan brothers believed in “the Will to make life”.

Dakgron confronted the first Titan, calling him feckless. The first Titan smirked in disagreement, and thus Dakgron tore the head off his brother Titan, tossing the dead Titan's head into the ocean, which became the island of Ulthuan.

Dakgron confronted the second Titan, calling him unstable. Hearing this, the second brother fell to despair and insanity, and committed suicide, giving birth to the Chaos Wastes.

Dakgron proceeded to confront the third Titan, calling him cowardly. The third Titan fought back, but Dakgron ripped the spine and ribs from the third Titan. Casting them aside, the spine formed the Worlds Edge Mountains, the ribs to become the Rib Peaks.

The fourth Titan was then killed, its bones ground to dust, forming the deserts of Araby.

The fifth Titan had his jawbone and teeth ripped out, tossed to the sea to become the Dragon Isles.

And so it continued, until all the other Titans had been killed, and only Dakgron stood.

But even in death, the dead Titans' “Will to make life” flourished, and from their corpses sprang the lesser races of Man, Elf, Dwarf and Greenskin.

And in a final rage to consume all the life that sprang from his weaker siblings, Dakgron consumed even his own life force. The Dark Lands sprang from his final Will, lava boiled from his blood, ash breathed from his lungs and iron from his heart. And in his death his name was corrupted to what we now call Dharkhangron, the Dark beneath the World.

Because of this, only a race who can have “the Will to make power over life” can flourish here in the Dark Lands, a race who understands that the true nature of this Will is to enslave the lesser offspring of the lesser Titans.

The true inheritors and subjugators of this world: Our race, the Dawi Zharr.

- Chaos Dwarf Cultural Tradition


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02-12-2016 07:16 PM
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RE: The Will to make power over lifeAdmiral 02-12-2016

Excellent writing. Clear medal material. Takes Hat off

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02-12-2016 10:57 PM
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