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2 Votes - 4.5 Average   Agalstrax' Oriental Oriented Army 2nd
Author MessageAgalstrax' Oriental Oriented Army 2nd
Pappa Midnight
Bull Centaur

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RE: Agalstrax' Oriental Oriented Army 2ndPappa Midnight 08-25-2016

I've always liked themed armies which step away from the "standard" look and yours is no exception. I like the mix of minis ( I might "borrow" the Cold One Cavalry......)
With regard to the steam tank, I have worked on quite a few Mageknight minis and they can be a little difficult to work with, especially if they are very rubbery. Abecedar's suggestion is what I would do or "pin" using plastic or metal rods.
I would be very careful if you intend to apply any paint or varnish to the tank. The rubber/plastic can react with certain paints/varnishes and become sticky ( I have found this out to my cost).


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08-25-2016 07:29 AM
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RE: Agalstrax' Oriental Oriented Army 2ndAgalstrax 08-25-2016

@Carcearion: The "bull centaurs" are the lizard riders from the top of the page. They´ll be in my next group shot.

@Abecedar and Pappa Midnight: The base is solid resin. If I use your idea I´ll drill holes for the screws. Otherwise I fear the base will break. It was fastened with 4 transparent pins on the original base (you can see one on the photo). Maybe I use them for pinns or screws ...

I´m glad that you like my little project and looking forward to my next game with my throng Takes Hat off

08-25-2016 12:09 PM
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RE: Agalstrax' Oriental Oriented Army 2ndCarcearion 08-26-2016

You mean your going to cover that great freehand work!? Shock

As great as it looks I suppose I assumed you'de be attaching then right to the base, like it was the floor of an evil temple, I think I must have been in a KoW multi-basing mindset. Freehand runes and symbols is a huge hole in my painting skill set, and I'm always so impressed by what people can do.

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08-26-2016 01:39 AM
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