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Artisan's Contest XXI - Voting
Author MessageArtisan's Contest XXI - Voting
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Artisan's Contest XXI - VotingBloodbeard 04-21-2017

Artisan's Contest XXI

Chaos Dwarf Boardgames!

Welcome to the voting thread for Artisan's Contest XXI. We've recived 7 new Chaos Dwarf themed games for your gaming pleasure. Below are provided 8 links: 1 to a folder containing all games and 7 direct links, one to each individual game.

How to vote:
Please submit 3 numbers as votes by sending a PM to the Staff account (a special account all Staff members can access).

Each (more or less) anonymous entry is numbered ranging from 1 to 7. There is no need to specify which one you think is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Simply list the three that you like and we will do the rest. You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

Voting Deadline
There's a lot of material in some of the entries, so in order to give members enough time to read rules, print content and try the different games - we'll have an extended voting period.

Voting ends Friday May 5ft at midnight, Best Scandinavian Kingdom Time.


1. Towers of Zharr-Nagrund

2. Climb The Ziggurat

3. Hashut's Arena of Chaos

4. Squig Squall

5. Will of Hashut

6. Trials Combat Chamber

7. Starcage

Archieve containing all entries here: Link

Remember our very own Jackswift have donated a mighty fine prize for the 1st place in this competition.

10 metal miniatures from Russian Alternative. The Dwarfs of Fire Canyon with Harqebuses.

A big thank you to Jackswift! You should consider sending him some slaves.

If you want to contribute with prizes for this or future competitions, please contact Bloodbeard og Admiral.

Go go go! Let's make some cool boardgames. Any questions, please let us know.

On behalf of the Staff


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04-21-2017 02:35 AM
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RE: Artisan's Contest XXI - VotingAdmiral 04-21-2017

Nice entries upon first impression! And very generous donation, Jackswift! Good thought with the extended voting time. Hope to get and play them all within deadline.

Bloodbeard Wrote:
Voting ends Friday May 5ft at midnight, Best Scandinavian Kingdom Time.

Indeed! Since those little Danish isles and the big bold Thirty Years War winner resides in the same time zone, I couldn't agree more. Tongue

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04-21-2017 02:56 AM
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RE: Artisan's Contest XXI - VotingAbecedar 04-21-2017

Some nice ideas, I'm not much of a board gamer so It will take a while to chew these over.

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04-21-2017 08:48 AM
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RE: Artisan's Contest XXI - Votingcornixt 04-21-2017

Wow, some pretty elaborate games in there.

There's a lot more in the wiki than you think, check out the wiki contents

Like a Great Taurus in a Cathay shop.

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04-21-2017 11:36 AM
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RE: Artisan's Contest XXI - VotingWillmark 04-23-2017

I'm predisposed #5, Will of Hashut.... get it???? Wink

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04-23-2017 02:51 PM
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RE: Artisan's Contest XXI - VotingCarcearion 04-24-2017

I must say I really love the look of Squig Squall, I'll have to rope someone into a game as soon as possible.

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04-24-2017 11:43 AM
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