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The Fortyfive Springs of Madness of Karzh Akkadur
Author MessageThe Fortyfive Springs of Madness of Karzh Akkadur
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The Fortyfive Springs of Madness of Karzh AkkadurAdmiral 04-08-2018

The Fortyfive Springs of Madness of Karzh Akkadur

Know that creation is a desolation. All that belies the dead emptiness of all is a lone river, twisting and flowing, drying and flooding. All that lives, lives by the grace of this river, breeding at its banks or brooding in its depths, spawning and drowning in its waters. Mortal life of speech and hand sails upon this river. Deceived, mortals fear and venerate the snaking water, for they know it by false names and false sources, yet deep inside they all know its true nature. Thus is the river and the names of its springs:

I. Madness springs from secrets.

II. Madness springs from secret knowledge.

III. Madness springs from secret knowledge unveiled.

IV. Madness springs from shackles.

V. Madness springs from shackles on sanity.

VI. Madness springs from broken shackles on sanity.

VII. Madness springs from horrors.

VIII. Madness springs from horror of death.

IX. Madness springs from horror of death untamed.

X. Madness springs from turning.

XI. Madness springs from turn of mind.

XII. Madness springs from mind turning in upon itself.

XIII. Madness springs from pride.

XIV. Madness springs from soaring pride.

XV. Madness springs from soaring pride toppled.

XVI. Madness springs from vigour.

XVII. Madness springs from vigour of thought.

XVIII. Madness springs from vigour of thought trampled.

XIX. Madness springs from ingenuity.

XX. Madness springs from locked ingenuity.

XXI. Madness springs from unlocked ingenuity.

XXII. Madness springs from promise.

XXIII. Madness springs from promise thwarted.

XXIV. Madness springs from promise fulfilled.

XXV. Madness springs from betrayal.

XXVI. Madness springs from betrayal of others.

XXVII. Madness springs from betrayal of self.

XXVIII. Madness springs from violence.

XXIX. Madness springs from violence upon integrity.

XXX. Madness springs from withheld violence upon integrity.

XXXI. Madness springs from weakness.

XXXII. Madness springs from realization of weakness.

XXXIII. Madness springs from strength forcing realization of weakness.

XXXIV. Madness springs from hope.

XXXV. Madness springs from false hope.

XXXVI. Madness springs from false hope trampled.

XXXVII. Madness springs from guidance.

XXXVIII. Madness springs from guidance astray.

XXXIX. Madness springs from lost guidance.

XL. Madness springs from decay.

XLI. Madness springs from decay of flesh.

XLII. Madness springs from decay of soul.

XLIII. Madness springs from doom.

XLIV. Madness springs from truth.

XLV. Madness springs from Chaos.

- The Fortyfive Springs of Madness by Karzh Akkadur the Builder, as taught to his acolytes during the foundation of Zharr-Naggrund

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RE: The Fortyfive Springs of Madness of Karzh AkkadurFuggit Khan 04-08-2018

You forgot to list number XLVI: Madness springs from marriage.
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04-08-2018 11:32 AM
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