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Chaos Dwarf Scenery Ideas by Little Joe
Author MessageChaos Dwarf Scenery Ideas by Little Joe
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Chaos Dwarf Scenery Ideas by Little JoeAdmiral 05-05-2018

Over on Warseer, Little Joe shared some interesting ideas for a Chaos Dwarf-themed terrain set:

Little Joe Wrote:
I suppose you are going for Hobgoblin or Black Orc skulls? Then I would use a stamp, same principle, it just dries on the piece. The advantages is a quick check in results and just one small tool needed. You can quickly add variation while the greenstuff cures. Skulls are bone and bone is glue, not sure if chaos dwarves would waste a resource. Besides they are specialists in binding demons, why not souls as well. Something with pipes like an organ for the souls to be pumped through creating an everlasting wail. Ok, I went to cruel there. Respect to the Mask!

With T9A in mind I have been thinking more of functional terrain (and no skulls Big Grin). There must be a logical reason why the stuff is lying around or build. Chaos Dwarves are a people where industry waste has not been managed, as such I can see them as travelling manufacturers robbing the land. For a table filling set my current thoughts are simply a weapon smith. A small smithy on wheels with pumping hammers for a building, the living space would be part of a train or something like a chaos dwarf gypsy wagon. Fueling the all chaos war machine with armor and weapons will have kept them busy in WHFB. So for hills I would go with mounds of coal or a charcoal kiln, forests are chopped down so you find "ruins" of logs ready to be coaled. The forests are made up of skin racks and skinned animals hanging to dry. For water you can go with a basic river that changes color after passing the encampment or a lake in those fancy colors you get on volcanoes. Walls are racks of freshly made armor and so on and so on. In short a set that works as a small setting with a story on the table.

Tri-coloured volcanic lakes of Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia:

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05-05-2018 06:27 AM
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RE: Chaos Dwarf Scenery Ideas by Little JoeAbecedar 05-07-2018

Good imagery.  Though why are all those trees still standing?  Back to work slave.

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05-07-2018 08:01 AM
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RE: Chaos Dwarf Scenery Ideas by Little JoeSagon of Akkad 05-07-2018

Excellent idea and good reference.

If I may point out another good referece—the Spanish mines of Rio Tinto, that have been polluted due to intensive mining. Just google the name or check here:

05-07-2018 02:05 PM
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