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Author MessageThe Penguin's Desert Dwarfs
Hat or Die!

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RE: The Penguin's Desert Dwarfstjub 06-18-2018

I play 15mm KoW with a friend, so I guess we have our own meta. But Ive found berserkers/slayers to be a pain. Sure they more or less always die, but they will cut straight through whatever I put them up against. And as long as they are behind a unit or atleast have something else beside them that I need to deal with they will last.
But sure, maybe not the best unit. Im sure they are useful though, atleast on our battlefields. Happy

06-18-2018 12:00 AM
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RE: The Penguin's Desert DwarfsThe_Penguin 06-21-2018

I shall make sure to use them more often. I guess I will find the key to using them properly! Happy

And another journey to Golden Sands Desert awaits.....

Desert Bulltaurs

Barbaric nomadic tribes of bulltaurs have been roaming the endless desert for centuries long before the dawi or elves, or humans settled here. When the dawi first erected their ziggurats and palaces the bulltaurs, who were originally hostile to the settlers, were amazed by the beauty and grandeur of the architecture. However when they saw reliefs and statues of lamassu which dwarfs used frequently in their style they saw it as a divine sign. Lamassu were on one hand like the bulltaus, but had wings and were extremely handsome (by their standards). As a result bulltaurs see lamassu akin to how humans see angels: perfect divine beings that deserve adoration and worship. Unlike angels, no one saw a real lamassu, however. Even the oldest and the most learnt dwarfs can't say where this image came from. Perhaps they are extinct or never even existed?

Have you seen a lamassu, perhaps? Takes Hat off

"But we, your brethren, scorned the Ancestor gods, and mocked your foolish rune rituals, and preferred instead our bull god Hashut. Who can blame us if it were you and your gods who left us?"

Golden Sands Desert Dwarfs

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06-21-2018 01:36 PM
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RE: The Penguin's Desert DwarfsAdmiral 06-21-2018

You've mastered the art of army painting. Great results! I particularly like to see the reliefs on the Bull Centaur armour stand out well in silver on dark bronze background. Your paintjob showcase all the various details on the miniatures well. And indeed, the Lamassu is a mythic creature. I've never seen it in my own army. Tongue

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06-21-2018 08:39 PM
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RE: The Penguin's Desert DwarfsAbecedar 06-21-2018

I love how youv'e done them

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06-21-2018 11:17 PM
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RE: The Penguin's Desert DwarfsCarcearion Yesterday

I really love your army, the dark bronze and overall earth and sepia tones are always my favorite kind of color schemes and very convincing baseing to boot! Really excellent execution all around!

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Yesterday 11:05 PM
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