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Legion of Azgorh in AOS
Author MessageLegion of Azgorh in AOS
Uther the unhinged
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Legion of Azgorh in AOSUther the unhinged 07-27-2018

Just been on TGA, talking about fluff. Seems that FW have put the LoA directly in  the Mortal Realms. So we are official

‘Forge World updated their Legions of Azghor fluff: "Twisted Duardin who sell their souls in service to Hashut, the Legion of Azgorh are infamous for the terror they spread across Aqshy the Realm of Fire.. Entrenched within a dread fortress built in the Ashcloud Mountains, they harbour utter contempt for all others. Man or beast; grot or monster – all fall before them, enslaved to fuel the Legion’s malevolent industry and sacrificial pyres. Masters of murderous war engines and unyielding iron, the realms tremble when the Legion of Azgorh marches forth."’

An AoS creation myth:

Uthers’ legions of Hashut:

Bosom of Hashut:

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RE: Legion of Azgorh in AOSAdmiral 07-27-2018

Thanks for sharing, Uther! They're living well up to the archetype in that description. Cheers!

There has previously been a dearth of even scraps of information on Chaos Dwarfs or their nearest equivalents in AoS, but now we've got something to run by. Will help set themes for some future contests (starting next year, since promises of very general themes were made for this particular contest year), at the very least.

Please keep us updated when future information emerge.

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RE: Legion of Azgorh in AOSAbecedar 07-28-2018

That is great.

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07-28-2018 01:03 AM
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