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Darvaza gas crater
Author MessageDarvaza gas crater
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Darvaza gas cratertjub 08-02-2018

Something that belongs in the Darklands or maybe Realm of Aqshy!

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08-02-2018 04:28 AM
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RE: Darvaza gas craterboyfights 08-02-2018

I'd heard of this but never actually seen it before, thanks for posting! Gives me a couple of ideas, I'll have to remember this down the road Happy

08-02-2018 04:45 AM
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RE: Darvaza gas craterThreadbare 08-05-2018

That pic is pretty epic.

08-05-2018 10:14 PM
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RE: Darvaza gas craterAbecedar 08-07-2018

Tis awesome.   Would love to get up close to these places.

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08-07-2018 01:39 AM
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