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Iron Daemon in the Forest (rule question)
Author MessageIron Daemon in the Forest (rule question)
Baader the Great

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Iron Daemon in the Forest (rule question)Baader the Great 09-08-2018

Hi there,

my group is still playing 8th edition. And now there is a rule problem...

Tamurkhan p. 177: "The Iron Daemon, including its Chaos Dwarf crew, is considered to be a single combined model which should be treated as a chariot except where the following rules apply."

Tamurkhan p. 178: "Low or comparably flimsy obstacles such as walls, hedges, light woods, shacks, privies and piles of rubble have little chance of impeding an Iron Daemon, and all such obstacles (up to the height of the Iron Daemon's wheels) are ignored for movement and combat by the Iron Daemon (this is a change to the usual rues concerning war machines and terrain)."

So, and here's what I think the rules are trying to tell us:
- Forests are no obstacles, and their trees are higher than the Iron Daemon's wheels. Therefore, an Iron Daemon does not ignore forests.
- Since the Iron Daemon should "be treated as a chariot" unless any special rule says otherwise (which isn't the case here), the Iron Daemon has to test for  dangeroius terrain in the forest just like a chariot would do.

Is this right?

09-08-2018 04:45 AM
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RE: Iron Daemon in the Forest (rule question)Nicodemus 09-08-2018

Yes, absolutely. This seems to be the correct interpretation

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09-08-2018 09:22 PM
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RE: Iron Daemon in the Forest (rule question)Abecedar 09-09-2018

I think that is correct too
But if you shoot it and burn the trees down?

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09-09-2018 01:26 AM
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Baader the Great

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RE: Iron Daemon in the Forest (rule question)Baader the Great 09-09-2018

Thank you. I think it's right too. But it never came to me before that the Iron Daemon is that much vulnerable to forest...

But then again, a chariot only has to test for dangerous terrain in the forest if it' marching, charging, pursuing, fleeing or overrunnig. However, an Iron Daemon cannot march, pursue, flee or overrun, so this leaves charging as the only kind of movement where the Iron Daemon could suffer from dangerous terrain in the forest.

Which leads us to the next question. The Iron Daemon may charge intentionally (by declaring it), or it may charge by accident (by rolling to high when moving and as a resut being in base contact with another unit).

Is the latter procedure considered a "charge" that would make a dangerous terrain test in the forest necessary? I'd say no... only a charge that is announced before movement is a charge...

09-09-2018 02:00 AM
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