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Braided Beard

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Faces of HashutBraided Beard 10-10-2018

Given how the Chaos Dwarfs seems to be almot monotheistic in their veneration of Hashut, I thought that it could be interesting to discuss the various aspects of the Father of Darkness that can be worshipped by the Chaos Dwarfs. As he seems to be a god of many talents.

To start I'll propose my list of aspects of Hashut

Arkoth the Lord of Chains - Patron of slavers and slavery, is said to give strength to keep the slaves down.

Ashkor the Bull in Ashes - Breaker of Cities and Fortresses and leads the fire to burn settlements to ashes.

Aspothor the One in Darkness - A mystical aspect with mysteries limited to the initiated.

Fafhos the Night Bull - A dreaful aspect said to walk in the dark and devourer the impious and rebellious. Can be called upon to destroy such people that challenge the order of the Chaos Dwarfs.

Kamoth the Charnel Bull - The patron of slaughter, violence and bloodshed. He delights in killing and his temples are charnal houses with gore and burning sacrifices.

Malkoth the Patron of Kings - By now an aspect seldom worshipped.

Molkakos the Devouering Flame - The aspect of fire who devouers all. Its to this aspect that the masses of sacrifices are burnt so that Hashut will be pleased and glutton himself on burning flesh.

Nabashur the Teacher - A teacher of war, crafts and magical secrets.

Rashzok the Lord of Suffering - Invoked to add suffering to the Chaos Dwarfs' slaves and enemies and a patron of pain. To him are sacrifices given by methods of extreme pain.

And I'd love to hear what others aspects of Hashut you guys may have your Chaos Dwarfs worship. Happy

10-10-2018 06:49 AM
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RE: Faces of HashutAdmiral 10-10-2018

Excellent background, Braided Beard! It also connects well with everything that has been written about Chaos Dwarf worship of Hashut both officially and here on CDO. You're exploring new territory in skillful fashion. Happy

Some pieces of relevance:

Grimstonefire's Brotherhood of Hashut with various cults following the different founders of Chaos Dwarf religion.

The Sacred Consorts of the Bull God, with the harem of Hashut standing for various metals and female virtues.

Some more aspects of Hashut:

Azfarak the Blacksmith of Chaos - The great artisan, artificer of the Dark Gods and armourer of hosts, the builder of walls and the forger of iron, the one who carves in stone and the one who binds metal together, he who make in order to break.

Duzharrok the Bull in Steam - Patron of sailors, the fire that chastise the impurity that is water, Hashut as the great fighter of cosmic battles, victor against Enkumarzhil, Mother of all Merwyrms, Queen of the Salty Sea, Dragon of Impurity, Wingless Behemoth of the Abyss, Harlot of the Waters and Devourer of Sailors.

Gargonok the Bull of Contempt - The Despiser, the crusher of the low and impure races, who knows their worthlessness, who finds their lives beneath the dignity of his left rear hoof, who trample their tribes and extinguish their souls in disdain, the one who will not tolerate weakness.

Kalrunuk the Great Thunderbull - Roarer of the skies and bringer of thunder and lightning from on high, destoyer of mortals who resides in the sound of industry, also known under such titles as the Cleaver of Skulls, the Lightning Father, He Who Rapes the Earth, the Celestial Fire and the High Shatterer.

Korgonothizar the Breaker of Ancestral Anvils - Trampler of wayward cousins, upholder of the Blood Grudge, Hater of the Lost Ones and Crusher of the False Ancestor Gods, upholder of Dawi Zharr ritual purity and righteous wrath in the face of their unspeakable western kin.

Malazharr the Hoarder of Dark Sorcery - Patron of sorcery and master of the arcane lores, Knower of Fire, Metal and Death, the Promiser Who Leads to Stone.

Sargothoz the Revealer of Mysteries - The source of knowledge, the holder of secrets, the Omen-Giver, the one from whom oracles gain their terrible wisdom.

Zharroth the Great Firebull - Stampeder of the molten depths and bringer of flames, lava and earthquakes, also known as the Lord of Infernal Depths, the Hot Destructor, the Hunger Ablaze, and He Who Quakes the Earth, as well as the Worldtrembler, Flaming Devourer, Hashut in Flames, and Tremor Father.

Zherganoth the Bull Father - The Flesh Hungerer, potent breeder and virile fatherer of offspring, head of the household and the Bull Who Mounts the World, often forcing himself upon unwilling victims both mortal, Daemonic and divine, who is acknowledged sire of Bull Centaurs and suspected father of many bastard Minotaurs, the patron deity of marriage and lustful Dawi Zharr menfolk.

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10-10-2018 11:25 AM
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Uther the unhinged
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RE: Faces of HashutUther the unhinged 10-10-2018

For me Hashut is greed embodied. The dark side of all dawi.
Mammoth lord of greed, the hoarder, the grasper, he of the undying hunger. A true master of the universe. Patron of venture capitalists!

An AoS creation myth:

Uthers’ legions of Hashut:
10-10-2018 01:25 PM
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Braided Beard

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RE: Faces of HashutBraided Beard 10-11-2018

This are some good stuff, guys. You can tell that the Chaos Dwarf community may be small but its filled to the brim with creativity and passion. Happy

10-11-2018 03:11 PM
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