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[AoS] Undead Tactics
Author Message[AoS] Undead Tactics

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Big Grin  [AoS] Undead TacticsRazaron 12-11-2018

I am new to chaos dwarf online and am exited to view what this community has to offer! Smile

So i’m posting this is to ask about some army builds, strategy tips and other stuff against a chaos dwarf army. My friend is finding proxy’s for a chaos dwarf age of Sigmar rulebook (written by Tommy H Hunt) and is so far kicking my butt lmao.

I am playing an undead army (which is most probs terrible for taking out a anti infantry ranged faction.)Sad

I have varghiests, 50 skeletons, 40 zombs, crypt horrors, 10 crypt ghouls, a terrorgheist, Vlad, Mannfred, Isabella, Konrad, a Strigoi, 10 grave guard, 2 morghast archai, 2 morghast harbingers, a Wight king, Arkhan the black, and a coven throne.

What tips can I get for beating a chaos dwarf army with an undead one?Cool

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12-11-2018 12:23 AM
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RE: Undead Tacticstjub 12-11-2018

I don't play either Chaos Dwarves or Undead for AoS so might not be able to help a lot here. But have you got the Legions of Nagash book? It seems to be the best option for a "mixed" undead army.

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12-11-2018 01:26 AM
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RE: Undead TacticsUther the unhinged 12-11-2018

I hobby more than play and don’t know much about undead. Be careful the AiS LoA army deals out a LOT of mortal wounds which can be hard for sone undead army builds.

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12-11-2018 02:19 PM
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