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AoS Rykarth, Hothgar, Ghorth and Lord Bhaal warscrolls
Author MessageAoS Rykarth, Hothgar, Ghorth and Lord Bhaal warscrolls
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AoS Rykarth, Hothgar, Ghorth and Lord Bhaal warscrollsGargolock 01-27-2019

First attempt at custom warscrolls. I have made plenty of house rules for my gaming group (including our entire points system and pointing out every unit in everyones army to keep it balanced whilst being able to use unofficial books by Thommy H). I have also taken game design elective classes so I have a basic understanding of rule writing. I tried my hand at making custom units for my chaos dwarfs. Haven't done any play testing yet and only done minimal proof reading so they most likely are terrible.

By the way these are intended to be used with Thommy H’s Chaos Dwarf rulebook they might work with LoA with some tweaking.

I made Rykarth The Unbreakable who can be mounted on a taurus to be a mighty centerpiece general. He was intended to be good and hard to deal with. Like a impressive leader for the army (like a mortarch or a high elf lord on dragon) as Thommy H's book was missing a named mounted large lord other than Drazhoath. I just re-used the bale taurus abilities from Drazhoath and Thommy Hs great taurus rules.

.pdf File  rykarth-the-unbreakble.pdf (Size: 1.35 MB / Downloads: 12)

Lord Bhaal is supposed to be similar to Shar'tor just a little better. More akin to a greater daemon or better than a lord at this point. He is the one I am most iffy about.

.pdf File  lord-bhaal__002c-eldest-of-the-bull-centaurs.pdf (Size: 886.88 KB / Downloads: 13)

Ghorth is supposed to be a really good sorcerer lord. I gave him most spells that Thommy H made inside his chaos dwarf book. I also used Thommy H's sorcerer lord as a base for Ghorth.

.pdf File  ghorth-the-cruel.pdf (Size: 1.03 MB / Downloads: 9)

Hothgar is just a nice daemonsmith. Exact same as Thommy H's daemon smiths just with some extra bits from the sorcerer lord and my imagination.

.pdf File  hothgar-daemonbane.pdf (Size: 745.62 KB / Downloads: 5)

I am looking for feedback. I think Bhaal is a bit too good but I have no clue about the rest. Also pretty certain I forgot keywords on all of them.

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01-27-2019 07:23 PM
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RE: AoS Rykarth, Hothgar, Ghorth and Lord Bhaal warscrollstjub 01-28-2019

Cool, well done! Every time I see Chaos Dwarves for AoS my mind goes "Oh, what if...". Happy

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01-28-2019 01:43 AM
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RE: AoS Rykarth, Hothgar, Ghorth and Lord Bhaal warscrollsUther the unhinged 01-28-2019

Excellent warscrolls. I am npt good enough to know if they are overpowered but we needed spme stand up heros. I personally love Gorths fleeong if Zhatan dies. Nice touch!

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01-28-2019 09:08 PM
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RE: AoS Rykarth, Hothgar, Ghorth and Lord Bhaal warscrollsThommy H 01-29-2019

Hey, these look pretty good! You've gone in your own direction with some of the concepts, which is probably a good thing. The tricky part will be assigning a points cost to these. AoS is, I've found, a bit tougher to balance than WHFB was but, by the same token, a bit more forgiving in general.

I'm glad my original rules inspired you to try your hand at doing your own versions. Let us know if you do any playtesting with them!

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01-29-2019 03:44 PM
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