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Ghorth & Zhatan against Vlad Von Carstein in the rocks (AoS with house rules )
Author MessageGhorth & Zhatan against Vlad Von Carstein in the rocks (AoS with house rules )
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Ghorth & Zhatan against Vlad Von Carstein in the rocks (AoS with house rules )Gargolock 04-04-2019

Hi, my friend and I had a smaller battle recently. It was 1000 of our own house points. To put that into perspective of how big our own 1000 points gets us, he brought 6 vargheists with a vargoyle, 5 hexwraiths with a hellwraith, Vlad Von Carstein, Issabella Von Carstein and 10 grave guard with great weapons.

I brought Ghorth The Cruel, Zhatan The Black, 4 Trolls, 12 chaos dwarf warriors and a death rocket with 3 crew.

Lets get into it.

Starting out with some legends to make you not confused. Here Is a legend on what the shape of a unit means on the battle map.

Some other things to know, the blue lines show our deployment lines we are allowed in, the darker the colour grey for terrain the higher up it is. Black is basically unassailable.

Next, here is the symbols for each unit used in this battle.

Next, here is our deployment. We have a house rule to be able to hide lords in units and have a house rule for lore of magic. Ghorth being able to cast 4 spells per turn and the entire lore of Hashut available to him means he was expensive and will need to carry himself, I put him on his own so that he can magma pool around without bodyguard dragging him down.

Undead turn 1
My friend went first, he charged his Vargheists into Ghorth thinking he could kill him. He didn't mean to successfully charge his grave guard. He moved them first then realized they were accidentally in visibility of the death rocket. He just wanted to use the horn-blowers ability to move into cover after failing this near impossible charge but he rolled box cars.
In the hero phase he cast hellish vigour on the grave guard to try to get them out of visibility but then moved them still in visibility accidentally. In the move phase he just pushed everything forward and purposefully “Accidentally” moved his hexwraiths into visibility. He knew they were summon-able and was hoping I would fall for the bait.

During the combat phase he killed 0 chaos dwarf warriors and got Ghorth down to 2 wounds. He ended his turn with the battleshock which yielded no casualties for me.

Chaos Dwarf turn 1
I decided to have Ghorth use ¾ spells killing Vargheists. He daemonic scourged 2 wounds off them, sorcerers cursed 5 and flamestriked 1 off them. He then cast magma pool to hide next to Zhatan and the trolls. Zhatan tried to run away from Issabella as she can cast dark seduction which makes Zhatan attack a friendly unit.
This happened before in a previous battle, Zhatan has the capability to deal 18 wounds so this is not a nice scenario. To avoid this since Zhatan didn't run far enough to be out of range. I was forced to target saturate my Deathrocket Barrage all on Issabella I was going to do this anyway as getting those qizard off the field is important. She died and her grave guard were all killed by my chaos dwarf warriors.

Undead turn 2
He had Vlad re-summon his grave guard. He then moved his vargheists down and same with his hexwraiths. He then charged his Vargheists into the death rocket crew and killed them all. He has his grave guard charge in and kill 3 chaos dwarf warriors. The hexwraiths failed their charge. Vlad wasn't moved.

Chaos Dwarfs Turn 2
I decided to cast some of my spells killing a Vargheist then 1 making Zhatan do double melee damage then the fourth killing 2 graveguard. I charged Zhatan and the 4 trolls and the trolls didn’t get to attack as Zhatan killed the last 3 by himself. My warriors killed 3 grave guard meaning they have 5 remaining.  I still have 9 warriors left. Ghorth is at 2 wounds and Zhatan and the trolls are at full health.

Undead turn 3
He moved Vlad after casting hellish vigour to start trying to get him into combat. He failed a charge. He charged his Hexwraiths into Zhatan and my 4 trolls. They managed to do 1 damage to a troll. His grave guard killed 2 chaos dwarf warriors.

Chaos Dwarf turn 3
Here I killed Vlad and killed a Hexwraith with Ghorth. I also killed 2 grave guard with my warriors. Ghorth used all but one spell killing Vlad. The other was failed. The trolls did not regenerate.

Undead turn 4
Here he brought back Vlad. His hexwraiths did another 1 damage to the trolls. His grave guard did 1 damage to the warriors.

Chaos Dwarf turn 4
Here I had Ghorth kill Vlad with one well placed spell. He then cast 2 others on the Hexwraiths and turned a Grave guard to stone. Him and Zhatan finished off the Hellwraith in combat.This was a fun battle. I think Ghorth really carried himself throughout it.

I personally think the biggest mistake my opponent made was not moving Vlad in fast enough, if he and Issabella went in together, I couldn't pick them both off at once so I would have had too decide and he could have then cast dark seduction with the one I didn't kill.

I have never had to re-tell a battle and this is my first time. I honestly don't know how I did with this battle report. I used some models I haven't showed yet but I will show them incredibly soon. This battle was fun. I would like to know if there is anything I can improve with battle reports? as they are fun to make and if there is any pointers, I would like to know how to do them better and more clearly.

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04-04-2019 01:57 AM
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RE: Ghorth & Zhatan against Vlad Von Carstein in the rocks (AoS with house rules )Uther the unhinged 04-04-2019

Great fun battle by the sounds of it. I have never done a report so can’t advise. But I did enjoy reading it. Thanks! [/i]

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04-04-2019 06:30 PM
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RE: Ghorth & Zhatan against Vlad Von Carstein in the rocks (AoS with house rules )Jasko 04-05-2019

Cheers, nice report of an obviously nice battle Cheers!
I like diagrams, really gives the feel of old school White Dwarf battle reports. What you could do to improve is combine them with actual photos, if you would like.
I remember a particularly nice White Dwarf battle report which was written like a story. It obviuosly requires a liking in writing fiction and it usually doesn't give the "then I rolled a two and missed" part, but of course can also be combined. Give a small paragraph describing the turn as a story (maybe in italics) and then give the nitty gritty details afterwards. But obviously that is way more work then.
Uh, if one goes all out: give a story-like report with pictures for each turn, followed by the actual-game-details with diagrams. Tongue

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04-05-2019 10:24 AM
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