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Astragoth Ironhand Proxies?
Author MessageAstragoth Ironhand Proxies?
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Astragoth Ironhand Proxies?Gargolock 04-07-2019

I was photographing my army when I noticed a distinct lack of representation from the temple of hashut, the altar isn’t done, no acolytes, no bull centaurs and no high priest.

This got me thinking about where you could get an Astragoth esc model. I thought I would turn here to see if anyone else knows any other models that I could add to the list that could be Astragoth.

Here are the ones I could think of,

Mantics Kings of War Vanguard Dwarf juggernaut. Would Need a huge hat and a new beard (more likely a moustache to create the illusion that under the armour there is a beard.)

Mantic abyssal Overmaster (would need new beard and a bigger hat)

Scibors dwarf steam armour (would need hat, new beard and chaos dwarf symbols)

A BFSP dwarf warrior strapped into a converted mech esc thing similar to
Astragoths mech.

Titan Forges infantry could work, or their chosen. Would just need an actual face, large hat and a beard.

One that wouldn’t need much converting to the actual dwarf would be a Russian alternative model converted into Astragoth.

That’s all I could think of, there is probably some I forgot that I would like to know.

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04-07-2019 04:40 PM
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RE: Astragoth Ironhand Proxies?tjub 04-08-2019

You have got Arhak Soulbinder from KoW as well. A living legend from the Hellfire & Stone campaign...

...and of course you got this tiny fellow, hehe. Tongue Wink Cheers!

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04-08-2019 12:20 AM
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RE: Astragoth Ironhand Proxies?Zanko 04-09-2019

I use this one as an Astragoth proxy:

O.k. the model is a bit bigger, but a high priest of the Hashut must also represent something ... isn't it?! Wink


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04-09-2019 12:52 PM
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