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Selling my CD army - info first
Author MessageSelling my CD army - info first

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Exclamation  Selling my CD army - info firstZmanah 10-05-2019

Hello comrades !

As already said, I'm here to sell my complete army of Chaos Dwarves.
I have no idea of what would be good prices to my dwarvish fellows here, so I ask first for some good prices, both for me & for you ! Cheers!

I precise that this is not a selling topic, I'm first here to gather info & that I will not answer to MP for selling before gathering this information.
So please help me with this prices before I launch my ad (with pictures, numbers & prices) !
What I have :
- Lord on Taurus (built, good painting)
- Sorcerer on Lammasu (built, not painted)
- several heroes/sorcerers on foot
- Astragoth (pro-painted)
- lots of Bull centaurs
- lots of blunderbusses
- lots of metal axemen
- some plastic axemen
- some metal command squad
- several rocket launchers
- an earthshaker canon
- a hobgoblin ballista
- a few hobgoblins with axe
- a few sneaky geats
- several hobgoblins wolf riders (axe/bow)
- Hobgoblin hero on wolf

Note 1 : I didn't care at the epoch with dorsal banners so I can provide some from my bits box but models were mounted & therefore will be sold without by default...
Note 2 : all minis are from the 92-94 times (have a look !).
Note 3 : most minis were built & at least Table Top level painted for playing in local tournaments, except for "big" minis that received specific attention

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10-05-2019 09:07 AM
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Greater Daemon of Hashut

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RE: Selling my CD army - info firstzobo1942 10-05-2019

Prices can vary a great deal. I've noticed that the selling prices of CDs has dropped quite a bit, post AoS. However, there are also prices on sites like eBay which are absurd.

Your best bet would be decide what you'd be content selling them for, and putting that price out there - hopefully, you'll find people who agree with how you've priced your miniatures. Otherwise, there will be some haggling, which is usually typical.

Good luck!

10-05-2019 07:29 PM
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RE: Selling my CD army - info firstZmanah 10-06-2019

Thx Zobo !

I found this late post about prices but it is from 2010, so I suppose things did move a bit on prices...
Can anyone give me some hints or average of what he/she would give for each (even if its a low shot) ? Happy

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10-06-2019 03:33 PM
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RE: Selling my CD army - info firstJasko 10-07-2019

Cheers Zmanah,

well, I have just returned from a little eBay shopping spree and yeah, some of the prices there are just insane.
It is, however, obviously a personal matter (someone might consider a certain price to be acceptable while others would say it's too high) and depends a little on supply and demand.
Death Rockets for example seem to be more abundant than Earth Shakers and therefore do not generate the same revenue. Mounted Characters are the most expensive obviously.

One question is whether you are planning to sell the whole army in one piece or if you're willing to split it up?

Let's take the metal warriors for example. Single models are sold for about 10€ (give or take) on ebay currently. If I needed a single model, I would be ok with paying 10€ (which I did). But I would definitely not be willing to pay, say, 200€ for a unit of 20.

So yeah, I'd say you need to figure out what you would want for each item and how you'd sell them. Make sure to post your offers here, though, there might be interest Hashut!

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10-07-2019 08:03 AM
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