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Khorne Bloodcrushers (40k)
Author MessageKhorne Bloodcrushers (40k)
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Khorne Bloodcrushers (40k)Swissdictator 04-16-2010

So I'm looking at making Bloodcrushers for my Chaos Daemons in 40k.

What I'm thinking of doing, partly to save money and partly to have something unique, is to convert them.

Here's what I plan to do.

Take the Chaos Knights box. When I put together the steeds I leave a gap between the two sides of the horse. I then fill this (GS). In addition, the rider will look like he is growing out of the saddle area... basically being a part of the steed itself. This would also help "fill it out".

A little bit of GS or bitz work to make it look a bit more steampunk. Using Khorne Icons here and there possibly.

I might have to use a little GS to make the heads look completely metallic.

For painting:

The "flesh" of the steed will be red, and painted just like I painted my Bloodletters. Fur/hair will be black.

Armour: Bronze metal with a silver trim OR silver armor with bronze trim OR black armor with bronze trim. Not sure yet. I might use a different style with the "riders".

What do you guys think?

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04-16-2010 09:55 AM
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RE: Khorne Bloodcrushers (40k)Servius 04-16-2010

could work.. really.. i have seen some plasticard scratch builds that turned out awesome.. they are pretty blocky to be sure... I would think that it would be easier in the long run going that route.

04-16-2010 02:11 PM
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RE: Khorne Bloodcrushers (40k)furrie 04-17-2010

I think it can look silly (first image in my head looks a bit silly), but if done correctly it can become cool. As for the color scheme, its chaos give them al a diffrent armour Tongue

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04-17-2010 02:00 AM
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