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Akhakk's Army BlogAkhakk 05-14-2010

Originally wrote on 04.28.10
I’ve had a passing desire to collect a Chaos Dwarf army since the fifth-edition rules. The “big hat” miniatures had a unique design compared to other armies of the time. However, back then the majority of armies were comprised of metal miniatures and I didn’t have the funds to collect multiple armies. So, I never did get around to collecting any Chaos Dwarfs, but I still enjoyed playing against a couple of Chaos Dwarf players at the local gaming store.

Many players have utilized the miniatures from the Battle of Skull Pass starter-box since the Night Goblins can be used as Hobgoblins and the Dwarfs can be converted into Chaos Dwarfs with some sculpting. I have a set of Dwarfs and two sets of Night Goblins from the starter-box. This’ll give me 12 Dwarf warriors that can be converted into Chaos Dwarf warriors and 10 Thunderers that’ll become Annihilators when I bulk up their firearms to make them into blunderbusses. There are eight miners that I could use as the basis for warriors armed with great weapons, but as there are only eight miniatures and the minimum unit size is 10, I’ll have to see if I can scrounge up some more of them first. The starter-box also comes with a Dwarf cannon that I’m going to try and re-sculpt as a Death Rocket. I also have a couple more of the cannons lying around that I had traded a friend for previously having planned on using them for a pirate-themed Dogs of War army that never took off.

I’ll be using the Night Goblin spearmen for their Hobgoblin equivalents. I’m not even sure if I’ll do much converting on them. If I do any, it’ll be simply re-sculpting their hoods into the floppy hats the old Hobgoblin miniatures wore. However, I think the hoods make them look sinister and that seems fitting for a notoriously treacherous race of goblinoids. I saw another player convert some of the Night Goblin archers into Sneaky Gits, and his conversion was simple and effective. I think I’ll try that myself, giving me a unit of 15 Sneaky Gits and still have enough archers to field two small units of Hobgoblin archers. Apart from the Battle of Skull Pass box, I also have a unit of 10 Goblin Wolf Riders that I traded my son some Forest Goblin Spider Riders for. These will be used as their Hobgoblin counterparts with some simple hat re-sculpting.

I have a good selection of miniatures to begin with and some ideas for a couple of other units, but I’m going to see how these go first. There are some good conversion tutorials on the Chaos Dwarf Online site that I’m going to utilize to help inspire me. I’ll start posting progress on this army along with some pictures of the process as I go. My gaming group is planning on running a Warhammer Fantasy campaign in September so I have all summer to get these done. Even with my hectic schedule I should be able to get them converted and painted by then.

I had originally wanted to complete a unit of 20 Chaos Dwarf warriors on my brief break between semesters. Obviously, that is not going to happen. After two attempts, I have finished my test model though, minus adding a Marauder's shield to him. I've also managed to get all of the scale armor sculpted onto five other models.

My first setback was the skull mask I had wanted to use for all my Chaos Dwarfs. My first attempt to cast a mold of the skull shoulder pad from the Marauder sprue didn't turn out at all. i had purchased some Milliput since the nearest game store stocking green stuff is 45 miles away and I had no other need to go down there ar the time. The Miliput turned out to be too coarse for making a mold. I'll probably still use it for sculpting at some point though.
After getting some green stuff, I again tried making a mold of the skull mask and it still hasn't worked quite right. At this point I decided I'd try something different on my test miniature. i sculpted a bullet-shaped helmet with visor slits instead. I have no real skill sculpting with green stuff and this helmet is proof. Hopefully my technique will improve.
I sculpted the scale armor onto the Skull Pass Dwarf and it turned out all right. Again, I'm sure my technique will improve. My first attempt at sculpting the beard didn't work out too well. For my second try, I sculpted a scale mail collar first and then added the beard. The result looks better than the prototype which appeared as if the helmet was bearded.
I plan on using Chaos Warrior weapons and Marauder shields for my Chaos Dwarfs. On my test model, I cut his arm off at the elbow then attached the Chaos weapon with a bit of green stuff. I did cut the whole arm off of the other models with the same pose and plan on using green stuff to attach their weapons, but this time their arm will be held at their sides as opposed to over their heads. The other pose I'm working on will probably just have the old weapon cut off and the replacement Chaos weapon pinned on.
Hopefully, I'll at least get the first 12 warriors finished within the next week. My primary set back looks to be making a suitable cast of the skull mask. I'd much rather have that than the amateurish globular helm I sculpted. However, I'd rather have those helmets on finished models as opposed to a project table full of half-fibnished Chaos Dwarfs.

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05-14-2010 01:48 PM
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RE: Akhakk's Army Blogtjub 05-14-2010

Need bigger pics, can hardly see a thing... Sad

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05-14-2010 01:56 PM
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Akhakk's Army Blog (05.21.10)Akhakk 05-21-2010

Despite the fact that my summer class and clinicals are turning out to be more time consuming than I anticipated, I did manage to get my first test miniature finished. There's just a couple of touch-ups I'll do on the shield when I start painting the next batch.

However, I think I'm going to start on some Anhilators. Hopefully I can finish them by the submission deadline for the Golden Hat competition.  Even though my modeling and painting skills aren't very good, it's good motivation to keep me working on this project.

05-21-2010 01:57 PM
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RE: Akhakk's Army BlogAkhakk 05-28-2010

I've started working on my first Anhilator unit. This test model was done using a Skull Pass Thunderer. I also got my hands on a box of Quarellers/Thunderers this last week so I'm planning on doing three Skull Pass models and two from the multi-part set so that they don't all look alike.

My son says there is too much beard on him. I do agree to a point, but it was easier adding the beard as opposed to resculpting the armor after scraping off a pouch and errant strands of beard.

I was hoping to do something other than using a buckler for the barrel of the blunderbus I picture them as a sort of daemon-bound firearm so I thought I'd try sculpting some sort of face on the muzzle. Didn't come out very well, but I think it'll do for now. Also, I'm opting to leave the chainmail armor on the Anhilators to represent heavy armor and sculpting scale mail on my warriors to represent Chaos armor. Hopefully, the scales on the helmet don't look too out of place with the chainmail. At the very least it'll add some variety to the units.

05-28-2010 11:07 AM
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RE: Akhakk's Army BlogKered 05-28-2010

I really like the bluderbuss although the bread is a bit flat I would suggest you use some thing the make the locks rounder after you has added the lines. I am impressed with barrel design I may nick the idea if you don't mind.

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05-28-2010 11:28 AM
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RE: Akhakk's Army BlogLoki 05-28-2010

Great work with the gs, really like the gun mouth, also great work on the warriors, keep up the good work looking forward to seeing more of your army on the site soon   Happy

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05-28-2010 05:09 PM
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RE: Akhakk's Army BlogBaggronor 05-28-2010

Good start. I agree that is one fearsome beard on that Annihilator, perhaps he should be the white-bearded veteran of the unit? Happy
05-28-2010 05:28 PM
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RE: Akhakk's Army BlogThe Stormchild 05-29-2010

Looking very good so far!
Keep it up!

05-29-2010 04:55 PM
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RE: Akhakk's Army BlogAkhakk 06-20-2010

Between class, work, and family, my free time is virtually non-existent. I'm still hopeful that I'll finish my 5 Annihilators for the Golden Hat contest. I've finished the green stuff work on them and primed them this morning before work.

I decided to go ahead and cover up all the chainmail with scale armor after all. I also tried doing the beards a bit differently from my original Annihilator. In fact, I took his flat beard off and re-sculpted it like the other four. Now, they've got a bit more body. Hopefully it's an improvement. Happy

06-20-2010 01:48 PM
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RE: Akhakk's Army BlogGar Shadowfame 06-20-2010

cancel this pics, fast, according to GH rules pics on gh can not be posted on the site

06-20-2010 02:20 PM
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