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[edit] Summary

The Battle of Anurell's Tomb was a Battle Report that appeared in White Dwarf 164 and was reprinted in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs. It was fought between then-editor Robin Dews (who commanded the High Elves) and sculptor Gary Morley (who commanded the Chaos Dwarfs). It was a 3,000 point battle based around a specially-written scenario, designed to showcase the new Chaos Dwarf army.

[edit] Background

The scenario is based around a force of High Elf explorers led by Lord Dramalliel who land just south of the Plain of Bones in order to recover an ancient artefact (called the Navigation Stone) that is interred in the tomb of its owner, Anurell, whose ship was wrecked in the region millennia before and was later killed in battle after he and the remains of his crew survived a harsh winter. While attempting to claim the tomb, Drammalliel's lieutenant, Eldril, comes under attack by a force of Chaos Dwarfs.

[edit] Scenario

The starting forces consisted of the entire Chaos Dwarf army and one unit of High Elf infantry set up around the terrain piece representing Anurell's tomb. The rest of the High Elf army moved onto the table during Turn 1. The normal victory conditions applied to the battle but, in addition, if the High Elves had an unbroken unit within 6" they gained 5 additional victory points (note that this was during a period in the Warhammer rules when there was a different victory point system, based on a roughly 1/100 ratio of VP to army points).

[edit] Result

Gary Morley's Chaos Dwarfs won narrowly by holding the main High Elf force at bay, causing Eldril's command (who guarded the tomb) to flee using a Great Taurus and then grabbing the objective in the final turn using a unit of Chaos Dwarf Warriors.

[edit] History

The Battle of Anurell's Tomb was the first Battle Report to feature the new Chaos Dwarf army, printed just two months earlier in White Dwarf. As a result, the Chaos Dwarf army features almost every possible unique unit. There is also some disparity between the army list as written and the models shown directly above and throughout the battle report: many of the unit sizes given do not reflect the unit sizes in the photographs. Since it is evident that Morley more or less emptied the studio cabinet in order to field his huge army (despite claiming to have mulled over choices), this is most likely because the models required to actually field the army were simply not available.

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