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[edit] Background

Since its foundation, the members of Chaos Dwarfs Online have generated a slew of their own fanfiction background, based upon the rich and varied Chaos Dwarf background produced by Games Workshop, Black Library and Forgeworld throughout the years. In particular, Thommy H's army book, Nicodemus' Warhammer Quest expansion, Grimstonefire's unfinished Liber Chaotica: Hashut and the writings of Revlid have provided prime examples of what an expanded, deeper [Chaos Dwarf] [contents#background | background] could look like.

Chaos Dwarfs are a mysterious, malicious race of ruthless slavers, cruel warriors, demented artisans and enigmatic sorcerers that have created an empire in the hostile Dark Lands, the only realm here to have stood the test of time. Based upon massive exploitation of the surrounding Greenskin tribes in particular, and upon its industrial and military might, the Dawi Zharr empire is a monstrous construct of soulcrushing toil, strip-mining, total devotion to a dark bull deity of shadow and flames, and insane dabbling in the dark arts of Chaos.

Pioneers and masters of Daemonsmithing without equal, the Chaos Dwarfs are great monument builders and industrialists with a callous disregard for the value of life and nature itself. Theirs is a world of blind obedience, dark mysteries, lies and oppression made sacred by the decrees of an elite priesthood of rival Sorcerer-Prophets, directing the efforts of their grotesque realm and scheming amongst themselves out of hunger for power, whilst their bodies turn to stone.

The Dawi Zharr have turned the Dark Lands into hell itself, and their hunger for conquest and power cannot be sated until they have brought all of creation under Hashut's yoke. So devious are they, that they have struck a bargain with the must treacherous creatures alive, the Greenskin Hobgoblins. Thanks to this, the Hobgoblins thrive as an elite slave caste within the Chaos Dwarf empire, yet it is a deal with the devil, for should the Dawi Zharr fall, the doom of the Hobgoblins in the Dark Lands is asured.

In short, the Chaos Dwarfs have a unique and rich background like few other races in any fantasy setting. Their inspirational sources are based on the overall themes of Chaos in Warhammer (certainly the 3rd edition Chaos Dwarfs were), the might of Assyria (4th edition range) and the dark theme of Blacksmiths of Chaos, as made evident in the Hellcannon and Forgeworld's mechanized Chaos Dwarf range.

They have machinery, slavery, dark sorcery, mysteries, rigid castes, sacrificial worship, bovine monsters, Daemonsmithing and several distinct styles developed over the editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. As such, the imagery of the Chaos Dwarfs is a buffet for creativity and further development.

[edit] The Chaos Dwarf Culture Project

In order to explore the enigmatic culture and mindset of the Chaos Dwarfs, the Chaos Dwarf culture project started in 2014, with MadHatter's Khaozalid Dictionary, which was followed up by Chaos Dwarf Songs, Chaos Dwarf Proverbs, Chaos Dwarf Quotes, Chaos Dwarf Monument Inscriptions and Chaos Dwarf Religious texts, at the initiative of Admiral and with not a little contribution from Dînadan and MadHatter.

[edit] Scribes Contest

Scribe's Contest was created to further promote the Chaos Dwarf culture project. It will grow sporadically, probably for years to come. There is much left to explore about Chaos Dwarf culture. One of the goals with the project is to amass a vast and varied collection of fanfiction oral culture (such as myths, songs and sayings), compile it into a PDF tome with pretty layout and illustrations, and release it for everyone to read.

There's still a long way to go before that goal can be achieved, so if you have got an idea for Chaos Dwarf background, don't hesitate to jump into the project and contribute with your take on the Chaos Dwarfs!

// Admiral

[edit] Songs

[edit] Proverbs

[edit] Quotes

[edit] Monument Inscriptions

[edit] Religious Texts

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