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This page contains Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut (and Siege Tower) conversions, made by various members of Chaos Dwarfs Online.

[edit] Cornixt

Cornixt has put together a couple print-out Juggernaut and Seige Tower conversion articles:

In his own words, "Here are some photos of a prototype I made which is the same size, height and width wise. The finished siege tower is more detailed, the battlements are bigger, the platforms line up better, and the proportions of some of the other parts are a little different. This one was made of paper so it bent a little under the weight of the models. I recommend you use white card and print on both sides and it should be pretty resilient. It is made to the same scale as a siege tower so can be used as one. The normal Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut model is much smaller."

[edit] Unknown

An old Juggernaut model updated to the 4th/5th edition style with Chaos shields and a Chaos dwarf with a blunderbuss.

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