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With little written about the Chaos Dwarfs' history, there has arisen a certain amount of speculation regarding their activities over the millenia in the Warhammer world. The purpose of this page is to organize these speculation, with their correct references so fans can read them and draw their own conclusions.

[edit] Did Chaos Dwarfs Help Found the Empire?

The Chaos Dwarfs created the Black Orcs, who eventually rebelled. The Black Orc Rebellion occurred around the time of Sigmar, beginning about a hundred years before the founding of the Empire.[1] Sigmar's rise coincided with a massive Greenskin invasion emerging from the Dark Lands into the Old World, culminating in the Battle of Black Fire Pass in -1 I.C. Some accounts have clearly shown that Black Orcs led the invasion, at least one of them bearing a magical obsidian weapon.[2]

It is not much of a stretch to imagine that the fleeing warbands of the Black Orc Rebellion were responsible for the massive invasion of the Old World by Greenskins, which in turn provided the crucible that allowed Sigmar to forge his disparate tribes into an Empire of Men. Thus, the Chaos Dwarfs might have inadvertently helped found the Empire.

[edit] References

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