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Since the 4th edition Chaos Dwarf Warriors are characterized by their curled beards and their tall hats, and now in 6th and 7th edition by masks as well. Under the current Ravening Hordes rules they are armed with heavy armour, shields, and either hand weapons or great weapons. Older editions, like 3rd edition, had Chaos Dwarfs as Dwarven Chaos Warriors, characterized by Helmets and plated armour.


[edit] Equisite Evil

Exquisite Evil's BFSP Chaos Dwarf Warrior conversion. This was the first BFSP conversion on record and it is credited for kick starting the BFSP Chaos Dwarf movement.

Image:Chaosdwarfwarriors2_ee.jpg Image:Chaosdwarfwarriors3_ee.jpg

[edit] Hotstuff

Hotstuff has used the Hellcannon crewman to make some Chaos Dwarf Warriors.


[edit] Xander

Xander's Chaos Dwarf Warriors were modeled to look like Exquisite Evil's BFSP conversions. In addition, the mutation sprue's hammer arm has been used. The shoulder pad of that arm has a skull, which has been used as a mask for the unit. Additionally, Marauder axes with shortened hafts were used, and full scale mail armour was modeled on. Check out the forum thread with pictures of Xander's conversions or the video guide that uses YouTube videos.


[edit] Lord Zarkov

Lord Zarkov has used the current Dwarf plastics and Chaos Warrior Helmets to make his Warriors. The beards are made of curled wire. Check out the forum thread with more pictures of Lord Zarkov's conversions.


[edit] Games Workshop

Check out Games Workshop Italy's Chaos Dwarf Warrior conversions that use Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarfs, Marauder shields, and Ork weapons.


[edit] Kris Aubin

Kris Aubin created these warriors for the Canadian 'Paint or Die' competition. These were created by mixing the old dwarf and chaos warrior plastics and the current marauder and new chaos warrior plastics. Click here to see the rest of the army.


[edit] Snotling

Snotling made these absolutely breathtaking warriors from the BFSP dwarfs. These are amongst the best Chaos Dwarf warriors out there! More pictures of these warriors (and the rest of Snotling's army) can be found here.


[edit] Hammerhand

Hammerhand based these Chaos Dwarfs on 'mini' Chaos Warriors. They were converted from the BFSP Dwarf Warriors. He also made a tutorial on how to make the capes, which can be found here.

[edit] Bjorni

These Chaos Dwarf conversions are nothing more than the regular Dwarfs with Chaos Warrior helmets, weapons and Marauder shields added. The beards were re-sculpted, but not in the traditional "curly" style (mainly because Bjornie felt he wasnt able to recreate this style). The shiny finish is because these were painted with the infamous and evil dipping method of "painting". More of this army is here.


[edit] Knight of Awsome

Regular dwarf plastics with greenstuffed beards and faces. The rest of the army can be found here

[edit] Ishkur Cinderhat

Ishkur made a fantastic job on his superior bighat warriors. They have a very typical bighat look with big noses, strait curly beard and a big moustache and somehow, they still look new. He made molds out the greens below and recasted them. He then glued the resin fronts onto regular dwarf warrior bodies and gave them marauder shields. The paintjob is also very good! More can be found here.

Image:IshkurGreen.jpg Image:Wregiment1.jpg

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