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Hashut's Blessing is one of the CDO moderators. He is also a moderator on another CD site, The Grand Alliance, and on a site for creating a Star Wars board game. He is also an administrator on Roleplay Refuge. He is quite proud of these achievements, but tries not to be arrogant about it. He began collecting Warhammer in December 1999. He didn't begin to play until late January 2000 and began by collecting Chaos. Buying a Chariot and soon a box of Warriors, swiftly followed by the Army Box Set.

He bought the odd unit of other models here and there, just to keep things different, usually using pieces from these in his conversions. He likes to create mutations by combining box sets. One of his favourites is probably his Chaos Chariot that now has a Genestealer mutant lunging from the yoke. It wasn't until 2004 that Hashut's Blessing found out about the Chaos Dwarfs and did so on the Hand of Hashut.

He has no idea as to how he came across this. He is an avid supporter of Big Hats, but likes to compromise when people are creating new lists. He goes well out of his way to try and please everyone by using options that don't have to be taken. In real life, he is 18, almost 19 and in university to studying Drama and Theatre Studies.

Later, more about his army and his general, known as The Blessed One a.k.a Hashut's Blessing.

Update: (Any edits by are Hashuts Blessing also.) He now possesses over 1,000 points of fully painted Chaos Dwarfs, unfortunately, he hasn;t taken pictures as they are at home. He has plans to convert or sculpt a new model or several and then cast them using Ishkur Cinderhat's casting tutorial. He also has the concept for a giant Kollossus and Brass Bull of Hashut (each over a foot tall, minimum), which may well incorporate the same casting techniques on some parts.

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