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The Kollossus is a huge Chaos Dwarf war machine. It first made an appearance in the 2005 novel Grudge Bearer by Gav Thorpe. Set during the Storm of Chaos, they are part of a larger Chaos Dwarf Army (with Chaos Marauder allies) that clash with the combined Dwarf forces from Zhufbar and Karak Kadrin on the slopes of Peak Pass.


[edit] Description

The Kollossus is described as a "great mechanical giant" with the head of a bull.[1] It is powered not only by machinery, but by the daemonic powers of bound-souls. It is made up of plated and riveted iron constructed in the shape of a great bull-headed man. It is crewed by Chaos Dwarfs, who ride within the armoured body. On its shoulders are firing platforms where additional Chaos Dwarf crew man flame-throwers which incinerate their enemies.[2] Inside the mouth of its bull-head lies a rapid-firing cannon. The Kollossus also uses its heavy feet to crush its foes.

[edit] Grudge Bearer

In the novel, Grudge Bearer, the Kollossus is repeatly fired upon by Dwarf war machines. After being struck by a cannon, oil spills forth from it like blood revealing broken gears and chains within the construct.[2] Additional cannon fire removes one of its arms and leaking oil sets its leg on fire. As the Kollossus becomes more damaged, "immaterial shapes" escape the enchanted machinery. The Kollossus is then attacked by a Gyrocopter which immobilizes it.[3] Dwarfs then began swarming the metal beast and shooting into the slits and rents in the armour.[4] After the dwarfs finish, a final cannon ball cleaves the head off of the Kollossus, as it falls to the ground releasing more bound souls.

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[edit] References

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