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[edit] Xander's Concerns

This page is going to be a more fleshed out version of the Chaos Dwarf References section that will cover more current sources of Fluff from the Hellcannon onward.

I intend to add some more when I have my books with me and cite sources including the ISBN numbers for each book.

Regards, -Xander

P.S. We need a good way to format our disscusion sections. Hehe.

[edit] Thommy H's Concerns

Thommy H says: One thing I was wondering about this page - is the term "fluff" ideal? I know everyone uses it, but it looks kind of silly in the context of a wiki I think. Your mileage may differ of course, that's just all IMHO.

Xander says: I tend to agree. Perhaps we will change it just to Chaos Dwarf Background, or Chaos Dwarf History?

Thommy H says: I tend to use 'background' in the articles I've done, yeah. So far, I use 'history' for real-life refrences and 'background' for in-universe story; this article has both so that would certainly seem to work as the title.

[edit] New Map

We could use a new map for this section since our thumbnails now work.

Dedwrekka says: There's a map in the Ogre kindgom's book that contains half of the Dark Lands in it, and the Dwarf Book has the other half. It could be pretty simple to just put the two together, but we'd run into a lot of Games-Workshop legal-assassination squad issues.

[edit] WFRP2 Stuff?

Would it be appropriate to include any of the Chaos Dwarf fluff from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition? The Chaos Dwarfs received fair treatment in The Old World Bestiary and Tome of Corruption.

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