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[edit] Official Background

Uzkulak, the Place of the Skull, is the northernmost stronghold in the Chaos Dwarf empire, which sits at the opening of the tunnel beneath Zorn Uzkul that connects the River Ruin to the Sea of Chaos. As a port to the north, Uzkulak is a central location for the gathering of the Chaos Dwarf fleet when they ply the seas for slaves. Its proximity to The High Pass and the Road of Skulls also makes it a convenient stronghold for forces raiding into Kislev.

[edit] Fan Written Background

The following entries are fan-based and not based on official fluff, thus it is not necessary to cite sources.

[edit] Uzkulak by Mathias Eliasson

Known as the "Place of the Skull", Uzkulak is the northernmost of the Chaos Dwarf settlements. Located far north of the far side valleys of Kislev and the High Pass, just a few dozen leagues south of the Chaos Wastes, Uzkulak began as one of the many strongholds built during the Golden Age of the Chaos Dwarfs. The fortified port grew quickly over the decades with barbarian traders travelling many hundreds of miles to come and acquire the legendary weapons and armour of the Chaos Dwarfs.

With the Skull Road situated between the port and Zharr Naggrund, it was always in danger of being cut off from aid by a besieging army from land. An underground sea canal was constructed to connect the distant strongholds, allowing a secure route for the fleet or armies travelling out to the north, and a way to increase trade as a result.

For 52 years the River Ruin ran dry as the Falls of Doom and the Zhuf Uzkul, or River of Death, were built. Many thousands of slaves died during its construction, and the Chaos Dwarfs had to repel many attackers from the east wishing to take advantage of the situation. The Falls themselves were rebuilt from a large waterfall into a 6 gate ship lock, with ingenious steam powered mechanisms allowing a large warship to move up or down over the course of a day. The fortress of Uzkulak also serves as a major processing centre of captured prisoners.

For those that attempt to cross the expanse of the Dark Lands through The High Pass of the World Edge Mountains into the Road of Skulls are often waylaid by tribes of Hobgoblins or the wicked Chaos Dwarf slave companies of Uzkulak. Once taken captive by the Chaos Dwarfs, the rabble are processed and assigned to the various weapon shops of Uzkulak. The excess rabble are shacked together and marched to the Plain of Zharr where they find a new meaning of pain and vulgarism within the horrid Hell Pits of Zharr. Its once booming city has been reshaped into a massive weapons foundry occupied by thousands of repugnant Goblinoid thralls.

In recent centuries the Zhuf Uzkul has be reinforced on many occasions, adding nightmarish statues, twisted faces and numerous war machines along the miles of dark tunnels and natural caverns to add extra levels of defence against would-be attackers. In the many centuries since its construction there have been myths told by Dawi Zharr Captains of huge dark beasts that dwells in the dark waters, rare sightings seem to support that such creatures exists, yet the stories have yet to be fully proven.

Uzkulak is a Dawi-Zharr port and stronghold, one of the two major routes for the Dawi-Zharr slaver missions, as well as a construction yard for these ironclad vessels. These small ships are the main Dawi- Zharr navy, constructed of iron and fuelled by giant furnaces. Each one is armed with as many cannons as possible, defending the ship from attacks from other vessels. The front of each vessel is capable of opening up in one form or another, allowing an army of Dawi- Zharr to land on the shore and immediately assault and enslave any defenders. The port itself is an incredibly productive stronghold, using extensive amounts of slave labour to help build and maintain the Dawi-Zharr ships.

Uzkulak is connected to the plains of Zharrduk and the River Ruin by a Chaos Dwarf excavated tunnel system called "Skullfire Way". Uzkulak was a small outpost until the Chaos incursion of 2302 I.C. It was quickly overrun by the followers of Khorne, and its garrison slaughtered. The Blood God's army breached the gate to the Skullfire Way, and made their way quickly to besiege Zharr-Naggrund. Years after Chaos retreated northward, the Chaos Dwarfs rebuilt Uzkulak as a stronghold to guard the northern approaches.

The fortress of Uzkulak is dominated by a single tower of granite, the top of which contains the Temple of Hashut. Granite walls, 25 feet high and studded with gun emplacements, surround the tower. The garrison is several hundred strong; about two-thirds are Hobgoblins. Uzkulak is ever vigilant against the threat that the Blood God's minions may return. Large, heavily-armed patrols of Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins scout the surrounding area regularly. Any individuals caught wandering the land are captured as spies and mercilessly interrogated; very few survive the ministrations of the Chaos Dwarf torturers.[1]

[edit] The Obsidian Fort by Admiral

The Obsidian Fort is a Chaos Dwarf Fortress imagined and described by CDO user Admiral. It's placed just north of Uzkulak. The description is inspiried by the Obsidian Fortress and Obsidian K'daai Golems build by CDO user tjub. [2][3]

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