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The idea is to have a list of actions that can be altered by anyone, a bit easier than using a forum thread. The forum threads can be used to discuss these actions. This section is to list anything that needs to be done. Anyone is welcome to add anything or do any of the actions unless it is assigned to someone. If you are working on something offline (usually only applies to big new pages) then put your name in brackets at the beginning of the line. If you complete an action then move it to the Done section rather than just deleting it. The Done section will be purged periodically.

[edit] To Do

Unending tasks - these are always cropping up:

  • Check for misspelled links in the wanted pages (last done: 23 Feb 2009)
  • Sort out any double redirects (last done: 6 Jan 2009)
  • Redirect any alternate spellings/phrasing (last done: 23 Feb 2009)
  • Search for "[" and "]" - these show up at mis-typed links (last done: never)
  • Alternate Chaos Dwarf Models needs additional content as new models come out/are discovered.

The following pages need updated content:

The following pages need citations:

The following unit pages are empty and need filling:

Other Tasks

  • Check for short pages and consolidate if possible.
  • Pages for Special Character Conversions needed: Astragoth Conversions, Oglah Khan Conversions, etc.
  • Sort out the wanted pages; leave alone empty pages for conversions

[edit] Done

  • The Golden Hat page has been updated but needs fleshing out with more pics and links etc.

[edit] Related Links

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