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Full Version: [HUGE update! 11-26-2013] The Legion of Hashut - Army Blog
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I can enter them directly:

Code: 95687%3A%3A34%3Anu0mrj

For some reason the pasted link above also displays with an inserted white space between the "%3D367 95687%3A%3A34%3Anu0mrj" which shouldn't be if anyone wants to copy/paste it.

Looks like uses some pretty funky image links, typing in your URLs directly results in an incompatible URL with "" and ">" brackets, and the like.

Awesome conversion the head works perfectly with that body!
Love the original conversions, and great painting as well! My only criticism, as noted before, is the fire which should be the "inverted".

Herby Wrote:
Damn! This is all really cool! And I don't share the opinions of the others about the fire painting - it looks excellent.
After all, we play Warhammer Fantasy here. Because of that no one should shit his pants when fire doesn't glow in the correct direction.

Cheers!Takes Hat off

I think you need to shit your pants even in the warhammer world, because then there is so serieus magic at work.

Wow! 2 models, 2 conversions! Excellent minis sir, can't wait to see what's next!
This might turn out to be one of the best converted Chaos Dwarf armies yet seen. Normally I would also point out the most realistic way to paint fire, but your flames nevertheless looks so good you should keep them that way.
The Hellcannon is really awesome! Takes Hat off

Excellent conversion and cool paintjob! Cheers!

Want to see more of your stuff! Wink

I love that hellcannon, those wrapped around chains are awesome!
Very nice stuff there Sir.
Looks good, but I wouldn't want to be the poor guy who had to walk around with that on his back…. Shock
Excellent progress. Your army looks really good.
Really good looking Hobbos! Happy
Nice idea!
I thought I commented on it earlier. Apparently not. Those chariots are insanely cool.
Your "Legion of Hashut" is awesome! Cheers!

The painting of the miniatures, the accessories (Tower, Altar, Vulcano, etc) and of table are just amazing!

The conversions are also well-made!

Kudos dude! Takes Hat off

Now that's what a Chaos Dwarf army should look like! Praise Hashut and the fantastic paintjobs you did on these minis!!!
Just saw this army on a youtube video (linked elsewhere on the forum) and although I remembered seeing the first couple of conversions I somehow missed how much it'd grown!

Great army and great bases of course Wink Now I just have to figure out why everyone who uses my technique does a better job of it than me...
Great Lava details!
It's a pity he hadn't stayed and made more

Carcearion Wrote:

Abecedar Wrote:
It's a pity he hadn't stayed and made more

Oooh I hadn't realized the threadomancy - hmm... might be time to dig back around for another unsealed catacombs.

It is a nice one. I remember seeing it once I perused the thread

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