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Full Version: Show your snow sculptures!
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A place for any wacky snow sculptures you might conjure in the biting cold of wintertime.

To start off, here's mine from this year. I stopped before doing details because thaw set in. Now it's melting fast:

Snow ahoy! Winter means building snowmen for the childish of us, and that means Warhammer snowmen for the fanatics.

The current ones in our garden this year were carved in icy and powdery snow, which punished any attempt at details. They turned out primitive, but were fun.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Mr. Dwarf and the double-headed Ogre Ob and Bob:

Do you have any cool creations of your own to share?
Haha, what about a Artisian Chaos Dwarf Snowman? TongueBig Grin
Move to Tasmania, It can snow there at XMas sometimes

My wife says the snow-cat is Purrrrfect.
Herby, that's a couple of nice snowmen, particularly the arms. Good ones!

@MadHatter & tjub: Haha, that one never occurred to me. Big Grin

Helblindi, that's impressive to boot. Have some slaves! Takes Hat off

Haha, you southerners need a good winter as much as you need some fresh Viking raids! Tongue Wink
@Mivrash Faz: No wonder Hell was frozen over in Norse mythology.

A team consisting of me, my brother and a friend of ours participated in a little snow sculpture event. It went as planned.

Valhalla, I am coming! Thank you, Herby!

The viking dwarf was entered into an event themed "snowman friend". So we made a fearsome Dwarf ally whom everyone would like to have as friend, and not enemy. Big Grin
Thanks! Our friend came up with the idea and led the common sculpting (we had 4 hours to go, with an icy block to attack). It's in the 1:1 scale. Once the basic shapes were cut out, I did the head and beard, and details like the shield boss and scalemail. My brother did the cloak and made a very good circle shield. Our buddy made the knife arm and shoulder pads.

It's in the 1:1 scale. I wonder how long it takes before someone puts an object into its gaping mouth. My brother placed a baguette and an empty bottle in it while we sculpted away.
Some quick heads from this weekend's ski trip. Spent most of the spare time digging snow. A few Dwarf heads in there (and an unfinished Dwarf and T-rex head, owing to the metal spades breaking against the hardened, icy snow crust):

@Admiral, what is this snow you speak of? /GBG Shock
Tjub, snow is what we're presently drowning in up north. I had planned to spend most of the day sculpting on a long-planned project, but Father Winter harboured other plans. Had to spend most of the day shovelling snow. It's still pouring down, wonderful!

Some of the shovelled snow was collected in a ramp, to make a snow dwarf. It's not thaw enough for building easily (I tried), so no helmet or even full face this time, only a simple low head. This face will meet the children when they go to school tomorrow morning, and the adults when they drive to their jobs:

No snow here this year unlukily!  And considering my holidays are already finished, is better if none shows up now. Big Grin
It's that time of the year! Anyone up for a snow sculpture challenge? A Chaos Dwarf in big hat could be demanding to pull off. Wink

Oh my some of these are really cool!
Thanks a lot! I thought Wales was marked as ocean on maps?

And then they were two:

Can you trust an elf?

The icy and lumpy snow made this one tricky, and pulled down the quality drastically, as well as having it end up way too thin. Still, it's a face.

An elf face! And, as of now, I would kill for a decent black pist run Sad. Man I want to ski Mad!!!!
Impressive Mathias! Haven't seen snow around these parts yet, just fog rain and ice... Mad
Tack! Snow is bliss, aye!

Though it's currently too frosty and lumpy to be much good for detailwork. It would not have been advisable to attempt teeth with such material:

A plague of Dwarfs!

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