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Welcome! This is the log where I'll post anything which I've converted and/or painted for others. Most of my hobby work is not done for my own armies, but rather for my brother's and our friends' collections.

It's a great way to experience modelling and painting all miniatures in Warhammer without buying them. Big Grin

Background might be added later on as my friends work that out.

Sorry for the glossy-gloss varnish. Most paintjobs are old, some models are damaged and awaiting repairs. Matt varnish will eventually catch up with everyone.

Let's begin with the miniscule finished Lustrian collection. Consisting of one Saurus Drummer and an Elven courier who've been through hardships without end in the jungle.

The Saurus has on his base the first or second whole model I ever sculpted, namely a Pygmy Halfling who angered the reptile. Spawning of Tepok and Sotek.

Whilst the Elf have a baby Ancylosaurus.

Here's a sculpted version of my brother's cat. Christmas present. Beside the old, ragged Elf sculpt.

The cat was on one tournament the army general of a friends quarter-painted Skaven army. Here she is with some giants rat. Plus a test Skaven/Kobold converted from a BFSP Night Goblin.

Speaking of vermin, next are some Gobbos I painted for two friends.

My brother also have the Undead variant. Fun to convert:

Note the small Squigs, the entrails, the mummy and the fish shield.

My brother's excentric Undead army have headless Dire Wolves. The primary reason is dislike with the big heads in the plastic kit. Background-wise it's logical for Dire Wolves to go headless sometimes, since Old World peasants behead any wolf corpse they find as an obstacle for Undeath.

Note Halfling head and rat on base.

A friend of ours also have some Undead. Here are a few Mantic Skeletons which I painted in Empire colours, including shield symbols. Can you spot their origin? The middle swordsguy is painted by the friend.

Said mate also have Warriors of Chaos. Here's Fetth the Flyface, bringer of many laughs and built from plastic sprue, filler, super glue and green stuff.

This thing may now be an Eye of the Gods marker, but since that didn't exist when I built it for another friend, he thought I was an idiot for making that out of soft airgun pellets. He was funny to listen to when he condemned the pathetic nature of the eye pile! Big Grin

Yarr! My brother's pirate.

And his Elves. We developed their colour scheme when painting Lotr High Elves years back. We're slow painters (though we're picking up speed and method now) and have no finished unit to speak of.

Elves are fairy fey for starters, so to make them convincing, grounded and lethal they needed a pretty dark and realistic colour scheme. No pinks here!

Note cloaks on the Swordmasters.

And lastly we have one of five WIP Raven Heralds. Note saddle bags.

Comments and critiscism as welcome as ever! Cheers!

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed Wrote:
The pile of eyeballs are wicked! Also love that pirate.

I'll add my likes/loves to Vantraxx's

@Dînadan: Thanks! You're very close to full score. From left to right they're Bogenhafen (some wine-growing fat town), Middenland, Hochland, Ostland and Stirland. Ostland seems to have both black-white and yellow-purple uniforms.

@Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed & Abecedar: Thank you!

Some weeks ago I played two quick 1000 pts games against a visiting friend and my brother with mainly unpainted stuff. In my first game the Hellcannon without crew was the sole survivor and victor on the battlefield. In the second game it was my brother's Elf Mage, who blasted the only remaining enemy (my Hellcannon, again) to smithereens in the last turn.

As usual, my cat wished to partake in the battle. She toppled some Elves through mere clumsiness.

Most of the featherwork have been made on my brother's Raven Heralds. Some more of that, and then there'll be bowstrings and needle arrows. Chuck in heads and some extra package and they're off to his paintstation.

@Yodrin: Haha, indeed! But the Destroyer is already overpowered as it is with that point cost. Happy

@MadHatter: That's an idea worthy of a mad hat. But ridiculously overpowered! They'd have 9 wounds each, for a start. Wink

A lot of hobby work has been carried out alongside my brother on Night Goblins and Elves. However, I didn't bring the camera to his place, so no picture proof of it.

But there's more proof of Cat'Daai destroyer on the rampage! She intervened in the battle during turn 2, avoided my counts-as CDs (BFSP Night Goblins) and scythed through the High Elves.


Cat enters the battlefield. She loves Warhammer, both the tabletop game and the workshop part.

The dice is tossed. What will the D6 show?

It must have been a stupidity check. The tower is under attack!

She's a docile K'daai, yet the same cannot be said for that whipping tail...

Tail attack!

It's rampaging through the Swordmasters!

The Elves were saved when the Cat'Daai Destroyer fled from the battlefield.

It still ended in a High Elf victory.
@Fuggit Khan: Haha, you're welcome! Takes Hat off

@Bloodbeard: Thanks! The fearsome K'miaw, hungry for glory on the battlefield and food in the kitchen.

Our cats often accompany us when we do Warhammer stuff. My brother's cat usually interrupts him mid-work by occupying his lap, and my cat is so nosey and friendly when I work on something that she delayed work on the Chaos Dwarf headtakers by perhaps a whole day in total when I converted them in a long sweep two years ago. Rest assured, the fearsome Cat'daai Destroyer has grazed many a tabletop battle since last update, but we lack picture proof of it. Got to take some new ones. Our cats were odd for kittens to begin with, but they're getting even more eccentric and cute in their own ways with age. Happy

This update is however not about something as lethal as cats. It's about something pathetic in comparison, namely a Maulerfiend conversion I've been working on-and-off with for a Skaven-collecting friend of mine. It's based on a sketch he drew. My buddy magnetized a rectangular base so that it could be used as a K'daai Destroyer.

He was so eager about the conversion that he managed to sneak it past other projects in my queue... Still, the sculpting was surprisingly quick work and was over before you knew it. Couldn't have done it so fast three years ago:

And here's the painted version, alongside his brother. Not painted by me (though the Squats in the foreground are):

@Dînadan: Thanks! We'll see how long. Evil dwarf Ogre slave/mercenary with big hat is planned, as is a much updated asscannon. Big projects, though, so not likely to happen very soon.

WIP Ballista Ogre for my brother's army, still needs a Gnoblar hunted by a White Lion cub. Will be magnetized so he can either sit on a round artillery base as a Repeater Bolt Thrower, or a 40mm square base as a Leadbelcher:

The ogre is looking pretty good

And I'd forgotten about the Cat'Kdaii.  Nice to laugh at it again
Thanks Abecedar. My cat Busan always excelled at fun and play, unwittingly or not. Big Grin
Awesome.  Do not forget the poisonous spur on the rear legs
The ottermen are great. A lovely twist on the ocean / river dwellers.

I still cannot remember why ( If science knows ) Why a creature like that has such a venomous spur considering it only fights with other males.  Just put it down to "Australia" I guess.

I know I'd only purchase 1 (well probably 2).  Any plans to cast or print them?
Haha, Ottermen... Cheers!
Wow, this was a bit disturbing. Asstits! Tongue
That's not a car. That is a speed bump.
Haha, wonderful! And great sculpting as usual... Takes Hat off
Love the comical style, great face!
Thats one creepy looking thing... Would fit right into a steam punk variant of CDs.
Truly, a new love of my life.

What is she going to be used for?
Nice work on that Dragon / Wyrm.
but the Rat is a bit disturbing
Great sculpting as usual! Takes Hat off
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