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Full Version: On Dark Tides - Cooperative blog for sculpting and casting ships [01-04-2016]
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Looking good!  I've been looking forwards to seeing what you've come up with.

I've got a pretty firm idea of two ships I'm certainly going to make, hopefully by end of week.

The hammer ship already described and a mining ship.

The mining ship is based on a gold dredge, though with the addition of a spike on each bucket.

Its basically going to be a ship with a chainsaw out the front!!

My third one will be a regular gunship, multi purpose ship and land targets. A destroyer

The forth one if I get that far would be another gunship, but primarily for land targets and daemonic.

I did have another crazy idea, this time a wide slave ship that would be stacked high with decks of cages (think a container ship) two big boarding ramps on the front and maybe smaller on the sides.  Harpoon things as weapons to pull ships in.

Can I check, we are saying around 1- 1.5mm as cd height?
I'm en-route to making some for Man O War, as I was inspired by Admirals "Tale of three ships".
They won't be green stuff though.  I will see how they go.
So here is my early WIP ship.

It's on a monster cavalry base.  Obviously a lot of work to do here, pretty much all over actually so no need to list everything.  But I am thinking of redoing the bucket line as not happy with that.

Next up the hammer ship concept.  The prow needs some thinking, as to how the hammer interacts once fully down.  Drop the ram or not?

Lastly, the rough version of the catamaran Destroyer.  I am going to name all these ships properly btw, when inspiration strikes.  The side sponson things will be done as horns.  There's two decks of rotating guns, as it's not obvious on the design.

Something I note looking at the work of you guys is the surface level detail over the hull is much greater than I had planned.  But I could take my designs up many levels of detail. Wink
Cheers guys!

Loads of questions.

They can take much more  undercuts than vulcanised moulds.  But you're right to make me think more about casting angels.  I normally figure this stuff out as I go Wink. Add a bit here and there.

For example, the hammer needs to be a single shaft (not split) and a separate piece I think.

The chainsaw should be ok as they are chunky points, but I'll need advice of caster on that.  

I imagine the mould line running around railing height on all our ships not cast on their side.
Just had another crazy idea for a ship.  Imagine a yoyo sitting upright on a table, with each half being a huge spiky paddle wheel and maybe a slim cannon mounted on a bit of boat in the middle.  Visually its mostly paddlewheels that from sides look like the big hellcannon wheels.

Was going to put a pic of the attack boat things from Wookie planet in attack of clones
I would love to see a 28mm chaos dwarf ship. I know the logistics are tough but that would be amazing to see, Even a small ship.

Dînadan Wrote:

gIL^ Wrote:
I would love to see a 28mm chaos dwarf ship. I know the logistics are tough but that would be amazing to see, Even a small ship.


one i can buy Takes Hat off

When I get down to surface level detail, I'm certaintly going to bring in many of your design elements Admiral.

I love all your boats, they're really good.

My only observation might be to file or very thinly slice flat the tops of chimneys to make edges a bit sharper.
Perhaps cad designed and 3d printed is the way for bigger boats.

I will buy a good share of your boats, because chaos dwarf.
Which country would you be planning to get these cast in?  I don't really know many casters to recommend and my knowledge is dated (about 2 years).  So fresh research required.

I've been doing bits and pieces on the second boat today, the catamaran.  I've pretty much done the basic assembly but I'll take a photo when that's done.

I imagine I'm going to make 3 boats and build all up to a basic level then greenstuff them all.  The catamaran will be my daemonic ship I think. so some extra thinking required.
I've used griffin before, for all my metal CD actually, they were very good.  But I don't know if they do resin?

My thinking is that of the larger ships we make say 10-12 ships between us and decide on 7 or so to cast (especially once we get some estimates on price).

Anyone tempted to have a go at a steampunk sea creature like the Black Kraken?
It strikes me (no pun intended) that the list is very heavily combat focused.

I don't know how these games work but I imagined at least half being gunboats.
Or would those be a larger class of ships?
I really like that, it's a good way to do a fire ship.

At my end I'm having a little delay as moving flat so stuff all over the place.

Underbara skepp Admiral!Cheers!

Intricate and beatiful vessels! Looking forward to seeing them painted! You are skilled at greenstuff, thats somethingi would like to try my hand at sometime too Happy
Ser ju skitbra ut!
Wow that was quick!  I'm really impressed with the quality.

I'm going to be pressed for time up to mid feb, but I will keep chipping away when I can.
Chaos Dwarf Battlefleet for the win!

Always wanted to play Man O' War BITD.
Lovely fleet.
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