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Full Version: Azrubal's Host [2020-02-06: Hobgoblin Experiment]
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Dear colleagues!
Now that the size of my little collection is nearing a stage where one could, with a bit of good will, call it an army, I have decided that it's time to start a proper blog. I hope you enjoy!

My project started when an old friend asked me if I would like to get into some 7th edition Oldhammer. The decision to go for Chaos Dwarves came easily. I’ve always had a weak spot for their lore and aesthetics, but what won me over completely was the possibility of complete customisation. There were so many wonderful conversions and corresponding tutorials out there that I couldn’t resist the urge to try it myself. So far, I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting and hope to improve as I go along.
Right now, I am limited to the crafting part of the hobby by time issues. But when I finally get around to playing some games, I would like my army to be multi-system. With a bit of basing trickery, it should work for KoW, Oldhammer, and T9A.
Fluff-wise, I took inspiration from 5th edition lore and the marvellous custom army books here on CDO. I aim to post a bit of fluff along with every finished unit, both for the kind reader’s entertainment and because I like thinking up stories. It will definitely not be consistently serious. Big Grin

Thank you for reading!

Works in Progress: Artillery
Azrubal the [insert awesome epithet]*

*Just saying, he hasn’t won a single battle yet. He’ll get his epithet when he’s earned one.

This is the Daemonsmith Azrubal. He has recently assumed command over one of the many fortified forges scattered across the Howling Wastes. As such, his command lies formally within the jurisdiction of the Daemon’s Stump. During his apprenticeship, Azrubal has paid many visits to that cursed place, delving deep into the secrets buried within its labyrinthine vaults. There are those among his peers who think that he has altogether spent too much time under the Stump, even for a Daemonsmith’s standards, and whispers of promises made and pacts struck between him and who knows what terrible powers are numerous. Still, his ventures into the depths of the Stump, being not unusual for aspiring Daemonsmiths, have not attracted much attention from the higher tiers of Zharr-Naggrund’s hierarchy; the manner of his rise to command, however, certainly has. Many are wondering about the peculiar demise of Azrubal's predecessor – his kinsman and teacher – and some think that the currently circulating story about a Daemonsmithing experiment gone awry may not constitute the whole truth. However, there are also those in Zharr-Naggrund who are willing to turn a blind eye towards such details, as long as Azrubal maintains his forge’s output of daemonic engines and weaponry. It has also been noted in his favour that when he returns from his frequent raids, he usually sends more than the traditional share of slaves and treasure to the capital. So, for now at least, Azrubal’s position is more or less secure; but it is also clear that the slightest sign of disloyalty or incompetence on his part might lead to a fall equally swift as his rise has been.

Azrubal’s Forge-Garrison
The garrison of Azrubal’s forge is mainly armed with blunderbusses. As garrison duty is hardly prestigious work and mostly limited to overseeing the slaves who are endlessly toiling away in the vaults beneath the fortress, these warriors are not exactly elite troopers, but they hold their own in a battle just as all Dawi Zharr will. Azrubal usually takes a detachment of them with him on his raids to supply ranged support.

(Close-ups of some members of this unit and the warriors in the next post can be found in my old conversions thread:
Lovely conversion work! Great vision and execution there. Also, solid painting. Happy
Such a great army and brilliant fluff. Got to love the flail, as for how it works... a daemonsmith did it !

Can’t wait for more.
Love the weaponised banner pole. The banner itself is awesome. Great work and nice fluff!
A classic kind of conversion, and yours is probably the best I've seen around here so far! The colour palette helps lift it. Spot-on choices of colour placement there, and extra good touch with the kopesh and hat ornaments. Nice backstory as well!
Looking great and really cool to see some "classic" conversion again! Takes Hat off
Really nice mortar/earthshaker. The colour scheme is great and you face sculpting really nice. I gave up on tusks years ago so all credit to you.
I love that mortar!

I think it could pass as an Earthshaker since it’s not ridiculously far off size wise.

As Uther said you are brilliant at face sculpting and have a beautiful colour scheme.

Excited to see more! You are very skilled Takes Hat off
Lovely artillery conversion!
Very cool miniatures! Cheers! Like them a lot! Takes Hat off

Go go gorgeous golems. I love the big hats too. Great addition to your army.
Love the big hats, great work! An agree with sculpting stone. They do look alot like living/animated statues... Takes Hat off
Ditto to the above.
They are turning out really well.
A little experiment in style, and also a silly pun.

Behold... the Hoblite! Tongue

It started with me wondering how to use an old kit of Warlord hoplites. One thought led to another, and here we are. This was meant as a kind of prototype. I’ll probably make one or two more and use them as Slave Orcs in Vanguard.

Here are some WIP pics with an unconverted hoplite for comparison:

The cape serves mainly to conceal the transition from the cuirass to the hunchback. I sculpted the Hobgoblin face plus cap over a Corinthian helmet in order to achieve comic-style proportions with a head slightly too big for the torso. That much worked out, I think. For a next attempt, I should probably try sculpting some actual eyes (this one’s eye cavities are really just the slits in the helmet, but that shouldn’t be too distracting if viewed from a typical tabletop distance).

GW and Mantic dwarfs for scale:
Cool, looks good! Maybe the hands look a bit small compared to the rest, but that might just be a personal preference. Happy
Love the Hoblite. Waste not want not, all miniatures can be converted, canabalized or co-opted to the service of Hashut!
I think your "Hoblite" is very very nice
Interesting take on our hobgoblin allies! I think the combination of ancient Phrygian and Greek aesthetics works very well!
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