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Below is a list of links to various methods for converting all the troops for a Chaos Dwarf Army. If you would like your conversion added to this list make a post with a link to your thread and state what conversion you have done.��If it doesn't fit into a category below, specify that and we will incorporate it as best we can.

Conversions Sections Ordered By Rating

Lords & Heros:
Chaos Dwarf Lord/Hero
- Ingrown (Hat/Mask)
- Snotling (Hat/Mask)
- Xander (Hat/Mask)
- Dino (Mask/Helm)
Sorcerer Lord/Hero
- Exquisate Evil (Mask)
- Xander (Hat, Bald)
- Knight of Awsome
Bull Centaur Lord/Hero
- Xander (Mask)
Hobgoblin Hero
- wrah
Great Taurus
- Xander (Stag)
- Kera foehunter
- Ghrask Dragh (Hat)
- Wosamog (Hat)

Core Units:
Chaos Dwarf Warriors (HW&S)
- Exquisate Evil (Mask)
- Grimstonefire1 (Mask)
- Grimstonefire2 (Mask)
- Grimstonefire3 (Video Guide)
- Hammerhand (Helm)
- n00bLord (Mask/Hat)
- someone2040 (Mask/Helm)
- Xander1 (Mask)
- Xander2 (Video Guide, Mask)
- Xander3 (Mask)
- Confessor_Atol (Helm)
Chaos Dwarf Warriors (GW)
- Lord Zarkov (Helm)
- Snotling��(Mask)
Chaos Dwarf Warriors (Blunderbuss)
- Mind (Hat)
- Snotling (Mask)
- someone2040 (Mask/Helm)
Hobgoblins (HW&S)
- Xander
- Xander (Video Guide)
Hobgoblins (Bows)
- n/a
Hobgoblin Wolfriders
- n/a

Special Units:
- Golden Hat #4
Black Orcs
- Games Workshop
- Grimstonefire
Death Rocket
- Bjorni (Helm/Mask)
- Xander (Mask)
Hobgoblins Bolt Thrower
- Bassman
- Lord Zarkov
- Snotling
- Snotling 2
Sneaky Gits
- Nemo

Rare Units:
Bull Centaurs
- Bjorni (Helm)
- Dissembler (Boar Centaurs)
- Xander (Mask)
- Kera Foehunter (Helm)
- Grunts
- Superfella (Helm)
Earthshaker Cannon
- Xander (Mask)
- xbullzx (n/a)
- Clam

Other Units:
- Xander (Mask)
Doom Blaster
- Revlid (Mask)

Lord Zarkov Wrote:

Added.  But those are Helms, not Masks. Tongue


Ya, we might just use the compilation thread.
Sorcerer based on Kragg The Grim (hat/mask)

[image removed]
Make a thread with this conversion.  Then just paste the link in here, then we add it to the list.

Ingrown Wrote:

Sorry didn't read it properly.

Added. Happy


Dissembler Wrote:

Bull Centaur Conversion



You should add Bjorni's compiled thread to the list, and to the compiled gallery list.  His army looks great, and I would have never noticed it if I didn't check the thread.

Also,  do you think you could make a compiled list of where to get parts for conversions?  Links to the items on GW store, pics of sprue parts, etc?  The main reason I ask that is that I saw the bull centaur bodies for sale on the GW store a while back, but now I can't find them.  Maybe others have already done the searching work for me.

Check the Bloodbowl section.

A parts list is not a bad idea.

As for Bjorni's army, I am making a gallery for it on the main site.  But I will make sure it is linked in the Showcase sections, nit so much in the conversion section.  The conversion section is more for conversions being made, tutroails on how to convert, etc.  Thanks for the input! Welcome to CDO!


Mayhaps it would be wise to include the Golden Hat competitions as well?
I updated this a bit.

We have some sections that are pretty bare and we need to fill them out a bit.  Believe it or not these "Compiled" threads get a lot of activity from newcomers!

Hobgoblins (HW&S)
- Xander
- Xander (Video Guide)
Hobgoblins (Bows)
- n/a
Hobgoblin Wolfriders
- n/a

This is pretty sad!  I did a quick search, and it's not easy to find Hobbos!  Most people just post them in their Blogs and never make a tutorial topic in the conversion section!  So if you have made hobgoblins, and posted them in your blog, but not in the conversion section, I urge you to create a topic now! That way I can archive it here! Slaves to those who do, and to those who find good threads to add to this list!

Let's see a great conversion tutorial, Geck! Wink

Geckilian Wrote:
Hmm, I could do a conversion tutorial on the wolf riders with the (very) few work in progress pictures of them I have, but unfortunately I don't really have any step by step pictures. If pictures aren't overly required however I'd be happy to post up how I made the wolf riders and normal hobgoblins.

Sounds good to me!  Will you make a regular Hobgoblin one as well? Happy

I haven't got pre-made pictures, but should I see if I can acquire a crewman and make a tutorial on crewman-fireball sorcerer?

(I ask because I came up with it Tongue Go me Wink )
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