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Full Version: The Lizard King - CD dice box
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An awesome collection! Well done! Happy
Oh my gawd.. some of these minis have got to be like 5,000 years old! Shock I'm in awe. And the goblin giant is a really unique centrepiece.
Some of those orcs look like 2nd edition?!?!  Damn that is one ancient collection you've got there.  It would be worth a small fortune.

Very nice though, I like the slave giant, where is it from?
Excellent collection of 3rd edition models! And that goblin giant is a seriously impressive giant. Thanks for the link as well. Im very tempted. Nice looking juggernaut as well and thats a cool unit of Bazookas. It makes me want to buy more and build a unit of them. Whats the 3rd boarcentaur from the left (the bright green one) made from? And do you have every MM90 chaos dwarf in your collection?
Truly superb.  The whole army has a nice, dark, menacing feel to it.
Neat use of old figures - loving the mixing of different brands and eras together - top notch stuff.
Very cool.  And you're right, it would blend in well with the old Juggernaut figure.
The Lammasu is really nice, the conversion of the Master of Madness rider works well.
Well, you've inspired me to convert an earthshaker.
Love the army, Zagor.  Especially that wonderful Juggernaut.
Truly awesome work Zanko. Your original boar centaurs are conersions right?
oh, the lizards are from Grendel, I have some, too... everyone does Tongue

Zanko Wrote:
@ Hazkar: The 2nd guy is "Klagg Morgrief" a Chaos Dwarf made by Sjoerdo and released at Hasslefree Miniatures

Really, Sojerdo made him? I think I remeber that I saw the green long time ago at HoH, made by Hotstuff.... is Sojerdo Hotstuff or am I totally wrong? ^^


Thanks for mentioning me! Emiel is my real name and I still lurk these boards every now and then Happy
You can still get the twisted tales mini's at

Check em out!

also: Incredible collection Zanko. I'm very impressed by your work!
Nicely done on the Tower! Happy
I knew I had seen that missile pod somewhere before.. but in the end I decided that it was probably a 40k piece. A very nice addition to the tower!
Your new stuff compliments your vintage collection perfectly, top work!


Nice army Happy

How many slaves they are caught?
Cheers for the photos Zanko, looking great!
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