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Full Version: Chaos Dwarf Golden Demon Section Online!
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Take a look here to see all those wonderful Golden Demon winners that used a Chaos Dwarf model!  If you know any that are missing, please let us know!

ha! nice Happy
we must add some our miniatures to this section Wink
I will be making another section for one-offminiatures. Happy

But grom, you have great skills!  Get an army going and I will make room for pics of all your guys! Big Grin
there isnt a lot of them is there. we will have to get entering it!
Nice assembly of pics, I think I've seen another CD sorceror before with smoke emitting from his hand.
If you could find it that would be awesome. Happy
Sorry to bump this old post.

I know these ain't GD winners, but I surely think, that these awesome Renegades (painted by a guy named Qiao-Zhong) deserves a place somewhere in our "hall of fame":

Drum & Drone Ulsen
The Master of Madness
Pulper Spikehead

He also did this spectacular Blunderbuss and this Marauder and a lot of other cool NMM paintjobs. Take a look at his site
I was just about to ask what CD models were ever entered into Golden Deamon. I was thinking of making a diorama type thing of a Whirlwind/Tenderiser charging into a unit of whatever and cutting them to bits. That would look awesome.

.....Those Renegades are amazing. This Qiao-Zhong is a great painter. has he entered Golden Deamon before?
I was thinking of adding a section for cool one-offs.

Soon, perhaps!
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