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14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 [DONE] - Malorndk - 07-15-2016 03:37 PM

14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle

Over the last 2 years, I have been game master for my local gaming group, where we have played a Campaign embracing the fluff and best rules from the End Times. Pictures can be found HERE.

The big legendary battle finally will be between the Undead Legion of Nagash and the Grand Allegiance of the Everchosen (Who is joined by Drazhoath’s Legion of Azgorh). We have set to be played on September 24th and 25th. I will use this thread to cover all the work I put into making this happen, from preparing rules, writing fluff, making terrain, painting objectives and some insane pictures from the day as well. I will not promise a full battle report, as we already has enough on our hands during the game, but it should be pretty to look upon!

Feel free to comment, ask question or give good tips.

PS: I’m having a hard time formatting the materials from word into phpbb forum format, and mistakes will happen, so some things will look worse than in the original .pdf’s.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 07-15-2016 03:38 PM


Please note: This is a long scenario pack, with many references to uncommon books or house rules. Unless these reference feature in the rulebook or common army books, they are included in the appendix. The appendix will not feature army options or special rules tied to one person’s army, but rather scenario rules, rewards & house rules. The full army rules can be read in a combination of army books and End Times releases.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 07-15-2016 03:39 PM

• 14.000 pts on both sides.
• Minimum 20% (2800 pts) must come from core units.
• Maximum 60% (8400 pts) can come from characters.
• Grand Armies selection rules applies, which allows up to 6 duplicates of the same special unit, and up to 4 duplicates of the same rare unit.
Attacker: Undead Legion (Warhammer End Times: Nagash).
Defender: Grand Legion of the Everchosen (Warhammer End Times: Archaon) & Legion of Azgorh (Warhammer Forge: Tamurkhan).
• No other special characters, than those listed below.
• Forsaken & Ghouls can have Fortitude without having a standard Bearer (See under Scenario Points in this document).

Undead Legion
• Nagash is the general and his “march aura” is increased to an 18” inch radius.
• Arkhan, Mannfred, Neferata, Vlad & Krell must be included.
• Khalida & Settra II (See the Appendix) can be included.
• Units within 6” of Arkhan can march even though Nagash is the general.

Grand Legion of the Everchosen + Legion of Azgorh
• Archaon is the general
• The Glottkin & Drazhoath the Ashen – Hellfire of Hashut (See the Appendix) must be included.
• Scyla, Valkia, Throgg can be included.
• Maximum of 7 war machines (This includes Hellcannon, Skullcannon and Iron Daemon, even though they are Unit Type: Unique).
• No units from Warhammer Armies: Skaven are allowed. Black Orcs, Orcs and Goblins can be taken in the Legion of Azgorh’s Special Unit section, as well as the Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower from Ravening Hordes.
• No magic items from the rulebook can be taken by both the Legion of Azgorh and the Grand Legion of the Everchosen.
• The Legion of Azgorh and the Grand Legion of the Everchosen counts as trusted allies, and will remain that way for the remainder of the game. Characters from one army can not join units from the other army. Only one general (Archaon) and one Battle Standard Bearer can be appointed in total, meaning only one bubble of Inspiring Presence and one bubble of Hold Your Ground can be present on the team.
• Some units from Grand Legion of the Everchosen does not need to take Panic tests, when friendly Hobgoblin Cutthroats, Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders, Goblins, Orcs and Black Orks from the Legion of Azgorh is destroyed or fleeing. These unit are only the more elite unit, so a lot of panic induced vulnerability still remains in the allegiance. Units that ignore panic tests caused by greenskins: Chaos Warrior, Chaos Chariot, Chaos Warshrine, Chimera, Gorebeast Chariot, Forsaken, Chosen, Chaos Knight, Skullcrusher, Minotaur, Slaugtherbrute, Mutalith Vortex Beast, Giant and every character choice from Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos, as well as Doombull and Gorebull from Warhammer Armies Beastmen.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 07-15-2016 03:40 PM

The Attacker gets the first turn.

The battle lasts for 6 turns.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 07-15-2016 03:50 PM

Death on the Winds & Undead Ascendant
From Warhammer End Times: Nagash
Chaos Ascendant From Warhammer End Times: Glottkin.

• Character models worth more than 700 pts, will not necessarily die due to bad dice. These models (In this game: Nagash, Archaon and the Glottkin) will treat all “remove the model from play-effects” such as Pit of Shades, Heroic Killing Blow and Dimensional Cascade as a devastating force, that deals D6+3 wounds without any kind of save allowed, instead of just removing the model outright. The models might die anyways, but now they have a chance to survive.

Magical Lodestones & Arcane Fulcrums
• All Mystical Monuments and Arcane Architecture allows up to one wizard within 3” to adds 2 to all his channelling attempts. This contradicts the rule in Warhammer End Times: Khaine (Page 10), where all wizards got this bonus.
• All wizards in level 3 and above automatically knows the additional End Times spell Conjure Arcane Fulcrum. End Times spells can only be attempted to cast once per magic phase and if the spell is successfully cast (i.e. is not dispelled or scrolled upon casting) the spell can never be dispelled in a subsequent magic phase. All the rules about Magical Lodestones & Arcane Fulcrums can be found in the appendix.

Legendary Magic:
• When rolling for Winds of Magic, each player on the same team rolls 2D6 and follow the normal rules from the rulebook. The 2 power pools are added together, same as the 2 dispel pool. No pool can ever hold more than 24 dice.
• Reign of Chaos is determined by the roll of the Chaos general, and is in no way modified by the Chaos Dwarf general’s roll on the Winds of Magic. This overrules the wording in Warhammer End Times: Glottkin.
• If two vampires has Master of the Black Arts, they are not able reroll both dice from one roll on winds of magic. They can, however, reroll 1 dice from both rolls on the winds of magic. 3+ vampires with Masters of the Black Art does not have more than 1 reroll on each of the 2 winds of magic rolls.

During the campaign leading up to this battle, both teams has had the opportunity to gain rewards for this final battle.

  1. Undead Legion
    • The Undead Legion can field one unit of Knights of the Black Grail, which follows all the normal rules and point values of Black Knights, but also allows them to use the Lance Formation special rule (From Warhammer Armies: Brettonia). The unit can opt to bring The Banner of the Black Grail for 50 pts, giving the unit a 6+ ward save, which is improved to 5+ against shooting and magic.

  2. Grand Legion of the Everchosen & The Legion of Azgorh
    • One friendly wizard which is not a special character, can opt to take the mystical artefact The Black Book of Ibn Naggazar as his Arcane Item. This item does not count towards the wizard’s normal magic item point allowance.

    • Black Book of Ibn Naggazar                                                                             .                                                                                             150 points
      Arcane Item. The Black Book of Ibn Naggazar grants the bearer the Loremaster (Death) and Loremaster (Shadow) Special rules – These spells replace any he already knows. However, a blood sacrifice must be made, whenever the bearer casts a spell.
      Each time the bearer attempts to cast a spell, make a blood sacrifice roll to see the number of victims claimed by the book. Roll a D3 – remove this number of models from the caster’s unit as casualties, and add this many dice to the bearer’s casting attempt (this can take the number of dice used beyond 6 and the total in the pool temporarily above the 24 maximum power dice).
      If there are insufficient ‘volunteers’ for the sacrifice, the bearer is also dragged into the book – he and his unit are removed as casualties and the spell automatically fails. No save of any kind can be taken by models claimed by the book.
      If the wizard has not attempted to cast a spell by the end of his Magic phase, he is devoured by the Daemons within the book and removed as a casualty.

    • The Glottkin has the special rule The Curse of Life.

    • Curse of Life: At the end of every Close Combat phase, every Undead unit which suffered one og more unsaved Wounds from this model during the phase suffers and additional D3 Wounds with no save of any kind allowed.

    • Wizards with the Mark of Tzeentch gets +1 to their total casting value.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 07-15-2016 03:51 PM

Apart from victory points, each side also fights for scenario points (SP). Each SP count as 100 victory points. To get scenario points, the players must capture objectives. In this scenario, there are two types of objectives: Locations & Objects. A Location is some kind of terrain (fx a building or a sphynx). An Object is something lying on the battlefield, that a unit captures (fx a chest or a piece of warp stone). An Object will never hinder movement for units in any way.

If a unit wants to gain scenario points by capturing objectives, the unit must have fortitude. To achieve fortitude, the unit must be infantry, have at least one rank (other than the front rank) and a standard-bearer. This means that only ranked infantry can claim scenario points, while monstrous creature, characters and cavalry can be used to defend objectives, or support the infantry so they have a chance at get to the objectives.

If a unit has fortitude, and occupies a Location at the end of the game, scenario points are awarded to the team occupying the location. If the Location is a building, the building must be occupied as per the rulebook rules for building. If the Location is not a building, a unit with fortitude occupies the location, by having a model within 3” at the end of the movement phase. If multiple units with fortitude claims a Location that is not a building, the unit with most ranks of at least 5 models, will claim the Location, at the end of either players movement phase. If more units with fortitude and the same amount of ranks is within 3” of the Location, the controlling player assigns who occupies the location. If the opponent has already claimed the Location, your unit must have more ranks than your opponent, if you are to steal the control of the Location and count as occupying.

If a unit has fortitude, and has a model within 3” of an unclaimed Object at the end of their movement phase, they will claim the Object, which is now place behind the unit and follows them around the battlefield. If a unit has an Object at the end of the game, scenario points are awarded to the team with the Object. If a unit with an Object lose their fortitude, is destroyed or flees, the object is lost from the unit, and placed on the battlefield again, for other units with fortitude to pick up. Place the Object as close to the center of the fleeing or destroyed unit. If the unit has just lost its fortitude, scatter the Object 1” from the unit’s edges. If the unit is broken in combat, transfer the Object directly to an enemy unit with fortitude, or placed as close to the centre of the broken unit, if no enemy units in the combat has fortitude. A unit can never claim more than two Objects, and they will not give up one they already carries.


Please note: Many of these Locations might have additional properties aside from these, and these properties might affect more units, and maybe not even the unit occupying the Location. The effects from the above chart applies only to the unit with fortitude that occupies the Location. See more under the Terrain section below.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 07-15-2016 03:52 PM


RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 07-15-2016 03:54 PM

1. Arcane Ruins: Counts as impassable terrain. Arcane Architecture. See page 124 in the rulebook.
2. Nehekharan Sphynx: Counts as impassable terrain. Arcane Architecture. See page 130 in the rulebook.
3. Rubble: Counts as Dangerous Terrain. If they hinder movement trays, simply remove them and put them back again afterwards.
4. Obsidian Fort: Building. Ignore the Five Per Floor rule – 30 models can shoot form this building instead. See page 126-129 in the rulebook. A unit garrisoning this building has the Magic Resist (1) special rule.
5. Obsidian Watchtower: Building. Ignore the Five Per Floor rule – 20 models can shoot form this building instead. See page 126-129 in the rulebook. A unit garrisoning this building has the Magic Resist (1) special rule.
6. Fence and brazier: The fence is an obstacle of the type: Wall. See page 122-123 in the rulebook. The brazier is impassable terrain and has the Magical Lodestones special rule, as if it was an Arcane Architecture or a Mystical Monument. See the Appendix.
7. Hill: Ordinary hill. See page 118 of the rulebook.
8. Woods: Ordinary wood. See page 119 of the rulebook.
9. Rocks: Impassable terrain.
10. Edge of the Obsidian Wall: Impassable terrain.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 07-15-2016 03:55 PM

The deployment is done in quite a different fashion from a normal game of Warhammer, to speed the process up. The deployment features 5 phases, as well as the important preparation phase.

Preperation Phase
• Prior to the deployment phase, both teams nominates 3 units to be Last Units. Last Units, will be placed in phase 5 of the deployment, and allow the team to save their vulnerable units, important characters, or strategic goal-oriented units for spots where they can fulfil their role. The Last Units can be any size, but cannot exceed 650 points per unit. If the unit is meant to have characters joining them, the characters will be part of the Last Units as well, but the characters and units combined cost still cannot exceed the 650 points restriction on Last Units.
• From the teams combined army list, subtract the point values from all you warmachines, units that fires like a warmachine, engineers who will be lone characters next to warmachines, all the Last Units, scouts, ambushing units and units that you intend to bury beneath the sand. This will give you a point amount well below 14.000 points. Divide this point amount by 3, and mark it down as your “1/3 Point Allowance.”
• Each team makes 3 lists of units called the 1/3 Lists. On each of these lists, the team puts down units and characters until the lists contains enough models to be within 200 points range of the teams 1/3 Points Allowance. Each of these lists will be marked with either number 1, 2 and 3. Each teams general must be a part of either list 1 or 2.

Phase 1
• Both teams present their armies, naming equipment, vampiric powers, daemonic gifts and so forth. If the team know that a certain character will start with a certain unit, present the character with the unit for better transparency. Everybody will have more than enough to keep track of already.
• Roll spells for all wizard, and other effects determined at the start of the battle, such as Darkforged Weapons and Daemonic Gifts.
• Both teams puts down all their warmachines, units that fires like a warmachine and characters who have joined these machines for an engineering purpose. The warmachines must be spread out in the deployment zones and have at least 12” between them. Up to two Daemonsmiths can circumvent this rule and deploy two warmachines close together each, but the two Daemonsmiths must be at least 48” from each other. In this phase, both teams puts their machines on the board simultaneously. Decide their position prior to the deployment day.

Phase 2
• The Defender puts down every model from the teams “1/3 List: 1,” in the Defender Deployment Zone.
• Afterwards, The Attacker puts down every model from their own “1/3 List: 1,” in the Attacker Deployment Zone.

Phase 3
• The Defender puts down every model from the teams “1/3 List: 2,” in the Defender Deployment Zone.
• Afterwards, The Attacker puts down every model from their own “1/3 List: 2,” in the Attacker Deployment Zone.

Phase 4
• The Defender puts down every model from the teams “1/3 List: 3,” in the Defender Deployment Zone.
• Afterwards, The Attacker puts down every model from their own “1/3 List: 3,” in the Attacker Deployment Zone.

Phase 5
• The Defender deploys their first Last Unit. Afterwards, the Attacker deploy their first Last Unit. Rinse and repeat until all the last units are deployed.
• Deploy scouts, mark buried beneath the sands and move vanguards following the normal rules in the rulebook. Remember that the Attacker gets the first turn, place scouts and vanguards wisely.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 07-15-2016 03:57 PM

Determining the winner is done by using a 20/0 system. After the game, add all victory points (and remember banners, scenario points, killed general and so forth). Follow the rulebook until you know how many victory points the winning team had above the loosing team, then consult the table. If a 10/10 (Draw) is the end result, the team who killed his opponents general, while keeping his own alive, will be the victor. If both generals are alive or dead during a 10/10, then it is truly a draw.  An 11/9 is a victory! Just a rather small one! A 15/5 symbolises a clear win, while the 20/0 is the sign of an absolute massacre.

Score Points
10/10 0-300
11/9 . 301-600
12/8 . 601-1000
13/7 . 1001-1550
14/6 . 1551-2250
15/5 . 2251-3350
16/4 . 3351-4600
17/3 . 4601-5850
18/2 . 5851-7250
19/1 . 7251-8750
20/0 . 8751+

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 07-15-2016 03:58 PM



After the humbling of Settra, Nagash chose Tomb King Khetiros to take on the mantle of Settras successor. Nagash would rule supreme, but Khetiros would make the fragmented nation into a whole again. To do so, Tomb King Khetiros named himself Settra the Second, and Nagash imbued him with the power fitting a mortarch, since he had already lost Walach Harkon to the powers of Chaos. Settra II was made the mortarch of Eternity, and his bones was blessed with enough everlife, so that Settra II would be able to regain his undeathly live, even if he had been utterly crushed in battle. This way, Nagash’s puppet would never be truly undone, and could keep the Nehekharan under his will the same way that Settra himself had done it. Titles and powers could not hide the fact, that Settra the Imperishable had been extraordinaire in both might and magic, while Settra II was a mediocre King garbed in the holiest of magic items, atop the reanimated Chariot of the Gods. Settra II had been as loyal as one could expect from a Tomb King for all the generations since Nagash’s fall. By hiding behind the legacy of Settra the Great, Nagash was able to rise his puppet, Settra II, to power and bind together the Nehekharan aristocracy.  

Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity                .                                                                                                                                                 500 point
.               M . WS . BS . S . T . W . I . A . Ld
Settra II .  8 .   6 .   3 .   5 . 5 .  9 . 4 . 8 . 10

Troop Type
Chariot (Special Character)

Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity, can be included in an Undead Legion army. His point cost count towards your  Lords Allowance.

Settra II and his mount, the Chariot of the Gods, are described with a single combined characteristics profile. The rider and chariot are treated as a single model for any and all purposes. Settra II and the Chariot of the Gods has a combined armour save of 4+.

The Curse, Flammable, My Will Be Done, Undead

The Chariot of the Gods: Settra II rides a scythed chariot. Impact Hits from the Chariot of the Gods are magical attacks that have the Flaming Attacks special rule. Settra II can join a unit of Skeleton Chariots and will benefit from the strengthened Impact Hits from the Skeleton Chariots special rule Chariot Legion. Furthermore, Settra II can only ever recover a single lost Wound per successful casting of a spell/use of a magic item that restores lost Wounds.

Settra’s Legacy: If you take Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity, he must be your army’s General, unless Nagash is also a part of your army. If Settra II, is your General, his Inspiring Presence has a range of 18”. Even if Settra II is not the army’s general, undead units within 6” can still make march moves as if he were. He can never march himself, as he is mounted on a chariot.

Mortarch of Eternity: At the end of each of your turns, roll a D6. On a roll of 4+, Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity regains one Wound lost earlier in the battle.

The Crown of Nehekhara:

Enchanted Item. Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity’s My Will Be Done special rule affects all friendly Undead units within 6” of him, not just the unit he has joined.

The Scarab Brooch of Usirian
Talisman. The Scarab Brooch of Usirian grants Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity a 4+ ward save and the Magical Resistance (1) special rule.

The Blessed Blade of Ptra
Magical Weapon. Hits from the Blessed Blade of Ptra have the Flaming Attacks special rule. Armour saves cannot be taken against wounds caused by this weapon. In addition, a character or Monster that suffers one or more unsaved Wounds from the Blessed Blade of Ptra suffers -1 to its rolls To Hit (both shooting and close combat) for the remainder of the game.

Drazhoath the Ashen, Exalted Hellfire of Hashut
Lord of Black Fortress, Master of the Legion of Azgorh

Drazhoath the Ashen made an unholy alliance with Tamurkhan and joined his assault on the Empire. In the long run Tamurkhan was vanquished at the gates of Nuln, but Drazhoath didn’t get caught up in the final slaughter. He realized Tamurkhans disadvantage against the artillery of Nuln, and withheld his forces after losing most of his daemoninfested engines of war to the accurate great canons of the Empire. The Legion of Azgorh returned to the Black Fortress a year later, with spoils of war and slaves for the furnace of Hashut.

The End Times began with the omens of the Twintailed Comet and the horrors of the mindless undead stirring to life all over the Dark Lands.  Drazhoath kept the Legion of Azgorh inside and well-rested during the emigration from the Ogre Kingdom, and through a daring mission from his mercenary castellan Kurigalzu the Gargantuan did Drazhoath manage to hire Golfag Maneater and his warhost to join the ranks of the Legion of Azgorh.

Inspired by the Firebellys inate magics, Drazhoath undertook a ritual of great personal sacrifice, more akin to the Warrior of the Northern Steppes than those common to the Dawi Zharr, which primarily revolves around sacrificing slaves. Drazhoath was greatly rewarded by Hashut, who bestowed upon him great insight and power. Drazhoath intends to harness this power and see the Dawi Zharr race survive the chaotic times, with him as their absolute ruler for generations to come. He called himself the Exalted Hellfire of Hashut.

Drazhoath the Ashen – Exalted Hellfire of Hashut                .                                                                                                                  700 point
.                 M . WS . BS . S . T . W . I . A . Ld
Drazhoath . 6 .   6 .    4 .  6 . 6 .  9 .  3 . 7 . 10

Troop Type
Monster (Special Character)

Drazhoath the Ashen, Exalted Hellfire of Hashut, can be included in a Chaos Dwarf army. His point cost count towards your lord Lords Allowance.

Drazhoath and his mount, the Bale Taurus Cinderbreath are described with a single combined characteristics profile. The rider and mount are treated as a single model for any and all purposes. Drazhoath and Cinderbreath has a combined armour save of 3+.

Drazhoath is a Level 4 Wizard and uses spells from the Lore of Hashut.

• Blackshard Armour
• Darkforged Weapon
• Hellshard Amulet
• Daemonspite Crucible

Relentless, Contempt, Daemonsmith, Terror, Fly, Large Target, Flaming Attacks, Blazing Body.

Drazhoaths mount has a Strength 5 Breath Weapon with the Flaiming Attacks special rule.

Dark Renown: All Chaos Dwarf units (including Drazhoath himself) add +1 to their combat resolution when within 18” of him.

Daemon Binder: Units with the Burning Bright special rule doesn’t begin to take Toughness test until game turn 3 instead of game turn 2. K’daii Fireborns starts the game with 3 Wounds instead of 2, but costs an additional 5 points per model.

Hellshard Amulet (Talisman)

The Hellshard Amulet confers a 5+ Ward save, and in addition for every successful wound that the Amulet fails to stop in close combat, a Strength 2 hit is automatically inflicted on the model that caused the wound.

Daemonspite Crucible (Arcane Item)
This bowl adds +1 to the bearer’s casting attempts, and in additions if Drazhoath kills an enemy Wizard in close combat, their soul-stuff is consumed by the Crucible and the bonus increases to +2. Additional slain Wizards do not increase this bonus further.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 07-15-2016 03:59 PM

Reserved for later use. Might add the Arcane Fulcrum rules.

Sorry about the spammy way I made this thread. I thought it would result in a decent overview, but it looks rather silly. I might combine the info in post 1 and then delete the rest of my posts if that looks better.

Anyway feel free to comment on the Scenario Pack.

I’ll work on the fluff “soon” ™, But overall:

Drazhoath allies with Archaon on bring Legion of Azgorh through eastern Nehekhara, capturing Lybaras, Mahrak and the junglecity, before venturing west through World Edge mountains, and building a mighty wall at the mound of the Charnal Valley, effectively separating eastern and western Nehekhara.
This forces Nagash to retrieve his armies from Sylvania and take back his homeland, leaving Archaon free to smash the Empire and remaining Incarnates, before venturing south after the final opponent; Nagash.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Bloodbeard - 07-15-2016 05:34 PM

... Wow...

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Nicodemus - 07-15-2016 06:22 PM


RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Carcearion - 08-01-2016 08:27 AM

Woah... so... how is the campaign progressing?

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-01-2016 03:06 PM

The first 6 rounds has been played (Pictures can be found HERE).
Chaos has won 3 of their 6 games
Undead has only won a single
Which means chaos has more rewards in the upcomming (september 24/25th)  legendary battle Happy

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Fuggit Khan - 08-01-2016 07:45 PM

Malorndk Wrote:
14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle

Holy Hashut! While in Dubai (with the CDO website blocked by censors) I missed this post originally.
14,000 POINTS Shock
The battlefield diagram and sheer size of the table is impressive as is it put together? Three tables?

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-02-2016 12:06 AM

We use our two current tables (72*48"). One is a dessert table and the othher is a rocky/darklands/mountains table.
Then I'll buy a 72*24" piece of wood, and remove 12" from either corner to get the trapez shaped table connecter.
The real challenge will be to make a believable transition from the rocke table to the dessert table. The battle will be for Quatar, a Nehekharan city close to The World Edge Mountains, so it will be a rather brutal transition from rocky highland into pure dessert. I haven't tried something like that before so it will be somewhat of a gamble Happy

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Carcearion - 08-02-2016 12:11 AM

Hmm seems like increasing application of good old hobby sand from sprinkle to desert could do the trick, it could be messy but you could build a literal sandbox which I think could look quite impressive.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Abecedar - 08-02-2016 03:55 AM

I found the lead in posts good. A single big post might have dragged on too much

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Bloodbeard - 08-02-2016 04:33 AM

I would love some live blogging on facebook during the game, that would raise my Birthday to another level - and be an awesome gift!

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-02-2016 03:44 PM

I'll try Bloodbeard, but can't promise anything. We are slow players and 14000 pts is a lot, and Nagash can easily summon a 1000 points back per magic phase if we don't shut him down. #prayforashstorm

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Fuggit Khan - 08-02-2016 04:00 PM

Malorndk Wrote:
and Nagash can easily summon a 1000 points back per magic phase


RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Carcearion - 08-02-2016 06:19 PM

Woah man, sounds like killing him or not will really be the crux of the game. His model is huge, can we smash him down from across the table with our legendary daemon forged artillery? I understand we have a sizable presence in the chaos forces in this match.

Lol I know your the GM and you have to be a bit impartial and probably dont wanna strategize too much on one teams behalf, but well... Go Team Chaos! Respect to the Hat!

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-03-2016 12:14 AM

We have deployment rules in place that forces warmachines on first, forces them to spread rather evenly across our deploymentzone and restricts their total numbers to 7. This means that Nagash can probably survive through deployment, even though we will bring dual dreadquake, dual hellcannon, dual deathshrieker and a skullcanon as our lucky seven. But we have insane magic as well, just not on the Nagash level Wink

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-10-2016 05:06 AM


I have finally begun on the objectives. Aside from collecting the bits, I have made the bases with some spackling paste. The WoC player will make 2 of the Objectives on the dessert board, so I have 3 more for the dessert and 5 for the rocky part of the battlefield.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - TheHoodedMan - 08-10-2016 05:10 AM

Finally I read through this...holy Moses!
A really great job and also a blueprint and inspiration for doing something similar.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-10-2016 05:28 AM

Thanks Hood!
Glad you liked it Happy

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-12-2016 04:03 PM

Objectives finished

I have finished the 8 objectives I started on two days ago. The last two Objectives will be made by the WoC player and be on Dessert bases, so we will end up with 5 dessert bases and 5 rocky bases.
I decently happy with the end result, although this was just speed building and painting. I'll start on the board piece connecting our two existing boards in two weeks.

Pile of weapons
"A pile of weapons has been left in the dessert."
Effect on unit capturing this objective: None

Dragon Bones
"Ancient Monstrosities birthed in an age of arcana once dominated the world of the living. Now the dragon bones residual magics will aid the undead who feasts on the raw energies"
Effect on unit capturing this objective: An Undead unit with this Object loose D3 fewer models to crumble.

Effigy of Usekph
"The Golden Effigy of Usekph is one of Quatars most sought after riches. This sinister statue looms over both infantry and cavalry and it's massive weight will restrict even a score of warriors, if they try to drag it along."
Effect on unit capturing this objective: This unit gets -1 to its Movement characteristic. On a 4+ the unit adds a single power dice to the controlling team’s pool.

Warpstone Meteorite
"The green moon Morrslieb has rained green meteorites over the world since the End Times began. Each stone pulsates with corrupting power, and the Skavens has sought these stones for millennia. Nagash boosted his power back in the days when he prepared the Great Ritual that created the Tomb Kings. Mere foot soldiers will not be able to draw powers from the warpstone, but the powers in the stone will claim casualties as the unit secures the powers from the enemies powerhungry grip."
Effect on unit capturing this objective: The unit gets a 6+ ward save, but suffers 2D6 S1 attacks at the end of the movement phase. These attacks are distributed as shooting, counts as being magical and allows no armour save.

Haunted Tome
"This humongous tome lies free to grab for greedy warriors wanting to impress their warlords or wizards. Evil spirits linger to the book and screams ghostly howls that destroys the weak willed warriors, to protect the book's secret"
Effect on unit capturing this objective: The unit is affected by a Ghostly Howl at the end of the movement phase. To resolve a Ghostly Howl, roll 2D6+2. For each point by which the result exceeds the unit's Leadership, the target unit suffers 1 Wound with no armour saves allowed. Wounds from a Ghostly Howl are magical attacks and are distributed as if from shooting.

Skull Warning
"A small collection of bones serve as a warning for others. Nothing major at play here, but collecting bones has been an old tradition for both Northern warriors and undead necromancers."
Effect on unit capturing this objective: None

The Lost Familiar
"Long ago a powerful mage succumbed to the unrelenting Nehekharan dessert. His remains has long since been eaten by time, except his spell-wrought spellbook. Enchanted items lasts forever, so the everlasting book can still be claimed. The enchantments binds an ethereal familiar to the owners will. For centuries it has stayed vigil over it's masters old book."
Effect on unit capturing this objective: On a 4+ the unit adds a single dispel dice to the controlling team’s pool.

Quatar Border Statue
"Many Nehekharan cities has old statues that marks the cities border, and Quatar is no exception. These statues doesn't hold any magics, but the look terrifying when carried to battle by grusome warriors."
Effect on unit capturing this objective: None

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Wow these are really great objectives! My favorite is the golden effigy. What is it from? At first I thought it was a Reaper figure but now I'm not sure.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-12-2016 04:43 PM

Thanks Carcearion! I have absolutely no idea when or where I got it. I'm pretty sure it's from between 1996-2000 and non-GW. That's all I know. My brother and I bought it solely because it looked cool, and we found no use for it until now. It's pretty big and wouldn't even be able to rank up on a 25x25mm base.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Fuggit Khan - 08-12-2016 05:36 PM

Those objective markers are super slick. My favorite is the Dragon Bones, but each of them is a joy to look at and well thought out in design.
I am a bit puzzled by the effects of the Haunted Tome? Does a team get bonus/victory points overall for collecting objectives? Because the effects of the Tome can self inflict upon the unit, with no apparent unit bonus. So does the bonus of capturing the objective outweigh the suffering of a magical attack? Maybe I'm overlooking something Wink

You know, I would love to see a AC or GH for making objective markers!

Nice work Malorndk Takes Hat off

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Carcearion - 08-12-2016 11:01 PM

I really want to ask (should have in my original post) , what's your technique for doing your metalics? The gold on the statue looks so good. It dosent look like the typical metallic color/wash/dry brush metalic color, its got a kind of... glowy smoothness to it.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-13-2016 01:08 AM

@ Fuggit: Thanks a ton dude! Yeah the idea is that each of the Objectives awards Scenario Points (Counting as 100 Victory Points each) at the end of the game). Each Objective gives 1-3 Scenario Points, depending on their effects in game. A buff effect = 1 SP, No effect = 2 SP and a negative effect = 3 SP (General guidelines ofc). So yeah, the Haunted Tome is a bad item to carry around, but will award the unit 3 Scenario Point if they survive to the end of the game. The cunning general will  put pressure around the Tome, to avoid the enemy going for it, but not claim until turn 5 or 6 to reduce its damage output, while generals at my play level will try to load it onto some big, cheap Hobgoblin unit in turn 1 and then hide in a corner an pray for average rolls xD
The exact rules for objective can be read HERE

@ Carcearion: Thanks for the kind words mate. My gold is super simple. Spray black. Then basecoat in Gehena Gold, which is pretty good at actually covering shit. Then I "edge-highlight" with Auric Armour Gold or a similar bright gold, that can't cover much on its own, but blend well with the Gehena Gold. When I say edge highlight here I don't mean the one with the fine detail brush. The shiny gold is applied in decent amounts around edges, and surfaces than protrudes or are big. I finished with a mix of Lahmian Medium and Nuln Oil. 50-50% Lahmian.

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Wow! So nice!

Effigy of Usekph - what an absolutely cool model! And the metal paint job is ace. Where's this dude from? And is he converted?

The Haunted Tome - I want that bit! That is an awesome looking bit! Where is that from? It's the perfect wizard tome.

Qatar Border Statue - ... this is close to heresy. You can convert and mod this old beauty, only if you still have an original for Heroquest. ... at least give him some awesome rules. The is evil wizard of Heroquest after all.

Very nice objectives, really looking forward to this crazy game.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-18-2016 03:36 PM

Thanks a ton for the appraise Bloodbeard!

The Effigy is unconverted (except for it's tiny pedestal) but I have no idea how to identify the model. I might ask on the Oldhammer group. I bought it around 2000 in Faraos Cigarer (Danish miniature shop) and it might be a DnD mini, but I really don't know. Super cool though.

The Haunted Tome is from the Nagash kit. Nagash can be assembled with either sword or open book. Most people use the open book assembly, which leaves a spare book, as Nagash must always have the Nine Books of Nagash, and he already has an open one in his right hand. So if you know anyone who owns Nagash, he will most likely has this bit (And a gigantic unused evil sword)! The book is pretty big though. It's on a 25*25mm base on my picture Happy

And the Evil Wizard from HeroQuest is my second spare. I have a least 1 or two so I can wreck my kids as the evil wizard once they get old enough!

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Connecting battle field board acquired
I went shopping with the little one (8 months) and got myself the MDF board cut out by the store, loaded the board onto the baby carriage and went on my merry way as the little one fell asleep (No babies harmed during this experiment) Wink

I walked around 4km, and arrived at my parent’s house. Watered up some spackling paste and applied it in a thin layer where I wanted rocky texture to catch later highlights.

The trick here is to keep the texture pretty flat, so that terrain features and movement trays can be placed over it, without chipping the texture or making unit trays stand on too wobbly a surface.

I also found the beginning of a forest for the rocky board, so I might as well finish it as well. Most people now this trick, but I might as well be transparent about my design decisions. Woods for wargames are best made as base signalling the woods measurement, and then the trees each have the own small base. This allows the players to move the trees and let units walk through the wood, without ever moving the base of the wood.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Admiral - 08-18-2016 03:43 PM

This is a monster project to savour. Insane or brilliant? Obviously both, as any true Daemonsmith should be! Best of luck, you Dane, and great work so far. Happy

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Two new Scenario Special Rules and their reasoning

Alakanash and Khenash-an
"If Nagash or Arkhan the Black has stored power dice in an earlier magic phase with their arcane staffs, these dice can exceed the maximum limit of 24 dice that can be held in the power pool."

This rule will probably not become relevant, but it inclines Team Undead to save some firepower for later, while not risk wasting it at a crucial moment.

Unfocused Fire
"An enemy unit can only be the target of your warmachines twice per shooting per shooting phase. This restriction means, that Stone Throwers initial centre placement can not touch the same units base more than twice a shooting phase. If a cannon aims towards a specific unit, it counts as an attempt to hit the unit."

This rule will have a huge impact on the game. It reduces the possibility of autokilling an expensive character in the shooting face greatly, so that Glottkin, Nagash, Drazhoath and the Mortarchs has a good chance of coming into play. The shooting phase is normally geared for 2000-4000 battles, and with this amount of expensive, long range warmachines available it would statisticly autokill a Nagash per shooting phase, no matter what the player did with Nagash in the deployment, movement and magic phase prior to his opponents shooting phase. With this rule I hope the shooting phases will apply pressure all over the battle field, and not eliminate one prime threat a turn, with a surgeon scalpels precision. It still has the opportunity to eliminate both Glottkin or Nagash in a single phase. It can happen, but the odds goes down massively for the likelihood of that happening.

More on the board progression later today I hope Happy

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Malorndk Wrote:
loaded the board onto the baby carriage and went on my merry way as the little one fell asleep (No babies harmed during this experiment) Wink

Bwahahaha! Best blog update ever, I'm sending you some slaves for the baby and carriage

Takes Hat off

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-19-2016 03:33 PM

Haha I enjoyed the baby carriage experience a lot myself Fuggit xD <3

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-19-2016 04:15 PM

Daily Progress on the board

I did not manage a lot today, but I might as well keep this update as a super basic walkthrough in board making.

Today was rather rainer, so I moved into the shed! Rather crammed, but cosy

Since yesterday, the spackling paste has dried up, leaving a hard textured surface, which will easily resemble an uneven rocky surface once sprayed black and highlighted gray.

Todays featured hobby tool is the magnificent Trälim (which translate to wood glue if you aren’t as keen on the Scandinavian language as you ought to be Wink ).
Trälim is a magnificent bastard. It holds many fine qualities such as:
1) Dirt cheap
2) Large quantities
3) Incredibly binding once dried
4) Will take hours to dry, leaving you with time to readjust and make things perfect.
5) Can be watered down and even removed completely if applied the wrong place, simply via water.
6) Will not wreck your pencil, floor or wifes hair if you behave like a fool with it. Spilled superglue is the eight deadly sin in comparison.
7) Will be transparent once dried unless it’s a thick layer.
The only downside is, that it takes forever to dry, making it almost useless on models, but perfect for terrain if you are patient. My way of making terrain involves short sessions of work with long pauses due to things needing to dry for 12-24 hours.

Today I wanted to glue the sand on the board that will later become the brown, barren highland connecting the Nehekharan dessert to the rocky foothills of the World Edge Mountain. The process is the same that most people would use to glue sand to their bases. First you aplly glue and sand. This is neither a precise science, nor a job that is easy to be bad at. Just grab a big brush, stick it in glue, scream Cowabunga and go nuts. Finish with sand Wink

Once done, everything needs plenty of time to dry.

The little wood piece is one step further along, as it got sand glued on yesterday. Today it got the sealing layer of watered down Trälim. It is known, that sand has a tendency to chip from boards and bases. The counter to the is this exact process:
1) Glue sand to surface and let is dry.
2) Apply watered down glue over the sand in a thin layer and let it dry.
3) Spray it black/white/whatever and let it dry.
Now the sand is held be 2 layers of glue and a primer, and will not got anywhere, even under a fierce drybrush.

Now it’s weekend, so I will not make any progress before monday.

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Story Background to set the mood and the setting

I’m not a native English speaker, nor a skilled writer, but I do enjoy the Old World as a setting. As gamemaster for the campaign leading up to this Legendary battle, it has been my job to make a somewhat relevant and believable twist of the events during the End Times, that allows most of the books to be canon in the campaign, but still leads to a final destination, where Archaon and Drazhoath allies in a grand battle against Nagash, at a place where rocky highlands leads into full out dessert. This is my attempt to set the stage. I have used a lot of WFB websites to map out cities, routes and traveling time, as well as choosing Quatar as the perfect place for the battle. I hope you like, and if you do not care, that is not a problem either. Tomorrow should see some progress on the board, and very soon, I will have the complete army list up, with an estimate of what the opponent will bring. Stay tuned <3

The Fate of the World
- Historical build up, for the setting prior to the legendary Battle-

Ulthuan has sunk to the sea and the Winds of Magics, formerly bound to the Great Vortex, has taken hold of mighty mortals, turning them into Incarnates of magic. These mighty individuals gather all their strength and armies in the elven home of Athel Loren and are the last hope of the living. In the meanwhile, the Skaven has eliminated Estalia, Tilea, Lustria and has now set their eyes on the dwarven Kingdoms. The most deadly menace however, is Archaon Everchosen and his world spanning chaos incursion, that eliminated Naggaroth and Kislev first, broke the Auric Bastion protecting the Empire, and now has made short work of Marienburg, Middeheim and Nuln. Altdorf is besieged by Archaon himself, and Karl Franz has fled with Balthazar Gelt, The last of the Reiksguard, the remaining Brettonians and Ungrim Ironfist’s Slayers. They seek refuge in the Athel Loren. Invited by the Everqueen and Eternity King.

In untouched Sylvania, Nagash has absorbed the power of the Shyish - the Wind of Death, and he prepares to shroud the world in everlasting peace through undead unity. The Ogres has vacated their kingdom, marched across the Dark Lands and clashed with Grimgor Ironhide’s WAAAGGH! Ghur -  the Wind of Beast choose Grimgor as its Incarnate during the battle, and the initial unity of orc and magic causes the bedrock to crack in a circular earthquake around Grimgor, killing loads of orcs and ogres. The ogres interpreted this as a sign from the Great Maw, and follows Grimgor east to Zharr Naggrond, laying siege to the capitol of the chaos dwarf empire.

Far to the south east lies the Black Fortress, occupied by the Legion of Azgorh under the command of Drazhoath the Ashen – Exalted Hellfire of Hashut. Drazhoath recently attacked the last World Root in the Dark Lands and was crushed by the Everqueens forces, that suddenly appeared from the shadows under the canopies of the trees. Drazhoath realizes that these are the times to seek alliances for survival, but also a time of opportunity. The siege of Zharr-Naggrund brings great pleasure to Drazhoath, who will not lend a finger in aid of Astragoth Ironhand and his damned Council. Let them burn and leave the Kingdom for better suited leaders! This however leaves no other potential ally than Archaon Everchosen himself. Ten years ago, Drazhoath aided Tarmurkhan in his search for the Throne of Chaos, but Archaon will not disappoint as Tamurkhan did. Archaons success is prophesized! Drazhoath decides on a daring plan, risking everything. He sends an emissary North-West to Archaon with words that he promise him aid, and intends to attack Nehekhara to force Nagash south, leaving the North open to Archaon’s onslaught. Over the next month, Drazhoath and his Castellans orders the Black Fortress stripped of valuables, slaves, war machines and troops, and fills the hulls of the Blackshard Fleet, that set sails south through the Dark Lands and Gnoblar County via the River Ruin. The Gnoblar trade settlement Pigsbarter is overrun and its inhabitants taken as slaves, as the Blackshard Fleet reaches the Sea of the Dead and sails westward.

After turning south through the Straits of Nagash, the Blackshard Fleet finally reached the north eastern shore of Nehekhara. The fleet follows the coastline south, crossing the abandoned and ruined city Lahmia, birthplace of the vampiric curse. Two months after the Legion of Azgorh set sail at the Black Fortress, the fleet arrives at the costal city of Lybaras – the Tomb city of Asaph. The ancient city has been mostly vacated, as High Queen Khalida has marched the Asaph Legion north with Nagash’s Legion. The meagre defences can not withhold against the war machines of the Legion Azgorh, and in a matter of hours, the city falls. The Wolf Raiders even manage to hunt down all the city’s outriders, thereby concealing that Nehekhara is under attack.

The next target is Mahrak – the City of Decay, which is better protected, but are also caught completely off guard. This siege lasts for two days however, and messengers to slip out of Drazhoaths grasp, travelling day and night through the kingdom to sound the alarm of the Dawi Zharr invasion. Messengers are also riding tirelessly north, to bring word to Nagash in Sylvania. Once Mahrak crumbles, the Legion of Azgorh takes the troublesome detour south to Rasetra – Fortress of Vengeful Spirits, which is often ignored be invading armies, due to its secluded location, near the southern jungle. The Tomb Kings of Rasetra have been warned, and are prepared to fight. The Siege last a week, and causes heavy casualties on the slave stock of the Dawi Zharr. The undead deploys tamed, scaled beasts from the jungle in battle, with dagger sized teeths and vicious claws. To combat this unexpected ferocity, Drazhoath and his Daemonsmiths binds K’daii firedaemons to their enchanted metal shells and send them to battle the jungle beasts. By weeks end, the city lies in shambles, but Drazhoath has spent way more artillery than should be considered reasonable, most of which can’t be easily be reproduced. With hours delay, the Legion of Azgorh marches west. They must pass through the Charnal Valley, which is vast and will take the legion a month to pass through.

The messengers of Mahrak arrives at Sylvania months after their departure with words of their homeland under siege. Nagash realizes the importance of maintaining a front against Archaon and orders his legions south to retake Nehekhara. This leaves the other Incarnates and the last hope of men to fend of the overwhelming forces of Archaon, effectively dooming the Empire of men. Vlad von Carstein does not approve of his Surpreme Lords decision, but does not object either. The Undead Legion has to cover big distances before they reach Khemri though, and the Dawi Zharr does not waste the time granted to them by their enemies by being idle. Before the messengers even reached Sylvania, the Legion of Azgorh had made it through the Charnal Valley and started a gigantic construction in the Gateway of Eternity, where the Charnal Valley connects western and eastern Nehekhara through the World Edge Mountains. With the entire resource of slaves from the Black Fortress and Pigsbarter, Drazhoath commands the construction of humongous wall at the western edge of the Spine, which stretched hundreds of miles from north to south through the Gateway of Eternity, effectively dividing eastern and western Nehekhara. The Wall is built with stones from the mountains, but covered in precious Obsidian brought from the Dark Lands to better ward against the undead barrage of magic. The process takes months, and leaves slaves dying in the heat by unreal numbers. But the Dawi Zharr shows their mastery as builders and overlords, and before Nagash is even back in Nehekhara, the Obsidian Wall stands tall, all the way to the borders of the city Quatar – Palace of Corpses.

Quatar is a heavily guarded city, with temple districts, ancient pyramids and tomes as well as outer quarters on the outside of the city wall. When the construction of the Obsidian Wall got too close, months of military harassment began to cripple the completion of the wall. Screaming skulls smashed against the vulnerable construction, while arrows from swift chariots targeted slavers and slaves alike. The fallen often rose again, and spread panic and severe bloodsheds amongst the workers. Drazhoath had to diminish the damages and sent multiple Artillery trains, many hosts of Bull Centaurs and the entire Legion of Infernal Ironsworns led by Rykarth the Unforgiving to reduce the delay of the construction.

What followed was a catastrophe. The city of Quatar struck hard and mercilessly against the invading war host. Carrions in number enough to darken the sky and Ushabties and Bone Giants wielding enormous bows that penetrated even blackshard armour. Big regiments of Tomb Guards tangled with the Ironsworns, but even though the liches brought many back after been chopped down, the Ironsworns won the grind. The Bull Centaurs where hard pressed against the Ushabties, and got flanked by multiple Bone Giant. Most of the Bull centaurs perished, but a small warband won out in the end, but had to withdraw from the battle. The Ironsworns had now engaged the skeletons and zombies, while Fireglaives, Sorcerors and bolt throwers tried to handle the Carrions swarming the half-finished construction. As a final solution, the Daemonsmiths summoned nine K’daii Destroyers, but the Undead had come prepared. An entire circle of light wizards had kept a low profile for this exact moment, and as the Kdaii Destroyers thundered forward, radiant lights poured from the undead centre, crippling, wounding or straight up banishing the K’daii Destroyers. Drazhoath was livid. Most of his big fire daemons had just been stolen from him, along with a glorious victory. Rykarth the Unforgiving and his Ironsworns were taking heavy casualties and where nearly depleted. Enraged, Drazhoath mounted Cinderbreath, and a total of 12 Bale Tauri and Lammasi took wings, each carrying one of the strongest Sorceror-Prophet from the Black Fortress, all in full battle regalia of their ancestral bloodlines, clans and houses. Together they harneshed Father Darkness’ will, and rained the holy flames of Hashut through the undead light council, blasting them into smithereens. At the end of the weeks long combat, the Legion of Azgorh had fought Quatar into a standstill. The Obsidian wall stood finished, but the Dawi Zharr had lost so much to get It done. Rykarth and his Ironsworn were slain. Nearly all the Bull Centaurs where decimated. Nine K’daii Destroyers were banished, and seven Sorceror-Prophet had been overcome along with their majestic beasts.

Now begins the long wait. The Nehekharan awaits Nagash’s return, so they can topple the Obsidian Wall and retake eastern Nehekhara, while the the Dawi Zharr awaits the fulfilment of their alliance with Archaon Everchosen. They had bled to ease his odds, and they expected his Chaos Incursion to repay that depth sooner rather than later.  The Dreadquake Mortars has reduces the outer Quatar to utter ruins, but the undead infantry can not reach the heavily guarded war machines a top the wall.
Months later, Nagash and his seven remaining Mortarchs, reaches Quatar way ahead of Archaons Incursion. Massive amounts of raw magical energies assaults the units on the Obsidian Wall, but the energy is dissolved against the magic resistant materials in the wall. The shambling hordes of undead conquers the outer fortifications between Quatar and the Obsidian Wall, but can not pierce the Obsidian Wall itself.  Mortarch Luthor Harkon leads and airborn attack from the back of a zombie dragon, where Vargheists and Terrorgeists eliminates most of Drazhoaths remaining war machines. Luthor Harkon dies in the process however. Nagash has to await the full armies that has sworn fealty to him to arrive from all corners of the Nehekharan Empire before committing to the destruction of the indestructible wall. Over an additional month, the undead army reaches a ridiculous size, before attacking the Obsidian Wall from Quatar and all the way to the Gate of Eternity down south. Nagash and his Mortarchs strike out from Quatar itself at the northen point of the Obsidian Wall, but in this deciding hour, the glaring war horns marshals the coming of the Everchosens Incursion from the north.

Since Nagash left Sylvania, Archaon has made quick work of Altdorf, and crushed the Incarnates in Athel Loren. Only Nagash remains as a worthy opponent, so he marched south at a frightening pace. Sigvald the Magnificent, The Maggot Lords and Vilich the Curseling were left to crush the remaining Empire troops, the last Brettonian and scattered Elves. Archaon has brought Valika the Gore Queen and her Bloodied Horde, Throgg the Troll Kings monstrous horde and the Glottkin himself to battle, along with his elite warriors and knights; The Sword of Chaos.

Far North of the wall, Archaons Incursion is joined by the Legion of Azgorh, who has made a roundabout through the Spine of the World, so that the Dawi Zharr would partake in their gods glory alongside Archaons troops on the field. Most of the Incursion strikes at the inner Quatar, but Archaon, Drazoath and their warlords seeks out Nagash and his Mortarchs to make an example of the Great Necromancer under the Eyes of the Gods. Between the Obsidian Wall and the outer ruins of Quatar, battle is joined to determine the Fate of the World.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Helblindi - 08-21-2016 04:57 PM

Great read, epic introductory post!
The battles you described, did you guys actually play those? I'd love to see 9 destroyers in action Happy

Also thanks on the terrain tip, will try the wood glue sealing.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-21-2016 05:42 PM

Thanks man! Glad you liked it!

Nah this is fiction. No games played of the Legion of Azgorhs invasion of Nehekhara. The reasoning behind including this went something like this:
1) Which TK city is closest to mountains, thus explaining our dessert->rocky surface game boards? Quatar!
2) How do I reasonably explain that a giant wall is present? Chaos Dwarfs where present in great numbers prior to the actual battle!
3) Why are the CD at Quatar? A deception to draw Nagash south. This also makes the alliance with Archaon believeable.
4) Since I use Drazhoath, which route would the Legion of Azgorh take to Quatar? The sail down River Ruin, sweep cities, and cut of the conquered Nehekhara with something like the chinese wall.
5) Since I use most of my models in game, and the wall will basicly be for show and not an interactive part of the game, why is the wall so thinly guarded? Because the CD has lost most of their units, numbers, lords, monsters and slaves while building the wall and conquering eastern Nehekhara AKA write some battles, where you feel Drazhoath loose loads and loads of his resources.
6) Since we can't show the pure scale of the legions clash, were are the bulk of the armies? The battle off board, at inner Quatar, but if Nagash has already commited himself against the wall, that would draw Archaon and his lords towards Nagash for a chance of glory.

This thought process clears most of the requirement, with manageable plot holes. Then I just had to write a story out of this, with some background on the actual End Times events, and some battles to make Drazhoath hard pressed. And lastly, mentioning some rather grand battles in passings are very much how the releases about The End Times were written, so I echo some of their style.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - tjub - 08-22-2016 12:27 AM

Great! Love that you guys keep it up... Happy

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-22-2016 03:26 PM

Small update - Final steps before painting

Spent 20 minutes on preparing the board for painting.
5 minutes spent with a small besom and dustpan, to collect excess sand, and leave an even surfaces.
Then I watered my Trälim down around 50/50, and began to apply the sealing layer of glue over the sand.

10-15 minutes later, all the sand has been sealed.

Wednesday, the painting will start <3

Today was a small quick one. Stay tuned.

@tjub: Unless something major happens in my gaming group, we will probably hang on to 8th for years to come. We only play 3-4 days a years, and embrace crazy ideas, so we don't experience the stale meta game that needs to be renewed by a new edition of rules. But yeah I'm feeling pretty lucky that I have my Warhammer boys with me well into my adult life. Most of us has been painting and playing together since 1996 xD

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Admiral - 08-22-2016 04:18 PM

This is nothing short of marvellous. Good prep work & intro! Crazy takes on wargames are the best.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-24-2016 05:05 PM

Painting the board - Lots of progress (and a setback…)

Today was a painting day. I wanted to get as far on the board as I could manage. It was sunny. I had about 5 hours, but a baby as well (who was tired and needed sleep)
I will continue my tutorial approach just for kicks. First, I finished the little wood.

The little wood base

1) Spray black, drybrush grey, basecoat Rhinox Hide on the sand

2) Drybrush the dirt with Mournfang Brown. This does not need to be even, or perfect, but try to hit most of the Rhinox Hide

3) Drybrush with Kommando Khaki (What is its new name?). Very uneven. Small amounts on the brush. Just to add variety. Seal with a light layer of anti-shine varnish.

4) Add Trälim or PVA glue or whatever it’s called. Add whatever basing that you removable trees have on their small bases. No one want to make and extra set of 30 trees to a new board, so find some way to make you grass-based trees useable on all your boards. This shows a tiny patch of grass on the rocky ground, from which 2-3 trees can be placed, thus creating a believable wood (Because 2-3 trees = wood #wargamerlogic).

Painting the board

The board follows the exact same steps as the wood, it just takes more time to do. And yeah, it needs some sand at the end instead of grass obviously. So simply: Spray black.

Now, Don’t waste expensive paint on terrain if you can just mix cheap ones and get away with it. Quantity and price over quality here.

Mix Black and white to hit something close to the Dawnstone Grey that should match your bases.

Realise that you need 2 layers, and that terrain painting shouldn’t be a precise science, but fast, dirty, random job, with some paint nuances to ensure variety.

Drybrush the rocky texture in two layers. One dark followed by one light in a smaller quantity.

Base coat Rhinox hide on all the sand to make it into dirt (This took quite some time).

Apply Mournfang Brown drybrush. Not precise, but try to hit most of the Rhinox Hide with some amount of Mournfang Brown.

Highlight some uneven spots of Kommando Khaki to add variety.

Make a rough gradient towards the dessert. It is ok it looks super silly. Sand will be glued on top, so the gradient will only be visible through the pebbles, and it should not be too noticeable.

…And this is where I dun goofed…

All of the above took me about 3-4 hours work, as I had to feed the baby, play with the baby and convince grandpa to walk him to sleep in the baby carriage (Hint: Easy convincing <3 ). This left me with about an hour to add the sand, which should be manageable. But I was pretty tired, and as you can see on the pictures, Denmark actually had some sun out for a change, so I was pretty roasted as well. My judgement began to falter, and I made a pretty stupid mistake in hindsight.

To make a believable dessert, the sand most be applied simultaneously, to avoid a bumby, unrealistic texture. So I knew I could not fx glue 1/3 of the sand to the board today, and then glue the rest tomorrow, as it would not be and even flow in the sand. As the idiot I am, I decided to go all out and put the sand on the board, while standing in 30 degrees directs sunlight. Adding Trälim to such a large area takes quite some time, and the heat meant, that glued dried faster than I could apply it. The wise man would reconsider at this point, and chose this fight for another day, but this imbecile of a Dane was stubborn at this point, and refused to acknowledge the defeat against the scorching sun. Full of visions of failure, I began to apply sand onto the uneven, semi dried glue.

I got exactly what I bargained for. The sand did not bind at all, and I even hit a shortage of sand 2/3 through, displaying my poor preparation. This made me panic, so I tried to apply new glue, and blow the excess sand onto it. Did not work. Then I tried with my brush, which was covered in glue, and I just made a bigger mess. Full of self-hatred and pessimism I surrendered, cleaned after myself and put the board away to dry.

I could not leave with so many questions unanswered. Hours later I returned to the scene of my defeat, to see the damage I had wrought upon my board. With besom and dustpan I removed the Excess sand…

I think my design idea will work, and I should be able to save it, or at least make it functional, but the dessert will never look entirely convincing now. I got one picture with a semi decent transition.

Most of the sand areas where simply just awful. Look at these horror pictures and imagine how crushed you would be to make such a mess and ridiculous finish, after such an otherwise successful and productive day. Many swearwords were uttered. #feelsbadman stopmenslegenergod.jpg

All in all, today was a success. Lots of good progress, and decent result. The finish was sad, and I will need to restock on the right kind of sand before I can continue, and redo parts of the sanding process to make the best of a poor situation.

Sorry about all the negativity today, but I cannot share these pictures, and write about my progress without quite a lot of self-loathing today. I will be back and jolly tomorrow, with a renewed mind set and perspective. Stay tuned.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - TheHoodedMan - 08-25-2016 02:05 AM

Terrain building is always try and error, so keep the spirits up. Your board will look great in the end.
I had good experiences with acrylic filler mixed with sand and acrylic wall paints lately. I built a Malifaux board this way, you can see it in one of my off topic threads. I saw somewhere a guy who made a complete desert board that way.

Your board already looks very promising, I am sure it will work out Cheers!

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Carcearion - 08-25-2016 02:50 AM

If your original work is any indication I'm sure it'll all turn out great in the end! Such a big complex project is bound to have a few set backs and for whatever its worth you have the lot of us here in your corner to cheer you on!

Takes Hat off     Takes Hat off     Takes Hat off

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-31-2016 03:27 AM

Thanks guys. I'm back in the game again, but I'm painting right now, and not thinking about the board for the remainder of the week.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 08-31-2016 03:29 AM

Last two objectives finished and Scenario Pack finalized

My teammate on Team Chaos has finished the 2 last objectives for the dessert base. With these in the house, only the board needs completion:

I have also made the final adjustments to the Scenario Pack, which is what you read at the beginning of this thread. This is the .pdf version that we will refer too during the game: CLICK HERE FOR THE .PDF

Deployment will be on the 20th September, so I’m beginning to get anxious about the painting I still need to do Wink

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Kamphre - 08-31-2016 04:55 PM

I really like your objective markers. Well done !

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-05-2016 03:43 PM

Board nearly finished

I have tried to make up for my previous mistake. The end result is far from perfect but still useable and acceptable, so I will not spent more time being annoyed as it will not change anything except my mood. The board needs a quick anti-shine varnish and a few small tufts of grass, but for now I will not post any hobby images. Next update will be the armylist.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Admiral - 09-05-2016 04:39 PM

Nice recovery work, and counters. How about adding some random streaks of washes to the sand to make it pop as the other half of the board do?

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-05-2016 04:54 PM

@Kamphre: Thanks! I'm pretty psyched about them myself.

@Admiral: I can not do that. Our TK army needed a rebasing last year, so we decided to keep it super simple and apply some sand to 5000 pts of Tomb Kings. When we later had to make the dessert board for the Tomb King army we had to make the board using the same method. The same situation applies to this board. It has to have the same colored sand as the other board and the TK armys bases.

Army list
This is Team Chaos’ 14.000 pts army list. I will make an estimate on what we will come up against “soon TM” and then make a quick estimate of which playstyles we will employ during the battle. Making layout of such a big army list was rather hard, but I tried to show you guys which characters are in which unit and what the entire unit costs in points.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-05-2016 04:55 PM


Archaons Elite

Archaon Everchosen & Dorghar

Archaon Everchosen


The Sword of Chaos

10 Chaos Knights, No mark, ensorcelled weapons, full command & Scarecrow Banner


The Everlastin Deathbringers

20 Chaos Warriors, No mark, shield & full command


The Bringer of Glory

1 Warshrine of Tzeentch


Valkias Bloodied Horde - Victors of Naggaroth

The Slaughterers of the Far North

17 Chaos Warriors, Mark of Khorne, additional hand weapon, full cmd & Banner of Swiftness - 351
Valkia the Gore Queen - 405


The Red Legion of the Blood Realm

20 Bloodletters, Banner - 290]
Kodihr the Violent; Herald of Khorne, Greater Locus, 2*Lesser Gifts - 195


The Unrelenting Hammer

5 Chaos Knights, Mark of Khorne, ensorcelled weapons - 270
Grogor the Demolisher; Chaos Lord on barded steed with Mark of Khorne, Armour of Destiny, Dawnstone, Sword of Might, Scaled Skin & Soul Feeder - 369


The Bloody Reavers
18 Chaos Warriors, Mark of Khorne, shield & full command


The Sons of Rage

10 Chosen, Mark of Khorne, halberds & full command


The Dread of the Wastes

3 Skullcrushers, Mark of Khorne, ensorcelled hand weapons, musician & banner


The Monstrous Horde

The Glottkin



The Terror from the Wastes

8 Chaos Trolls - 280
Throgg the Troll King - 195
Maltrax the Foul; Doombull with Mark of Nurgle, Gnarled Hide, Blackened Plate, Fencers Blades, Rune of the True Beast & Pidgeon Plucker Pennant - 325


The Gutters
8 Chaos Ogres, Mark of Nurgle, great weapons, banner & musician


The Sluggers

2 Beasts of Nurgle


The Dawi Zharr of the Black Fortress

Drazoath the Ashen & Cinderbreath

Drazhoath the Ashen – Hellfire of Hashut


Zanklai’Otory the Deathsinger & Uzroth’kulon

Sorceror Prophet level 4 on a Lammasu level 2 with Sorcerous Exhiliration, Blood of Hashut, Book of Ashur, Charmed Shield & Opal Amulet: The Lore of Death & The Lore of Shadows


Hruz the Unbend & Ta’Inroth

Sorceror Prophet level 4 on Bale Taurus with Blood of Hashut & Black Hammer of Hashut, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation & Other Tricksters Shard: The Lore of Hashut


The Infernal Fist of Fire

34 Infernal Guards, Great Weapons, Full cmd. & Standard of Discipline - 557
Uzemilar Firefist; Castellan BSB with shield, Biting Blade & Mask of Furnace - 207
Izit; Khan with light armour, shield, Ironcurse Icon & Sword of Striking - 64
Korc’bai; Khan with light armour, shield & Gold Sigil Sword - 59
Ghrasha; Khan with light armour, shield, Relic Sword & Obsidian Trinket - 69
Bashiuk; Khan with light armour, shield & Sword of Swift Slaying - 69
Vnar; Khan with light armour, additional hand weapon & Terrifying Mask of Eee! - 71


The Pride of the Black Fortress
29 Infernal Guards, Fireglaives, Full cmd. Naptha Bomb - 520
Anzar the Deadly; Castellan, shield, fireglaive, Trickster Helm, Sword of Battle & Luck Stone - 197


The Exalted Bullspawns of Hashut
9 Bullcentaurs, GW, full cmd. & Gleaming Pennant - 480
Baizrack; Tauruk with Sword of Antiheroes, blackshard armour, shield, & Potion of Toughness - 205


The Slaves and Puppets of Drazhoath

The Expendables

49 Hobgoblins, Banner & Musician - 208
Zhin-budar; Khan with light armour, shield, Dragonbane Gem & Dagger of Malice - 69


Da Cheap Shots
21 Hobgoblins, Bows, shields, Banner & Musician.


The Raiders of da East

11 Wolf Riders, Banner, mus, bows - 169
Aizhul & Bokk; Khan on Wolf, with light armour, Dragon Helm & Shrieking Blade -74


The Last of the Obsidian Slaves
17 Black Orcs, shields, full command & Banner of Eternal Flame [6*3 formation]


The Hellfire of Zharr Creation

1 K’daii Destroyer


The Daemonic Constructs of War and Fire

The Battery of Zhataras
Zhataras the Bloody;
Daemonsmith lvl 2 with Chalice of Blood and Darkness: The Lore of Death -180
The Terror from the Skies; Hellcannon - 210
The Red Quake; Dreadquake Mortar – Slave Ogre, Hellbound - 240


The Battery of Yzkiloth
Yzkiloth Firebreath;
Daemonsmith lvl 2 with the Dispel Scroll & Shield of Ptolos: The Lore of Fire - 180
Ashcannoth the Blue Beast; Hellcannon - 210
Ye Olde Rumbler – Finest of the First Age; Dreadquake Mortars – Slave Ogre, Hellbound - 240


The Bird Bomber
Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher - Hellbound


The Screaming Fire Barrage

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher - Hellbound


The Terror of the Void

Skullcannon of Khorne



RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Fuggit Khan - 09-06-2016 01:55 PM

I really love all the creative names you have for your units:
The Slaves and Puppets of Drazhoath

The Expendables

Da Cheap Shots

The Raiders of da East

The Hobgoblin in me is smiling in delight Evil idea

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-06-2016 02:11 PM

It's not something we did previous to the campaign, but it has been extremely compelling to play a campaign where we did not kill "the BSB and unit of knight" but instead could banter around "the death of Duke Theodoric and the Knights of La Maisontaal." We did not think it would make a difference, but it really has <3

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Bloodbeard - 09-06-2016 02:34 PM

That's a crazy list! Holy smokes. The amount of work and detail put into this. Excellent Malorn. Excellent.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Admiral - 09-06-2016 05:05 PM

Megalomaniac list, and kudos for naming all the units! That's something me and my brother has always done, ranging from the serious down to "The Pharaoh's Taxi".

This will be a battle to remember. Pictures or we riot. Wink

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-06-2016 05:06 PM

Thanks Bloodbeard
As the hour draws near I find my time more and more limited to produce quality content, so the last two weeks might be somewhat rambling on my side. Thats justs means I'm painting more than sleeping Takes Hat off

And pictures will be taken, and made into a battle report for you pleasure Admiral. From now on, Settras Chariot unit is called the Pharaohs Taxi <3

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-06-2016 05:11 PM

Estimate of what Team Undead will field
This post will be updated with the actual army list after the game, but for now it will be our estimate. I will not begin to guess point values, magic items, equipment or even unitsizes. This is most of their models, and while the can't field all of them, they sure can field most of them.

Special Characters

Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead

Arkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament

Neferata, Mortarch of Blood

Mannfred von Carstein, Mortarch of Night

Vlad von Carstein, Mortarch of Shadow

Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity

Krell, Mortarch of Despair

High Queen Khalida

Remaining Characters

Some Necromancers with invocation

A Light Council of Liche Priests

2 Necrotects

1 mounted Wight King joins the Black Knights

Some infantry Vampires and Tomb Princes. Might be Lords and Kings and fully geared.


The ethereal Rank and File unit:

We expect a zombie or spear skeleton bus of at least 40 models, with the entire front rank made of Cairn Wraiths, and some Tomb Banshees in the second rank.

12 Chariots.
Probably in 2 units of 6. Settra II might join one of them. We might encounter a Tomb King in a chariot unit as well.

The Ashp Legion
30-60 Skeletons with bows and Khalida in horde formation

Skeleton hordes and busses
100-150 skeletons with spears or hand weapon shield

15 Horse Archers.
Probably in 1 unit as the board will be packed which reduce movability units results

40ish zombies

8 Horsemen

5-15 Dire Wolfs

30-40 Ghouls in a horde

Special & Rare

40ish Grave/Tomb Guards

Probably in two units of about 20.

0-5 Ushabties
These might be used as unit fillers instead.

9 Spirit Hosts
Probably  in small units

3-4 Vargheists

12 Black Knight

5 Hexwraiths

6ish Fellbats

3 Necroknights

7 Blood Knights

2-5 Tomb Scorpions

4 Screaming Skull Catapults

1-2 Vargulfs

1-2 Casket of Souls

1 Corpse Cart

1 Warsphynx

1 Black Coach

1 Mortis Engine

1 Terrorgheist

1 Hierotitan

Next update will probably be me trying to talk about our game plan and overall key-points. It could also be the finished board "soon TM" or even our thoughts on deployment.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-11-2016 04:29 AM

Super final done with the board (No more board spam!)

I finally got it all finished. I spent my birthday driving it to the destination of the Legendary battle and our Chaos player even sent me some pics of the combined tables (in potato quality sadly. He says it looks great IRL.

No more posts about terrain and objectives. Now this thread is dedicated to tactics, strats and preparations. 9 days until deployment! 13 Days until game time is up!!!

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - tjub - 09-11-2016 08:39 AM

Oh, what will be so sweet! A bit envious...

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Carcearion - 09-11-2016 08:11 PM

Really exellent turnout on the board! with a convicing transition point even after your set back. I couldnt help but notice when all is said and done you'll have a rock-waste and a dessert board left over to choose from for normal games as well good deal! Wink

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Bloodbeard - 09-12-2016 03:22 AM

Nice work on the boards. Where will you be playing the game? Who's got room for you guys.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-12-2016 04:13 AM

@tjub: A small portion of envy can be a good motivation sometimes. I have kept my drive up many times by thinking of all the cool stuff you, Skink and Fuggit has to play around with Happy

@Carcearion: The Rock board was made at the start of our campaign to symbolise Naggaroth, the Dark Lands and a pass in the World Edge mountains. The dessert board was made for game 5 in the campaign where Nagash has arrived in Nehekhara and used Neferata to bait out High Queen Khalida to Runed Lahmia to divert her attention from Nagashs schemes. All of this in around page 5 in my army blog.

@Bloodbeard: Our Chaos player bought an old house in Rødovre when he and his girlfriend got their daughter. It's big, old and expensive, but it has a big basement, with room for big games (And a bar Tongue )

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Abecedar - 09-12-2016 04:53 AM

Great work, you yourself have added to the inspiration and motivationcache.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-15-2016 05:32 PM

Preparing for take off
5 days until deployment. Spent the day counting models, cross-referencing army list, ranking up models and finished the last movement trays. I used to transport models in GW cases, but I have adopted the open tray strategy, with units ready to play from the get go. This requires a car and driver, as well as some serious concentration during the drive. It is a little risky but I absolute love it.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Admiral - 09-18-2016 04:57 PM

That approach sure has its advantages, yet how about going nuts with magnets? I am quite sure I've seen people succesfully put in metal sheets in such boxes (some with foam walls and perhaps lids?) and then magnetize the movement trays and monster bases. The infantry and cavalry models were of course magnetized to their unit trays. Just a thought, and certainly not in time to be useful for the massive battle. But still.

At least that cargo will make you a very safe driver. Tongue Wink

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-18-2016 05:24 PM

Magnetized bases is not an option as my resin bases are not hollow thus allowing no room for actual magnets. I could resort to magnetic sheet under the bases which should work in theory. I won't say this won't happen at some point, but not a legitimate enough problem to justify the investment in both time and money the procedure would required. All my CD are heavy metal from the 90's. Their weight and shape (short/fat) makes them very unwobbly. If was transporting 20 metal wardancers on a skirmish tray i would, ofc, use magnets Happy

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Admiral - 09-18-2016 05:38 PM

Very true. There is a powerful reason for why Dwarfs are the ultimate creatures!

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Abecedar - 09-18-2016 07:11 PM

Its great seeing an army all close together.

I've only invested in Rare earth magnets this year for my Saga mini's, drilling out holes in solid bases isn't that difficult.
I wouldn't bother with magnetic sheet.  It doesnt safely hold a single mini in place unless kept dead flat.
I tried it on my MoW ships made out of MDF. They are very light and if the container got uneven or jolted they'd often dislodge.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - TheHoodedMan - 09-19-2016 01:45 AM

The army looks superb. That will be a great gaming experience (it is already an awesome hobby experience :-)). Good luck for your game!!

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-19-2016 06:05 AM

Tactics, Stratagem and other fancy words of how Team Chaos intends to win.

In 32 hours, we will present our armies, set terrain, roll spells and deploy, then go home with our minds filled with dreams of glory soon to come. I have been hard at work with my teammate: Dennis, who will bring The Grand Legion of the Everchosen to new highs alongside my Dawi Zharr. I will share our conclusions, as I think it will be funny to see what we can anticipate and prepare for accordingly. Once the battle is done, this will be a good read for me Wink

Overall strategy
We have a lot of armour, Attacks, Strength & Toughness. Our leadership is decent and we have many stubborn or unbreakable units. We win if we can march forward 2-3 turns and then get into combat with the weaker undead troops. We lose if we cannot get into close combat, if we can’t survive the magical onslaught and if our most expensive units gets combo charged by multiple big threats.

Phase analysis
Movement Phase:
Both armies are kind of lacking in the movement. Undead has a restrain on march moves outside the Generals range and Chaos Warriors and Dwarfs are both rather slow. That being said, both armies has flyers, cavalry, monstrous troops and monsters, all with a movement of 6-9. Our main job is to hit the centre and split the enemy army in two. I believe we win the movement slightly, but will still get outmaneuvered due to Nagash’s ability to summon expensive units anywhere within 36”.

Magic Phase: The undead will dominate the magic phase with synergies, bonuses, summonings, Light Council and the sheer amount of wizards on the board. We expect to lose a lot of advantages every enemy magic phase, but we can reduce the onslaught if we can cast Ashstorm on Nagash. Our own magic phase is in no way bad. We have the entire lore of Death, Shadow and Hashut, as well as four levels in Lore of Nurgle and 2 in Lore of Fire.

Shooting Phase: We are up against 4 Screaming Skulls, 15 Horse Archers and the dreaded Khalida Horde which always hits on 4’s and has poisoned attacks. We have 7 above average warmachines and should win this phase, even though our hobgoblins with bows and even Infernal Guards with Fireglaives won’t be as potentially deadly as the Khalida Horde.

Close combat: We have Warriors of Chaos! I still can’t fathom how anyone consider a marked and armed Warrior as a balanced core unit, but I guess that is just me being an incompetent general. We win close combat!

Psycology: While not a phase, I should mention that we are at a disadvantage when it comes to psycology. Many of our expensive troops can and propably will flee from situations. We cannot have multiple Generals or Inspiring Presence, so slaves, beasts and ogres are not as resilient as we expect them to be from normal 8th edition battles. Our opponent on the other hand will never run from anything.

Concerns & Solutions
We must try to deal with him. His utility in the magic phase is too good and we have to even the field.
Solution: Warmachines and magic is the solution, but it will not be an easy task.

Ethereals: While we have a lot of magic weapons, some models will be stuck forever on a 45 points Spirit Host, this could be the Kdaii Destroyer, the Bullcentaurs or even worse: The Glottkin!
Solution: Get magic weapons next to important units, that doesn’t have any.

Combo Charges: We can easily anticipate the average damage from one charge. But in such a big game, we could find a key unit combo charged by Neferata, Arkhan, a War Sphynx and 2 Tomb Scorpions. That is out of our comfort zone and something we will hard to avoid happening.
Solution: Positioning during movement phase, eliminate some of the threads with magic and/or shooting.

Khalida Horde: We can try to reduce their BS with duo Miasma to eliminate the poison shots, but against unarmoured, high Toughness troops like the Destroyer, this will be a pure menace.
Solution: Hit ‘em fast and hard. Bring your armour plates and shields boys!

Light Council: A Strength 8 Banishment will hit like a brick against our expensive characters and monsters. Must be dealt with.
Solution: Snipe spells from Lore of Death+Hashut against the one wizard with the Banishment!

The Obsidian Fortress: The damned undead has assaulted the Obsidian Wall and taken the outer fortress. Warhammer rules will only allow 1 unit to assault the building at a time, and the enemy can chose not to send their characters forth. If we do not kill them, our unit stands 1” from the building and can try to assault again next charge phase. The building is huge and hard to manoeuvre around.
The real problem is that the Khalida Horde, with the light council in it, could garrison the building, get 30 shots a turn, Have 360 vision and enhanced spell range. It is close enough to the centre board to have some juicy targets. If we get in close combat, we can not kill neither Khalida or the Liches and even if we win, we will not garrison the building unless the undead are utterly destroyed. We will most likely stand 1” away and give them another turn worth of shooting and magic.
Only decent solution: 17 Khorne warriors with add. Handweapons and Khalida. Lots of armour, many attacks.

Priority Targets
Our priority targets are units, which poses great threats and fall into a unit type category that requires huge casting rolls from Nagash to summon back. The 7 Blood Knights are a huge threat, but Nagash can summon them again easily in one spell, so our best shot here would be to kill 2-4 to reduce their treat but them ignore them afterwards. The Terrorgheist is also a huge threat, and killing it would force Nagash into a 23 casting value to bring it back, thus risking a miscast, and at the very least spending his power pool. Our High priority will therefore be characters, monsters, chariots and warmachine, while we will not focus Infantry and cavalry much. All of this changes, if we can kill the Great Necromancer.
1. Nagahs
2. Mannfred & Neferata
3. Terrorgheist, Hierotitan & Hexwraiths
4. Screaming Skull Catapults, War Sphynx & Black Coach
5. Vargulf, Mortis Engine & remaining Mortarchs
6. Tomb Scorpions, Blood Knights, Necropolis Knights, Black Knights, Vargheists, Chariots, Grave/Tomb Guards & Ushabties.

The top of the priority list all fits the criteria about being dangerous and hard summon except the Hexwraiths. These bad boys has to be kept in check due to their disruptive placements possibilities, while they deal consistens S5 no armour save hits to expensive Chaos Warriors. We cannot allow them to run wild.

Two honourable mentions does not fit in to the above list, as their use is extremely situational. That is the Corpse Cart and the Spirit Hosts. These can both play a tremendous role in our downfall but we have to see their placements and synergies within the opponents’ strategy before we can reasonably judge how we should prioritize them.

The Magic Phase
Our Magic Phase has several comboes made possible by the scenario rule that allows 4 Wind of Magic dice each magic phase. This should make some spells get through, and allow for some disgusting stat reducing comboes such as:
The Shadow Sun: 1-2 Miasmas reducing key targets initiative, Finish with a Purple Sun and possible a Pit of Shades.
Not so tough now?: Cast the Withering (-D3 T), Soul Blight (-1 T & S) and Curse of the Leper (-D3 T) on a big based key target like Nagash or a unit. Some of them will get dispelled, but if one or two gets through you can bring the killers: Flames of Azgorh (Template scater D6, model under hole = Toughness test at -2 or slain outright), Fate of Bjuna & Curse of Hashut (Snipe spells: 2D6 –T hits, that wound on 4+ with No armour saves). If it is not a single target, Lore of Nurgle has additional spells that goes extra ham if the unit fails Toughness tests. A reduced Toughness also makes the following shooting phase a living hell.

Aside from the comboes we have a lot of insanely good spells. Ashstorm will blast at Nagash every phase. Mind Razor will swing a combat. As will the Nurgle buffs. Even Breath of Hatred will be good on Warriors with 2-4 attacks apiece. Death Snipes from the Lammasu rider can try to remove Khalida and thereby her horde’s damage potential or the Light Council member with Banishment. Depending on how deployment turns out, I think we our magic phase with an average of 14 dice will look somewhat like this:
• Withering (Archaon: 3 dice)
• Miasma (Archaon: 1 dice)
• Flames of Azgorh (Drazhoath: 4 dice)
• Ashstorm (Bale Taurus Rider: 6 dice)
And if we have some extra dice from a good Winds of Magic we will add:
• Miasma (Lammasu: 1-2 dice)
• Purple Sun (Lammasu Rider: 4 dice)
• Curse of the Leper (Glottkin: 3 dice)
We would of course do it in the right order for maximizing the comboes and always save 6 dice for Ashstorm on Nagash with Chalice activation after we roll. This magic phase example spreads the casting over multiple wizards, so that broken concentration should not a problem. Once Nagash is destroyed I imagine the snipe spells against Khalida and the Light Council will come into play, as well as an emphasize on Purple Sun through the armys flank, hitting multiple blocks.

I will not go into how we micromanage the deployment, but all the above consideration will be kept in mind, as well as a practical decision about how to make room for all our quite big units. Our Deployment rules are alternative to the normal game to speed up the process

March forward to win close combat. Kill Nagash! Endure their magic phases and try bringing the pain in our own magic phase. Target hard to summon units. Don’t get combo charged by multiple threads.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-21-2016 07:48 AM

Deployment Finished

We deployed yesterday evening from around 19 until 3:30 this morning. I will have some quick, dark and dirty pictures coming up “soon TM.” But in words it was epic, cosy and a lot of fun. The boards with terrain and objectives are right on. Looked splendid. I had made a pretty accurate estimation of what Team Undead would bring. Some surprises where, that the 12 Chariot came in 1 unit. The 6 Blood Knights has a blender lord (Mounted Vampire Lord with Quickblood and Red Fury and most likely 4++, +2 Strength and enemies reroll succesfull ward saves). The skipped the Black Coach for a second Vargulf and the even brought a newly painted BSB with some above average freehand on the banner. Not too many surprises, but the Blender Lord will be a first in our gaming group.

Everyone got the spells they wanted (easy enough with 4+ Level 4 casters on both sides) so we have all the aforementioned combos available, while Team Undead rocks the Entire lore of Undeath, Light, Death and Vampires, with an emphasis on multiple Invocations across the board and a good amount of Ryze (Lore of Undeath Signature, that summons 50-150 points within 12” of Infantry or Monstrous infantry depending on the cast requirements.)

The deployment itself went acceptable for us, but rather decent for our opponents. We had the disadvantage of placing 1/3 of our army first, where we committed our softer troops in great numbers in the small deploymentzone we had on the desert board. Close to the middle of the board (but on the dessert board, we had to place the Infernal guard BSB unit. Team Undead then placed a lot of weak infantry led by Arkhan opposite us, as well as the insanely huge 12 chariot unit next to Settra II opposite the dwarfs. In our second drop we stuck to the plan and loaded the centre board with the monstrous hardhitters, Archaon and Glottkin, while the Bullcentaurs went up next to the Obsidian Watchtower.

Now the real twist came into play from Team Undead. With a surgeons precision they had mapped out the rather small deployment zone on the rocky board to optimize the amount of comboes, synergies an units they could pack in there. With the Obsidian Fortress acting as an impassable brick they used the terrain to maximum efficiency and packed the small space with everything worth points and which had some serious fire power. We tried to counter the best we could, but had already committed so much on the middle board and dessert board, that the sheer amount of monsters, characters and magic in the small space between the Obsidian Wall and Fortress has put us on our back foot.  Their deployment strategy is basically a very “undeadesque” Refused Flank, where they place enough rabble on the dessert board to make us spread our focus, and then place all the jazz in the opposite end of the field, thereby sacrificing a lot of skellies and zombies, but probably gaining such a big advantage elsewhere on the board, the chaos does not automatically wins the Close Combat phase. In hindsight it was rather well played, and while I still have faith in Team Chaos’ game plan, we certainly have to play the rocky board smart if we are to win this.  They basically out deployed at least The Infernal Guards, Glottkin, the Troll unit and the Kdaii Destroyer which is a lot of muscle we will need come turn 3.

Pictures will come later. All taken in the badly lit room at early hours, but once we finally play all Saturday and Sunday, some awesome pictures should emerge, which better shows the picture I tried painting with words here.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - TheHoodedMan - 09-21-2016 08:33 AM

Very good description, thank you. Good luck for the next steps!

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Carcearion - 09-21-2016 01:10 PM

Ooh man I'm excited to see the up coming truly epic battle report.

Also I hope Negash and friends don't have a spy here on the forum. Are your foes very familiar with battling the Dawi Zharr? I have heard before that our rare and mysterious army often catches people off guard since few people have any exspiriance playing against us.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Skink - 09-21-2016 01:57 PM

Sounds friggin epic Big Grin

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-21-2016 02:07 PM

@Hood: Thanks man! I think I'll spam some textless picture galore close up posts during the game to deliver the hype over the weekend, and then in the weeks to come make a proper battle report with the actual shenanigans explained.

@Carcearion: Yeah we are the same 4-6 guys who always play together and have since I was at wee lad at 8 years of age. We know each others models, armies, strats, mentality, weak spots and how try to tilt is other into making mistakes during the game. So no one will underestimate anything that they have tried before. We are hobby gamer's and work fiercely for the good experience, and we allow house rule but also the dirty tricks like Chalice activation and similar. Btw sorry if my English is halting a little in the previous post. I really need sleep and will edit it later to be more decipherable.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Abecedar - 09-21-2016 07:56 PM

Sounds like a plan.  Lots of pics then the story.
With my last one, I tried to use the pics to jog my memory.
I didn't rename the pics before resizing and uploading them and photobucket jumbled up ther order they were in.
I had heaps of "Fun" trying to remember what happened in what order.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-21-2016 09:09 PM

@Skink: Thanks man. Glad I can share some hobby hype. This is probably the most insane warhammer thing we will commit to for half a decade, so while its epic as hell it is also quite unreal to be a part of. The man hours poured into the campaign build up, the rules, story, terrain building logistic and painting the four armies is more visible than I have ever personally experienced before. I have finished a lot of video games in my life, but this sense of achievement is something else. And we only just deployed xD

@Abecedar: That is certainly something I need to be aware of Abecedar. Thanks!

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-22-2016 09:52 AM

Deployment Pictures

Please notice: These pictures are taken during the night as our deployment day took around 8 hours, including transportation, unpacking, setting the terrain, presenting armies and actually deploying.

The terrain is set

Shout out to tjub for selling me his Obsidian Fortress, and his brother Staffan for helping me with a pick up in Copenhagen instead of Malmö. It looks wonderful in real life. Even better than in pictures!

14000 points of undead troops, and some chaos dwarfs in the distance. Ready to deploy.

…hours later!...

Deployment finished! <3

Team Undead using the Obsidian Fortress to close their flank or at least delay Archaon and the troll unit substantially.

This allowed them to fill their small space with Khalidas Archer horde with triple Banshees, Nagash, Light Council, Blood Knights with Blender Lord, Neferata, Dual Varghulf, 3 Vargheist, 20 Graveguards with Krell, Vlad, BSB and Necrotect, Hierotitan who boost all the spells, Black Knights in lance formation (It is a campaign reward) with a Wight King and a Corpse Cart to hand out Always Strikes First. That is a shit tin of Thunderstomps, spells, character comboes and S5+ Attacks from multiple sources, many with a high movement value.
PS: The empty base is Drazhoaths stand in base, as I try to finish what I can in the days in between.

The dessert board is less crowded but look at that chariot unit! 4 D6 S6 Impact hits… Hurray… xD

My Warhammer hype is of the chart these days xD

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Helblindi - 09-22-2016 12:24 PM

Niiiiice! I can't wait to see some pics this weekend. Funny how I'm excited about a game going on in far, far Denmark Happy

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Abecedar - 09-22-2016 12:45 PM

If I knew how to do emojies, it would be several draw dropped ones in a row.
I was present at a 40K 20,000 pt battle for my son.  It took all day to set up and they got 1 and a half turns played on the sunday

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Bloodbeard - 09-22-2016 01:15 PM

F*** me sideways and call me Bob! Take some slaves!

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Fuggit Khan - 09-22-2016 03:39 PM


RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - tjub - 09-23-2016 12:17 AM

Looks awesome, very impressive! Im happy to see that the fortress finally saw some heavy action as well... Happy

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-23-2016 10:55 PM

Time to play – Live reports

Hi guys. In 5 hours, our legendary game will be underway. I have decided to take some pictures on my mobile and try to keep some kind of steady stream of live reports. I will not have time to answer questions or even write many descriptions, but I will read any comments later. This will not be a Battle Report (I will make that later) just some pictures. If the technical side of things fails, I might abandon these live reports as it removes my focus from the game.

I hope you will like it Happy

EDIT: Internet connection lacking at destination. No live reports.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Skink - 09-25-2016 03:48 AM

Can't wait for both pics and report! This is so epic Happy

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 09-27-2016 07:29 AM

Quick break

We have played and finished the Legendary battle. I will share a thousand pics, and give a full report later. Right now I need to take a very minor break from the hobby to catch up on life. Once I have all the pics (multiple cameras at work) I'll write everything but don't worry, I have full notes from each phase. The internet didn't work, so I couldn't do a live report.

We deployed for around 5 hours Tuesday, began playing 9.30 Saturday. Went to bed 02. Woke 08 Sunday and played until 17 and then packed minis and terrain + drive home until 21. We had probably 2 hours combined of eating. This is around 23-24 hours of gaming in total xD

Anyway: I'll be back! Just need to recuperate

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Abecedar - 09-27-2016 09:07 AM

Burning the gaming candle down to a stub.  That's Legendary.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Jackswift - 09-27-2016 11:31 AM

Awesome!  Enjoy the break.  Looking forward to the battle reports and photos!!  Would love to have the bandwidth to do something like this.

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Helblindi - 10-09-2016 08:16 AM

It's been two weeks. We want pics Malorn!

Don't mean to push you too much, but just a little Happy I don't think I'm the only one who hopes to find pics of your epic battle everytime I go to CDO

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - TheHoodedMan - 10-09-2016 10:13 AM

Yes, pics for the People! !!

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 10-09-2016 03:35 PM

I have 2 out of 3 peoples photos now. I have recharged some battery, and I should find time to write battle report for some turns around wednesday-thursday! Thx for the hype and the patience. I'll get to it really soon <3

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Abecedar - 10-09-2016 05:29 PM

Mein Gott!  It takes you 2 weeks to charge your batteries?

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 10-10-2016 04:03 AM

Not usually no. but this was a rather draining experience. Not in a bad way, but playing 24 hours of warhammer with a 6 hours sleep break was exhausting, but recharging batteries also includes having a presence at home, and getting all the stuff done that I have postponed in the month up to the legendary due to painting, writing and terrain building obligations. Playing warhammer is cool, but so is having a wife that can cook better than myself xD

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Abecedar - 10-10-2016 07:27 AM

I definitely agree with that

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 11-30-2016 10:30 AM

Almost two months has passed and I owe you guys a battle report! Sorry for the long delay.
I recently lost a loved one in the near family which hit rather hard, but I want to do this. To lessen the work I will make it in multiple parts, and uploads throughout December. One update a day would be nice, but I'm not sure I can manage that but I'll try. Like a Christmas calendar kinda thing Big Grin I want it to be finished before Christmas eve.

Each post will cover a player turn (For example "Team Undead - Turn 3")
I'll bomb you guys with pictures and enough text to understand whats going on. Lots of close up, but also big scale battlefield pictures.
I will have some tactical reflections, from both teams perspective.
The amount and quality of the pictures will decrease with the natural light and sleepiness of the photographer.

Feel free to comment as you like. This is a community project and I will gladly answer questions along the way Happy

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 12-01-2016 07:38 AM


Re-hype and short reintroduction
This thread has lain dormant for a couple of months now, and I fully understand if you aren’t about to reread the thread. This is a short recap of what has already been said:
14K Undead Legion vs 14K Grand Legion of the Everchosen + Legion of Azgorh fighting a huge legendary battle over a weekend, using 8th edition Warhammer rules, with a huge scenario pack containing objectives and rule changes to fit the experience. A lot of terrain has been made and the ingame setting is the transition from the rocky wasteland before the World Edge Mountains leading into the Nehekharan desert and the city of Quatar, which has been under siege from the Chaos Dwarf, who has spent every available resource to build the Obsidian Wall. This wall has effectively divided Eastern and Western Khemri, and forced Nagash’s Legion back south, with Archaon hot on their track.

Deployment was completed under a time constraint and pressure Tuesday before game start that weekend. Team Undead outplayed us massively with their deployment strategy and Team Chaos has to spent many turns to regain the ground lost solely due to deployment. In short, Team Undead had 4 blocks with different roles. One block was sacrificial rabble in the desert; another was the chariots in the desert whose footprint was too big to effectively manoeuvre around. The main block was Nagash surrounded by all the units that normally could not have marched without him and which had all been equipped with enough characters an potential spell comboes, so that they could actually fight well against Team Chaos. They last block was their flanking units, which all had high movement or fly, along with the Vampiric Special Rule, allowing them to March. This Flank force was luckily deployed somewhat confined, and some of the units stood in each others way for a long period of time.

Team Chaos had spread out rather evenly across the board, but didn’t have enough power invested in the rocky board that held 2/3 of the Undead points. At least we manage to deploy around the Khalida hordes shooting range, and only give them high armoured targets to shoot at. On the middle board, Team Chaos somewhat stranded with important and expensive units like the Trolls, Skull Crushers, Archaon, Glottkin and the Ogres. Many points, which did not have a lot of impact on the game.

The Glottkin thinks those undead should have been deployed much closer to his delightful being. That will be a long and slow march through the desert…

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 12-01-2016 07:45 AM

Before game start

With deployment being done 4 days before, we didn’t have much to do before we could begin moving miniatures around, but we still needed to generate spells and roll some other dice. I have decided not to explain this fully to preserve space, as both sides had an extraordinaire amounts of wizard levels. The Darkforge weapons on the Sorceror Prophets didn’t have any impact, so I won’t waste your time on that but the Champion in the unit of Chosen was rewarded for his service right from the start, and turned into a magnificent Daemon Prince (we used the much hated Scyla Anfingrimm model to represent him!) <3

Team Chaos had the entire Lore of Hashut, with Ashstorm on the expendable Sorceror Prophet Hruz the Unbend a top of Ta’Inroth, his trusted Bale Taurus. Drazhoath the Ashen rocked Flames of Azgorh. The Lammasu and Archaon Everchosen covered the entire Lore of Shadows, while the Lammasu riding Sorceror Prophet Zanklai’Otory the Deathsinger wielded all the relevant Lore of Death spells and left the unnecessary ones in the hands of the Daemonsmith Zhataras the Bloody. The remaining Daemonsmith; Yzkiloth Firebreath got the Flamming Swords of Rhuin and Fireball, while the Glottkin the important Nurgle spells that focusses on the enemies Toughness statistic (Signature, Curse of the Leper, Rancid Visistations and Fleshy Abundance. It’s impossible to remember all of this, so for the most part of the game, we wanted to set up a Purple Sun, lower stats (fx Ballistic Skill on Khalida’s Horde or Toughness on Nagash) and always spend the last 6 dice in an attempt to get Ashstorm through on Nagash.

From the left: Hruz the Unbend on Ta’Inroth (Lore of Hashut with Ashstorm), Drazhoath the Ashen on Cinderbreath (Lore of Hashut) and last the almost MVP of the game: Zanklai’Otory the Deathsinger (Lore of Death) on his Lammasu Uzroth’Kulon (Lore of Shadows)

Team Undead had 13 casters, many being level 3-5 special characters. So they had absolutely everything available to them: The entire Lore of Undeath on Nagash. Lore of Light with a light council boosting Banishment to Strenght 7. Lore of the Vampire, with multiple Invocation of Nehek spread across the battle field. Lore of Death on the flying menace Mannfred von Carstein. Lore of Nehekhara on the backline to boost from afar and a handful of spells from the Lore of Shadows if I remember correctly. Aside from this, they brought all the Magic Phase empowering units, which the Undead Legion has access too: Hiero Titan, Casket of Soul, Mortis Engine and a Corpse Cart. Nagash summoning insane amounts of points would be devastating, but most of their models where on the table, so he should not be able to go all out in turn 1 and 2. Team Chaos knew they would lose the Magic Phase but we could not fathom exactly how insane it would be.

Mannfred von Carstein, Mortarch of Night (Lore of Death). This is the 5th edition metal zombie dragon with the red duke as its rider. We decided early on not to buy the Mortarch kit 3 times for Mannfred, Neferata and Arkhan, but instead use some of our already painted models to reduce the feeling of repetitiveness amongst the important, narrative special characters. Team Undead deployed him on the desert base which surprised us, but his purpose soon became clear!!! #cliffhanger

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Unzul - 12-01-2016 01:13 PM

welcome back!!

I'm very excited at the idea of reading a good br

RE: 14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle - Malorndk - 12-01-2016 06:23 PM

Team Undead – Turn 1

Movement Phase

In the dessert, the big blocks of cheap skelleton and zombie bus’ marched forward with Arkhans help to claim the Effigy of Usekph and the Arcane Ruins. Both of these would aid them massively in the power generating part of the magic phase.

The chariots could not manoeuvre much and moved a little forward. The sheer size of this unit was ridiculous and Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity packs quite a bit punch as well and could not be ignored.

In the packed corner, a lot of things happened. Nagash pushed aggressively forward in an attempt to get to close combat by turn 2 (thereby avoiding targeting from shooting).

Nagash was assisted by The Knights of the Black Grail, and had the Grave Guard unit packed with Vlad von Carstein, Krell, a Necrotect and the Battle Standard Bearer right behind him, along with the Hiero Titan, Corpse Cart and Mortis Engine. The back line consisted primarily of bunker units for the Light Council.

Khalida and her Archer-horde with 3 Banshees garrisoned the Obsidian Fortress, which created some space in the tightly packed deployment zone

The Skeleton bus with the ethereal front rank consisting 5 Cairn Wraiths  moved a little forward to defend the bulwark next to the Obsidian Fortress.

The vampiric strike force used Vargheist and Vargulfs to pressure, but also to bait us into charging and thus opening up for a counter charge from Neferata, Mortarch of Blood, who is an absolute beast in close combat and must be avoided for as long as possible. By the way, the actual wall (as well as its troops and war machines) is considered the table edge, and will offer no ingame benefits. It is just there to add to the setting.

Luckily, the Horsemen and Blood Knights were somewhat colliding each other’s movement, and could not move much.

Magic Phase
When everything was added from objectives, Casket of Souls, channelling, Winds of Magic, magic items and special rules, Team Undead wields the full possible pool of 24 dice, while Team Chaos only had 14 dispel dice this magic phase. This meant something would get through, even with Chalice and Dispel Scroll. We began to rationalize which would hurt us the most, and what we needed to let through.

Keep in mind, that their magic heavy centre around Nagash had both a Hiero Titan (+D3 to cast attempts) and a Mortis Engine (+2 to cast attempts on Lore of the Vampire). This meant that almost every single spell attempted succeeded and had a high casting value, even though few dice were used, which drastically reduced the chance of irresistible Force (and the associated miscast roll).

I have not noted all cast and dispel attempts, just what got through and what was stopped. Team Undead started out with Pha’s Protection, which we decided to dispel, as it reduced our chance of shooting Nagash in our own turn one (optimistic but possible). We dispelled the Pha’s Protection.

Nagash’s first spell was Ryze the Gravecaller which is the signature spell in Lore of Undeath. It summons an infantry unit, and can be cast at 3 different casting values like a Fireball. Weak is 50 points infantry, Medium is a 100 points infantry and strong is 150 points of monstrous infantry. Normally the range is 12” on all summonings, but Nagash’s special rules triples both the range AND the point cost allowance. Right of the bat Nagash went for the strong version, which means 450 points of monstrous infantry placed within 36” of Nagash who just moved aggressively forward. On the plus side, we know which models each other owns. The undead player (My brother) had painted a Vargulf, 7 Bloodknights and his Battle Standard Bearer in the busy months leading up to the event. We had had hyped phone conversations nearly everyday when he was on his way to work, but his workload was so big that he always said he had to get some work done on his 20 minute commute in the intercity train. He had not had painting time to surprise us further, which meant that we were almost certain, that this spell was a bluff. A sneaky way to make us waste dice on the dispel attempt. If we let it through, we anticipated 3 Vargheists or 2 Morghast Archai. Both would be troublesome, but nowhere near as devastating as the 10 Hexwraiths we knew would follow later in the magic phase. We reached an agreement and decided to let it go…


The poker face melted! Menacing laughter erupted! The bluff was over! Months of misguidance let into this spell. From bags unseen they appeared… 11 newly painted Crypt Horrors, which my crazy brother had assembled and painted on his commute to work by train every day for a month. He had not had extra work, just a grim determination to summon an unremovable, killy anvil of Crypt Horrors. He had been sitting in bumby train carts, without tables or prober support, as the laughing stock of Mr. and Mrs. Denmark, stubbornly for an entire month to achieve this. This dedication made me terrified and proud at the same time. My brother is such a beast <3

Team Chaos were shaken! But Nagash did not relent. He cast the Abyssal Swarm, and summoned 5 Spirit Hosts ready to charge the Daemonsmith Yzkiloth Firebreath, who has joined the Dreadquake Mortar; Ye Olde Rumbler – Finest of the First Age. If the ethereal swarm succeeded, they would overrun into the Hellcanon; Ashcannoth – the Blue Beast. Since the Daemonsmith; Yzkiloth Firebreath carried our Dispel Scroll, we decided to use it against the Dark Riders, which would have summoned 10 Hexwraiths.

We managed to stop the Light Council’s Banishment, but Casket of Souls got 3 Chaos Knights from The Sword of Chaos; Archaons elite knight unit, which where both Unbreakable and had a hatred towards everything.

The Sword of Chaos was one of the two unit that did not get finished in time (The other was the Skullcrushers). We had to use proxy Marauder Horsemen to resemble the back line. This annoyed us a fair bit, but the unit did not last long, so it will not haunt a lot of pictures at the very least

Nagash was not finished yet, with his last power, he cast The Harbringer, and summoned a lone Vampire on foot with at total point allowance of 195 points. She had the Vampiric Power Red Fury, and perhaps some additional magic items and equipment, that my notes does not reveal. She faces a Hellbound Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher on our backline.

That ladies and gentlemen, was one magic phase… 11 Crypt Horrors, 5 Spirit Hosts, 1 Lone Vampire, a used Dispel Scroll, and a barely dispelled Banishment and Pha’s Protection. We knew it would be bad, but we could not anticipate this amount of impact in advance, as we had never tried anything like this before.

Shooting Phase
Due to Scenario Special Rules, we could not focus fire the special characters. Up to two warmachines could attempt to hit the same character each shooting phase. 2 of Team Undeads 4 Scream Skull Catapults aimed at Archaon Everchosen. Both hit! But Archaon came through with his 3+ ward save.

The remaining Screaming Skulls killed another Chaos Knight from the Sword of Chaos and 4 Knorne Warriors from The Slaugtherer’s of the Far North, which was led by Valkia the Gore Queen herself, and had one simple goal this game: Destroy Khalida and her archer-horde in the Obsidian Fortress!

In the outer ruins of Quatar, the Light Horsemen loosened their arrows against the 11 Wolf Raiders; The Raiders of Da East, which was kept in line by the Khan; Aizhul on top of his mighty wolf Bokk! The raiders glory was shortlived. 3 fell to the arrows, and Aizhul chose to retreat though the more disciplined rank, so the he and his remaining raiders could live to fight another day.

Team Undead’s first turn had ended…

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Carcearion - 12-02-2016 03:45 PM

Argghh! a huge sprint out of the gate for the dead!

I'm still waving my spikey banner for team chaos to put a dent in their lead in our shooting phase, we have Dawi Zharr artillary after all.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-02-2016 04:57 PM

Team Chaos – Turn 1

Movement Phase

We only had one charge this round. With a heavy hard we sacrificed the Sword of Chaos to hold up the Crypt Horrors. We were not prepared to deal with these guys but needed to keep them away from Valkia the Gore Queen and her Khorne Warriors, who had to take down Khalida and her archer-horde in the Fortress. We knew the knights would not win, but we hoped they would buys us some time.

The Exalted Bullspawns of Hashut suffered from the same limitations as the Chariots. Their units moveprint was simply too big. This was our last turn to move them out of our way and use them as a rather expensive bait for Nagash and/or the Knights of the Black Grail. Their Tauruk; Baizrack chose to leave the unit, and align with the advancing Chaos Knights of Khorne; The Unrelenting Hammer, led by the mighty Chaos Lord Grogos the Demolisher.

While the Skullcanon shielded itself behind the Obsidian Watchtower and the Bullspawns of Hashut, Drazhoath ordered his magic heavy Sorceror-Prophets into safety behind the bulls. Not being in charge range from two Vargulfs and Neferata seemed reasonable.

To deal with the vampiric flank, we positioned the Hobgoblin Archers; Da Cheapshots in a way, that charging beasts would not overrun into important things.

As we expected the Bull Centaurs to get crushed, we kept the Black Orcs and Chosens ready to counter charge the following turn. The newly changed Daemonprince positioned his Line of Sight so that he could rear charge the summoned Spirit Hosts when they were locked in combat next turn.

The crammed corner did not look good. Team Chaos was fighting an uphill battle preserving most of its points, while slowing the undead advance. The corner looked fragile but controllable after the movement phase.

In the Outer Ruins of Quatar, the situation was not as dire. Team Chaos had more elite troops present, like the Red Legion of the Blood Realm, led by the Herald; Kodihr the Violent. During this final battle for the fate of world, the chaos god Khorne was ascendant, making his daemons Unbreakable instead of somewhat unstable. These bad boys went straight ahead, prepared to grind bone to dust soon.

On the other side of the Nehekharan Sphynx the Dawi Zharr marched relentlessly but slowly through the dessert.  This unit of great weapon wielding Infernal Guards called themselves The Infernal Fist of Fire, and was led by the alliance’s Battle Standard Bearer; Uzemilar Firefist. The fiercest Khans the Dark Lands had to offer reinforced their front rank, and we had hoped to throw this brick of a unit (1100 points) into the midst of Nagash’s centre. Unfortunately, that blasted deployment phase had stranded them here in the desert, with the Chariots as their only realistic target. On the bright side, this unit could withstand the 4D6 S6 charge, and destroy 700 points of chariots, so along they went. The even got an objective on the way!

From the left: 5 Khans - Vnar, Bashiuk, Ghrasha, Korc’bai, Izit and finally the Infernal Castellan Battle Standard Bearer; Uzemilar Firefist!

In the desert corner we advance our hobgoblin bus; The Expendables, with the K’daii Destroyer on one side and 18 Khorne Warriors on the other. The pictures will not show it, but we had two Beasts of Nurgle hugging the table edge, prepared to lock down whatever made it through.

Now the middle of the board held some of our strongest units, but no worthwhile enemies, and a big Obsidian Fortress blocking any reasonable assault on Nagash’s elite centre. Archaon pushed his Skullcrushers forward, ready to make an attempt in turn 2-

This was the other unit which did not get completed in time. The last base proxies the third Skullcrusher. Sorry about the inconvenience.

The Glottkin felt stranded, and made his way towards the Nehekharan desert, while the Nurgle Ogres slowly trotted behind Archaon Everchosen.

We also had The Terror from the Wastes. Eight mean chaos trolls, led by Throgg the Troll King and a fully kittet Nurgle Doombull; Maltrax the Foul who wields the Beastmen magic item Blackened Plated that grants the unit a 4+ ward save against flaming attacks. Combined with the trolls natural Regeneration save, this unit is extremely tanky, fast and hard hitting. This unit marched forward but did not have a clear-cut target yet. We wheeled them a little towards the chariots, to force them out.

Lastly, the Fireglaives wielding Infernal Guards; The Pride of the Black Fortress, led by the castellan; Anzar the Deadly made a swift reform to face the summoned vampire who threatened the Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher.

Magic Phase
Grand Legion of the Everchosen gets an improved Reign of Chaos table, which has a chance to damage multiple units in different ways each Chaos magic phase. This time around we got Khornes Wrath, which did not do anything, except take four important wounds off of the Terrorgheist, thus decreasing its damage potential drastically, as its ghostly howl is based upon remaining wounds. We had hoped for a bigger impact but we could not complain about 4 wounds on the Terrorgheist!

The final dice distribution ended in 19 power dice to Team Chaos and 17 dispel dice Team Undead. Team Undead had one single priority. They let everything through that did not target Nagash. Tried to dispel everything that DID target Nagash, except for Ashstorm, which they Dispel Scrolled.
To guest readers who are not familiar with the Lore of Hashut in 8th edition: Ashstorm is a completely broken 24” hex spell, that locks a unit down rather severely, hindrering movement, spellcasting, to hit rolls in and out of combat, and lastly, it makes its target Flammable, so that the flaming artillery from the Hellcannons will deal twice the normal amount of damage. If this spell had gotten through on Nagash, our chances of killing him would have been higher, and even if we did not, he would be basicly be a useless brick on the battlefield for Team Undeads turn 2. But alas, it got scrolled.

At the end of the magic phase, we had taken Khalida and her Archer Horde to a ballistic skill of 1 via Miasma and reduced the toughness of the summoned Crypt Horrors with 3 via the Withering. Not extremely important, and definitely a disappointing magic phase compared to the ungodly presence Nagash had had in their first magic phase.

Shooting Phase

The Pride of the Black Fortress aimed at the summoned vampire aaaand…. Missed…

Zhataras the Bloody and his machines took down 2 Chariots

The Skullcannon aimed through the Black Knights, Corpse Cart and Hiero Titan, but did not achieve anything worthwhile.

And finally! Yzkiloth Firebreath commanded the Blue Beast and Ye Olde Rumbler to decimate the Surpreme Lord of the Undead! Decent dice roll secured us 5 out of his 7 wounds, which would have been pretty cool if he could not just heal them all back up in his own magic phase. At least it reduced the amount of other spells Team Undead could force through, but over all, our first turn had been and uphill battle without many opportunities and less than expected impact during the magic phase and shooting phase.

Close Combat Phase
The Sword of Chaos did some wounds against the Crypt Horrors, who only let 3 Knights survive the ordeal. Less than stellar performance, but they did hold the Crypt Horrors locked up for a turn.

Team Chaos first turn had ended. It did note bode well for what was about to come… We surely had learned to fear their magic phase!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Fuggit Khan - 12-02-2016 05:30 PM

Malorndk Wrote:
The fiercest Khans the Dark Lands had to offer reinforced their front rank
From the left: 5 Khans - Vnar, Bashiuk, Ghrasha, Korc’bai, Izit!

Yes! WhooHoo! Go Khans! Hobgoblin Hashut!

Malorndk Wrote:
The Pride of the Black Fortress aimed at the summoned vampire aaaand…. Missed…

Doh...of course.

Great pictures and a very well written turn by turn narrative so far...I'm really enjoying this Takes Hat off

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Carcearion - 12-02-2016 07:59 PM

Really riviting! looking forward to more, and still waving said spikey banner that Chaos will prevail! For The Dark Gods!!! Hashut!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Helblindi - 12-03-2016 05:08 AM

Yesss! An update! Sorry to hear about your loss and about pushing for an update in that condition, I didn't know Sad

Great pics, great story-telling, I'm thrilled for the next bit Big Grin

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-03-2016 07:33 PM

@Unzul: Hope you like it!

@Carcearion: Keep the banner high. Its a rough start for Team Chaos but we get some luck in the later half of the game <3

@Fuggit: Those 5 Khans will soon go ham. I made the names rather quickly before the game, so I had not realized that pronouncing Korc'bai was waaaay more intimidating than I had envisioned xD

@Helblindi: No harm done! I'm just happy that I can share my passion with more than 5 friends. Feels rewarding <3

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-03-2016 07:53 PM

Team Undead – Turn 2

Desert side of the board

This turn had zero action on the middle of the board, and so little happened in the desert, that I will get it out of the way first, so we can focus on the craziness happening in the rocky corner. First things first, 3 Necroknights appeared from beneath the sands and prepared a charge on Zhataras the Bloody and his Dreadquake Mortar.

The infantry units did not move much, but Mannfred von Carstein charged the Hobgoblin bus; the Expendables. After the game, Team Undead revealed their intentions with Mannfred von Carsteins presence on the desert board: Mannfred carries the Sword of Unholy Power, which allows him to generate power and dispel dice by doing wounds to opponents in close combat. With his vampire lord stats and combined profile with a thunder-stomping monster, Mannfred would boost Team Undeads dispel pool tremendously by thrashing hobgoblins for many turns. The hobgoblin had tons of ranks, so they were steadfast, even if Mannfred killed 10 a turn.

Now, this did not happen! In order to complete the charge, two Fell Bats had to get out of his charge path. Team Undead sacrificed them on the nearby Khorne Warriors, which was the first real mistake Team Undead did.

In the close combat phase the Hobgoblin Khan; Zhin-budar challenged Mannfred, got extremely demolished, and the Expendables lost his 1 point in leadership, failed their stubborn test by 1, and fled. Mannfred pursued but rolled low. Team undead had forgotten about the free reform after a won combat! The 18 Khorne Warriors destroyed the Fell Bats, reformed, and had the perfect flank charge on Mannfred!

This was an actual mistake by Team Undead. Their first. We recognised it, acted on it, and now had decent chance to remove a huge thread, get 650 victory points, and at the very least lock him up for many turns. I would like to be able to boast that I intentionally challenged with the Khan to reduce my own units leadership in order to set up this flank opportunity, but to be completely honest, I did not forsee the possibilities, tried to reduce the damage to the Expendables, and did the one thing that got them wiped out… Nevertheless, I can conceal my own stupidity because it played to my favour <3

Nothing else important happened in the desert this turn, so we will take a turn based look on the rocky corner by the Obsidian Wall-

Movement Phase

On the flank, the 3 Vargheists charged Da Cheapshots, who took a wound off of a Vargheist with their throwing knives.

Nagash wanted to get into combat to avoid the following shooting phase, but joining the Knights of the Black Grail against the Bullspawns of Hashut seemed like overkill.

To Nagash’s left, and within easy charge range, he had 5 Knights and a Chaos Lord. If he broke them, he would overrun into the Warshrine. Now a fully kittet Chaos Lord is not to be taken lightly, but Nagash should be able to trample him!

The Knights of the Black Grail had a clear target. Being animated from the corpses of Duke Theodorics defenders from La Maisontaal in Brettonia did not affect their minds, but their skills in the lance formation still prevailed.

Neferata had nothing to achieve on the flank, and with Nagash being locked in combat next turn, she would be a prime target from warmachines. She decided the good old “Please just charge me bro” tactic was the wise choice, and flew to the middle of the mayhem.

The summoned Spirit Hosts engaged Yzkiloth Firebreath and the crew of Ye Olde Rumble – Finest of the First Age, while the summoned vampire smashed into the Deathshrieker Rocket Launcer on the back of our table edge.

Aside from the charges, the Terrorgheist repositioned in range of the wizard to get healed up. The Vargulfs ran down towards our backline to flank in turn 3 or 4. The elite centre with the Grave Guards, Light Council, Corpse Cart and Hiero Titan stayed in range of Nagash, which set up another rough magic phase.

Magic Phase

I forgot to write down the dice distribution, but I think you can imagine it when you see the impact Team Undead was able to make. This was the phase where we realised, just how many Invocation of Nehek (Heal undeads) our opponents had in range of Nagash, Mortis Engine and Hiero Titan. We tried our best to dispel them, and keep Nagash low on wounds so the Chaos Lord; Grogor the Demolisher could live up to his name in the ensuing close combat phase. But we were overwhelmed. With a +3-5 to every Invocation of Nehek cast without even adding the wizard levels, Nagash was fully healed to 7 wounds while we depleted our dispel pool. Afterwards, Team Undead still had enough power, to make the Knights of the Black Grail reroll their to hit and to wound rolls (Hellish Vigor+Vanhel’s Dance Macabre) against the bull centaurs. And lastly, the unmarked Chaos Warriors closing in on the Crypt Horrors got a Curse of Years on them as well. Everything we had achieved in turn 1 had come undone, but at least we did not have additional summonings to worry about this turn.

Shooting Phase

It’s important to remember context here. In the first turn, Team Undead fired 4 Screaming Skull Catapults, had gotten 4 HITs on the scatter dice and no Missfire on the Artillery dice. When they aimed their first Catapult on top of Archaon Everchosen and got their fifth HIT in a row, we were beginning to get somewhat sour. He failed his 3+ wardsave, and the damned thing made the full 6 on the Multiple Wounds, taking our strongest fighter worth 865 points to 1 wound… Luckily they lost the next catapult to a misfire and the last two did not have much impact. The 3 Banshees in the Obsidian Fortress screamed away the remaining knights in the Sword of Chaos.
It felt like 1500 points of Chaos Dwarf artillery and engineers were being out gunned by 500 points of Catapults and some Banshees. Ughhh…

Close Combat Phase

The Knight of the Black Grail had the close combat round of a century, doing 10 wounds against the Bullspawns of Hashut. 6 enraged Bull Centaurs with great axes retaliated against the resurrected Brettonian, killing exactly 1 of them. This was too much! The proud creatures sworn to Hashut tried to run, but they did not make it... #RIPbullcentaurs #whywontyoueverperform

The Vargheist killed 7 Hobgolin Archers, who held due to being steadfast.

Nagash went into a fierce challenge with Grogor the Demolisher, who actually manage to take two wounds off of Nagash…

… however the Great Necromancer does not play games (badum tsssh) and ripped him to pieces, broke his unit, ran them down and engaged the Warshrine, thus avoiding shooting in our next magic phase.

The summoned Vampire destroyed the Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher and the summoned Spirit Hosts made short work on Yzkiloth Firbreath and the crew of Ye Olde Rumbler. They overran into Ashcannoth – the Blue Beast, who has magical attacks and a desire to feast on damned souls.

This was the end of Undead Turn 2. Aside from the Mannfred flank charge opportunity, it felt like everything was working out for them. Their comboes, builds and tactics kept us hard pressed, and with very few possibilities of retribution. The 6 wounds on Archaon felt particularly unfair, especially because Nagash had just regained 6 wounds in a magic phase and we knew we could not do that. We had played 6 hours straight, and the sheer punishment was hard to take. To lighten the mood here at the end I give you some troll buttocks!  

PS: The picture quality and amount is faltering already and will never be as good as the first two turns again. Around turn four, the natural light of day helps a bit, but the next couple of updates will not be as good. I have quite a schedule tomorrow and cannot imagine that I will update the Battle Report tomorrow.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Darkmeer - 12-04-2016 02:12 AM

I cannot say I really want to break up this batrep, but this is beyond epic.  I've never played any battles on this scale in any game I play.  This is a good read through and I think it helps me scale down some tactics.  Thank you for posting this, and I'm looking forward to more!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Admiral - 12-04-2016 05:50 AM

Sorry about your loss. Hope the grief isn't too hard. To do the battle report in such a situation must demand its fair share of determination. At least it could distract.

As for the battle report, this is one magnificient beast that is almost as over the top as it gets (it would only have needed something in the magnitude of an Undead character surfing on a giant skull and a Chaos Dwarf surfing on a lava wave to top it all off). Good photography and great flowing commentary with a nice story going so far. The obsidian wall chokepoint is a particularly clever narrative ploy. Menacing magic from the Undead side, but what a neat turnout that the death and flight of the measly Hobgoblins could lead to Chaos gaining the upper hand at one spot! Hobgoblin

This does not look good for Team Chaos. Outdeployed, outgunned, outhealed, outfought, outmagicked. Bull Centaurs trampled underhoof, the Swords of Chaos annihilated and the failing Dawi Zharr artillery getting eaten.

Spiky banner raised for a comeback in the eye of the gods! Hashut!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Carcearion - 12-04-2016 08:42 PM

Arrghh! I can feel the despair! but its only turn two, and if anyone can comback now that CC is joined its Chaos! Death to The Dead! For The Dark Gods! For Zharr-Naggrund! Hashut!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-07-2016 08:34 AM

@Darkmeer: Feel free to commentate all that you want. It keeps me going Wink

@Admiral: Glad that you like. I considered photoshopping a lava surfing CD vs giant skull surfing liche just to please you, but figured you would probably rather have another update <3
Thanks for the feedback, and yeah the hobgoblins role in this game was a narrative correct depiction of their role in the Dawi Zharr empire.

@Carcearion: The Despair will linger a while longer, but as you can see in the next update, our close combat is winable or at least even.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-07-2016 08:47 AM

Team Chaos – Turn 2

Desert board

While the middle and rocky board did interact with the desert board, it was at a small enough scale to justify my separation of the turn based report when handling the events in the desert, solely for the sake of the narrative.

The K’daii backed up to avoid the inevitable Spirit Host block, while the Khorne Warriors hit Mannfred’s flank. The Warriors lost the combat due to dice rolls below average, and Mannfred being a pretty beastly fighter. Luckily they held and did not run.

…Quality photo…

The Red Legion of the Blood Realm charged the Horse-Archers and with their Herald; Kodihr the Violent, the smashed the undead to pieces and overran close to the big spear horde.

The Infernal Fist of Fire and the Terror of the Waste slowly but surely encircled the chariots, and pretty much forced them to charge their following turn. Using every advantage we could, Zhataras the Bloody aimed our remaining Dreadquake Mortar into the chariot unit, killing 2 and made the earth rumble, which would force a dangerous terrain test on the chariots if they moved the following turn. A dangerous terrain test isn’t a big deal, but against 10 chariots it could be incredibly dangerous, as the machines easily break.

A quick word on Arkhan the Black. This special character is an absolute joy to read about and rules wise he is decent as an army’s primary spell caster. His special rules allows him to summon twice the normal amount of points (Nagash summons 3 times the normal limit), so he is in effect a mini Nagash. In this game however, he was unimpressive as neither he nor Nagash are Loremasters, which means each Lore of Undead spell can only be known once and that is on Nagash. Arkhan could still do some decent damage in close combat, but to risk his 650 points for that would be subpar. Team Undead played him defensively and away from harm, as they should do.

While still technically being on the middle board, Archaon Everchosen pressed his Skullcrushers hard to get away from banshees, shooting and threats. Being on one wound is a sinking feeling, when your general costs 865 points. He charged and overran a Spirit Host. Anyway back to the rocky board!

Movement Phase

This was the turn where everything charged! To charge on turn two would usually be Warriors of Chaos dream scenario, but we had taken such a beating already and the rocky corner had all the good undead units, so victory was far from given. On the contrary, these charges were not ideal, but absolutely necessary with the way the game was going.

Drazhoath the Ashen called out to his troops and demanded glory. With a heavy heart Team Chaos charged Neferatam with not only Drazhoath, but also Hruz the Unbend AND Zanklai’Otory. The goal with this was not necessarily to kill Neferata (Though that would be great!) but to lock her in combatwhile in the middle of the board, forcing the units behind her to waste time. What we should have done was to charge with Drazhoath and maybe Zanklai’Otory, but locking up 2000 points of sorcerers on monsters in a combat where Drazhoath will challenge was unwise and forced us to do some pretty spectacular things in the following turns to not get completely crushed. This manoeuvre was not a mistake, and we had some good ideas with it, but it surely was not ideal either.

Notice: For any gaming purpose, we consider the bases aligned, but due to huge miniatures we place them like this.

The Black Orcs and the Chosen both got a spectacular flank charge of on the Knights of the Black Grail. This should play to our advantage!

The lone Tauruk; Baizrack charged a lone Spirit Host, killed it and reformed to face the Grave Guards. I do not have any pictures of this though, but close by, the unmarked warriors charged the Crypt Horrors. These warriors should just hold them, while the warriors themselves slowly died to Curse of Years.

Keeping the Crypt Horrors locked up would allow Valkia and her Khorne Warriors to go bananas on Khalida’s Archer-horde.

The Daemon Prince charged the summoned Spirit Hosts to save Ashcannoth – The Blue Beast.

The Glottkin did not charge, but marched in between the Necroknights and the Dreadquake Mortar. This concluded our movement phase.

Magic Phase

We got 19 power dice to Team Undead’s 18 dispel dice.
Zanklai’Otory the Deathsinger tried a big Soulblight, but it was blocked..
Archaon Everchosen failed a Miasma to reduce the Ballistic Skill of Khalida’s archers…
Hruz the Unbend got of an Ashstorm, but it was dispelled….

Then it happened! Zanklai’Otory made the magnificent Purple Sun through and hit Neferata, the Corpse Cart, the side of the Grave Guards and Light Council bunker and lastly; the Hiero Titan! For people who do not now, this vortex spell is like a moving Pit of Shades. Every model under must take an initiative test or die outright. In a game based on D6 dice, where one of the rolls always fails no matter what, we had at least 16,7% chance to kill Neferata, even though she had initiative 8. Now the Hiero Titan had initiative 1, so we had approximately 83% chance to get it off the table, and thereby remove its aura of spell enhancement. This was our first real chance aside from last turns shooting phase, which did not have a lasting impact. We were so hyped!

Neferata passed has save which was fine and fair.
The Corpse Cart was destroyed, which removed the Always Strike First aura.
6 Grave Guards evaporated.
And then the Hiero Titan rolled a one… That felt so damn bad, but the 16,7% chance works for both you and your opponent.
This showed itself beautifully, when the Light Council’s corner was hit and the level 4 Liche High Priest on Lore of Nehekhara failed his look-out sir roll and was destroyed by the Purple Sun.
That concluded our magic phase. The end result where decent, while the potential result had been high due to the fantastic positioning of Zanklai’Otory for the Purple Sun. The sun ended in the middle of Team Undead’s centre, which could prove important later on.

Notice: While we do use the Storm of Magic 3D vortex (5”) the actual Purple Sun is only 3”. This means that this 3D template includes the 1” apart on both sides an allows us to manoeuvre more easily around it (And it looks way cooler, which is an important part of the Warhammer experience).

Shooting Phase

Short and pictureless: The Fireglaives shot the summoned Vampire and the Skullcannon took 2 wounds of the Hiero Titan.

Close Combat Phase

The Last of the Obsidian Slaves and the Sons of Rage absolutely butchered the Knights of the Black Grail.

The Black Orcs then reformed and faced the Vargheist, who should be coming their way.

Exactly as expected, the Vargheist sent the Hobgoblins running and pursued into the front of the Obsidian Slaves.

Drazhoath ended up in a challenge with Neferata, which Neferata should win in the long end. Neferata is quite a fighter, and carries a vicious Magic Weapon: Akhmet-kar – the Dagger of Jet, which would reduce Drazhoath’s strength, toughness and attack by one if she wounded him. But finally, after five years of playing chaos dwarfs, I could gleefully inform my opponent, that since Neferata was in base contact with the Lammasu Uzroth’kulon, the Dagger of Jet lost all its magical properties for now. The reason this felt extra good to me, is due to how objectively bad the Lammasu has always been. Expensive, inferior stats, no armour save and only Magic Resistance instead of a ward save. With a spellcasting, traditionally mediocre fighter atop, the ability to remove both your own and the opponents Magic Weapon did not really make a difference. Now however, this special rule hurt Neferata a lot, without putting the Lammasu in harms way, and without really affecting Drazhoath. Felt good!

Drazhoath did two wounds on Neferata without suffering any himself. It was decent, but I had somehow expected a lot more.

While I still cannot fathom how it happened, the Warshrine somehow survived a round of combat against Nagash and did not break. Did our luck begin to turn? Was the dark gods with us?

The Daemon Prince and the Hellcanon; Ashcannoth obliterated the summoned Spirit Hosts. The Daemon Prince reformed and faced our last Deathshrieker Rocket Launcer who would soon be charged by an emerged Tomb Scorpion.

The unmarked Warriors held the Crypt Horrors and awaited their doom, either to old age due to the Curse of Years or to the maws of the Crypt Horrors.

Atop the Obsidian Fortress, High Queen Khalida watched in horror, as Valkia the Gore Queen and nine of her Khorne Warriors annihilated 28 of the skeleton archers without taking a casualty! Impressive performance!!! The dead doesn’t flee though, and Valkia’s unit was pushed an inch away from the building and prepared themselves for yet another magic and shooting face.

This was Team Chaos second turn. Not good, but not horrendous either. It still felt like an uphill battle, and Nagash still was not dead.

PS: We ate a quick pizza after turn 2, and decided to take turn 3 as well, before we were allowed to sleep. Turn 3 was played without any natural light and the pictures suffered from this.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Carcearion - 12-07-2016 01:10 PM

Haha! A resurgence! I can see the beginning of hope for the forces of chaos.

I can foresee something great coming from the Purple Sun Vortex, may the Dark Gods guide its path.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - TheHoodedMan - 12-08-2016 05:07 AM

I just scrolled through the pics. Truly magnificent!  This will need some time to read through this and I`ll do this at the weekend. Thank you very much Cheers!.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-09-2016 10:57 AM

@Hood: I'm glad you like the pictures and cannot wait for you to read the battle report. You will probably see many things you could have handled better in game, but we are a rather casual group. Feel free to give out pointers and criticism on our gameplay Happy

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-09-2016 11:20 AM

Team Undead – Turn 3

Turn 3 was played from 22 to 02 at night. It’s quite surprising the pictures aren’t worse, although some of them are lacklustre.

Desert board

The Chariots finally charged the Infernal Fist of Fire, and did not suffer much from the quake. The hit hard and killed 9 of the 34 Infernal Guards, as well as one of the Khans (Vnar I believe). The 4 remaining Khans, the Battle Standard wielding Castellan and 25 great axes retaliated. I had forgotten that I had picked up an objective with the unit in turn one, but now, my dwarfs were slightly drunk and lost a point of weapon skill so they hit on 4’s instead of 3’s due to the ale keg objective xD
After combat resolution, only 4 chariots were left!

The two lone Spirit Hosts did what they do best. They moved up to the K’daii Destroyer and the Troll unit, and positioned themselves so that they prevented us from moving, but if we charged, we would get redirected away from Settra II, or simply get stuck with 325 points of K’daii Destroyer versus 45 points of Spirit Host.

This is arguably and insanely strong unit because it does something that nearly no one else in the game can do. We had prepared multiple answers to all the ethereal, which is way easier with 14.000 points as oppose to 2000, but still a single Spirit Host could be such an unavoidable annoyance when played right.

The War Sphynx prepared to assist Mannfred the following turn, and Mannfred suffered 2 wounds from the warriors during the close combat.

I have not touched much on the Objectives effects during the game, but the Skeleton bus with the Effigy of Usekph had channelled a lot of magic dice from the Arcane Ruins to aid Team Undead’s Magic Phases. This came at a cost however. Over multiple turns, the immense unit lost enough rank and file troops, that it began to look killable if the K’daii could get to them. Sadly, Team Undead had a large bus of zombies, who took over the job of channeling magic dice. Dead zombies did not matter at all.

The Ghouls led by the level 1 Necromancer; Boris positioned themselves for an easy rear charge on the Bloodletters the following turn.

Movement Phase
On the rocky board, the movement phase was rather quick. The Crypt Horrors, Nagash, Neferata and the Vargheists were already in combat, and it was hard to manoeuvre the second line of troops (Bloodknights and Grave Guard unit) closer. The Vargulfs did prepare to hit the Chosen or mounted characters soon.

Magic & Shooting Phase

Team Undead got the maximum 24 power dice to our 14 dispel dice.

The Purple Sun collapsed on itself.
Nagash got healed up to full wounds again, and the Hierotitan regained a single wound.
Neferata got her reroll failed rolls to wound for her challenge with Drazhoath.
The Light Council cast Banishment and sent the Skullcannon back to the Realms of Chaos.
The bound spell from the Casket of Souls hit Valkia’s Khorne Warrior unit, along with Khalida’s archers and 3 Banshee screams. 7 Warriors died, but never underestimate Khorne Warriors ability to shred weak skeletons. We were still optimistic on killing Khalida and her unit.
A catapult destroyed itself in a misfire and another took 4 of the Glottkins 12 wounds.
Lastly, Nagash summoned 10 Hexwraiths close to the fireglaives wielding Infernal Guards…

Close Combat Phase

The Last of the Obsidian Slaves lost only three Black Orcs but they killed the remaining Vargheists. Normally, my Black Orcs are about as useful as third nipple on an elbow, so seeing them actually doing something was quite a pleasant surprise.

The Tomb Scorpion ate our last Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher and faced the Daemon Prince.

The Crypt Horrors finished the elderly Warrior unit and reformed, while Nagash smashed the War Shrine and faced the open flank of Hruz the Unbend. This did open a chance to shoot at Nagash in our next turn, so we hoped we could take out the Great Necromancer.

In the Challenge, Neferata got some good damage through, but the Lammasus special rule that nullified Magic Weapons was super good, because Cinderbreath’s Blazing Body special rule forced her to reroll successful to wound rolls, due to her weapon losing its magical properties. She still got a wound through, but Drazhoath hurt her as well, so the stand still prevailed.

This was the end of Team Undead’s third turn. Details are probably lost as we were getting tired and my notes are rather sloppy, but I think I got all of the important stuff. The desert board was looking like a 12-8 to Team Chaos, but the rocky corner was looking like a 19-1 to Team Undead unless we thought of something smart soon, or shot Nagash the following turn. Those magic phases were ridiculous! Mentally, we were exhausted. Playing a losing game for 10 hours straight is rough on your psyche, even in close group of friends without bad losers or egos.  Luckily, we found a daring plan. It did not have the best chances of success, but it could help us out in the rocky corner.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-10-2016 01:50 AM

Team Chaos – Turn 3

Desert board

The Infernal Fist of Fire delivered in every way. They crushed the rest of the chariots and only had to sacrifice another Khan (Bashiuk I believe), but two other Khans (Ghrasha and Korc’bai) were on one wound. Only the mean dirtbag Izit remained untouched which surely inflated his ego in the heat of battle.

While the lone Spirit Host did block the troll unit, it did not prevent the Doombull; Maltrax the Foul, from charging out of the unit, and into the flank of Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity. This was both good and bad. Him leaving the unit left them vulnerable against flaming attacks, but then again, the trolls did not have many opportunities of impacting the game due to their deployment. Maltrax the Foul was an absolute beast in combat and carried the Blackened Plate granting him a 2+ ward save against flaming attacks, which was all Settra II had. It was basically the classic K’daii Destroyer counter, where a cavalry hero with Dragon Bane Gem charges the Destroyer and locks it in combat for ages. Only difference here was that Maltrax the Foul could potentially kill Settra II if given the time! In the first round of combat, Settra II lost 4 of his 9 wounds!

The rest of the troll unit stood and looked dumb, but Throgg the Troll King left the unit to hunt some Screaming Skull Catapults

The Legion of the Blood Realm hit the massive horde of spear wielding skeletons, who also had a Necrotect. The Bloodletters had already taken out the Horse Archers last turn, and they continued in impressive fashion, by killing 15 skeletons! Khorne was pleased by their performance!

I have not mentioned the Necropolis Knights a lot. They appeared close to the last Dreadquake Mortar by turn two, but the Glottkin used his massive base to block any attempt for them to not get charged the following turn. Team Undead rationalised (correctly) that they should not charge the Glottkin in their own turn, as he would smash them, reform and march into the desert. Instead, they just stood idle and waited patiently for the Glottkin to waste another turn that would not let him closer to important stuff. The Glottkin charged and absolutely wrecked the three Necropolis Knights in epic fashion.

We could not do anything with the K’daii Destroyer, but we got the Beasts of Nurgle into position to remove that blasted Spirit Host next turn. Meanwhile, Archaon Everchosen and his Skullcrushers charged, destroyed and overran a Tomb Scorpion, which let them into a Catapult, and as importantly, far away from threats <3

Movement Phase
The Daemon Prince charged the Tomb Scorpion, which had just destroyed our last Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher.

Valkia and her three remaining dual wielding Khorne Warriors assaulted the Obsidian Fortress with Khalidas unit again with big expectations. They still needed to kill 22 Archers, 3 Banshees and High Queen Khalida herself… Then again: Never ever underestimate Khorne Warriors!

In lack of better options, I decided to charge my lone Taruk into ranked up Grave Guards, with Necrotect, BSB Wight King, Krell – Mortarch of Despair and Vlad von Carstein – Mortarch of Shadows. That was rather stupid, and showed that I was tired, fatigued and desperate. The cunning general had taken a march test, pivoted on the spot, and moved 14 inches away. Mistake from Team Chaos but no catastrophe.

The Last of the Obsidian Slaves prepared themselves for a combo charge from two thunder stomping Vargulfs…

… while the Chosen sacrificed themselves by positioning to redirect the Blood Knights away from the rest of the battle.

Magic Phase
Team Chaos got 19 power dice to Team Undead’s 16 dispel dice.

Zanklai’Otory the Deathsinger got Soulblight through on Neferata (-1 strenght & toughness until start of casters next magic phase).
Drazhoath the Ashen cast Breath of Hatred, which was dispelled.
Hruz the Unbend cast Breath of Hatred, which was dispelled.
Hruz the Unbend cast Ashstorm, which was dispelled…
Zanklai’Otory the Deathsinger set our daring plan in motion, and cast Summon Arcane Fulcrum!

As the reader, you are probably rather confused right now, and rightly so. Nowhere have I presented these rules before as they would take a long time to write up, and my gaming group has the relevant rules printed in the Games Workshop release: “The End Times: Khaine – Book 2.” This is the book that turned a lot of the fans sour on the whole End Times series, not only because the fluff sees the unity between Dark, High and Wood Elfs, while Ulthuan and Naggaroth is razed and sunk into the ocean, but also because the following rules rewrote the entire magic phase in a weird way. I will not go into details, but my group read the rules, shook our heads, and took the only useable part: Summon Arcane Fulcrum, which every wizard above level 2 has access to, but which can only be attempted to cast once per magic phase.

Once cast, a fulcrum is placed within 6” of the caster and 1” away from everything. This now counts as a building, and the caster is removed from his previous position and now garrisons this building alone. If the wizard leaves or is slain, the fulcrum is removed. While the fulcrum is active, the wizard (and his ridden monster) gains a 3+ ward save and immunity to the special rule Multiple Wounds.

Our daring plan was to summon a fulcrum and get Zanklai’Otory out of the battle with Neferata. The fulcrum would be placed between Nagash and Hruz the Unbend, and block Nagash’s charge path the following turn. If Nagash charged, Zanklai would probably survive, due to 3+ ward save and immunity to Nagash’s Multiple Wounds (D3). This would mean Nagash failed to assault a building, and push him 1” away and out of combat, to suffer our next shooting phase as well (the same thing that just happened to Valkia’s unit against the Obsidian Fortress). Our next turn would let Zanklai’Otory fly to safety on his Lammasu, and allow Hruz the Unbend to try to repeat his feat and summon the fulcrum again. If this had worked perfectly, Drazhoath had had a chance to follow suit. For each time this would have succeeded, we would have saved 700 points of spellcasting character on a flying monster, had blocked Nagash for a turn, while keeping Neferata in place, but still allowed warmachines to hammer on Nagash.

Plans are cool in theory, but hard to pull off. At least we got Zanklai’Otory out of there, and saved Hruz the Unbend for now.

Notice: This picture is actually from next turn where Nagash charges. That is why he isn’t 1” away from the fulcrum.

Shooting Phase
We did not kill Nagash. Disappointment all around. One wound dealt to a Catapult. What is happening to our artillery?

Close Combat Phase

With the Lammasu; Uzroth’kulon out of the combat, Neferata’s dagger again became Akhmet-kar, the Dagger of Jet. It punched through Cinderbreath’s blazing body and permanently lowered the strength, toughness and attack from the Bale Taurus and its master. Drazhoath held.

The Daemon Prince smashed the animated construct and as the Tomb Scorpion collapsed, he looked towards his former brethren the Sons of Rage, and considered coming to aid the Chosen against the approaching Blood Knights.

The Tauruk; Baizrack had bottomed his Potion of Toughness as he hit the Grave Guards, he found himself in close combat with Vlad von Carstein who straight up butchered his sorry butt. This unit had some intense synergies going on, with stacking auras, banners, Necrotect hatred and just overall badassness. We had not realised how dangerous this unit was until now and we were glad that they had been stuck behind both Nagash and Neferata for 2 turns and not seen any combat.

Valkia and her command group assaulted the Obsidian Fortress. After crumbling and everything, these 4 spectacular warriors had just destroyed 21 skeleton archers! A single archer prevailed and allowed Team Undead to raise fallen skeletons around it. We were so close to get the 330 points from this blasted unit. If we got Khalida and the three Banshees as well, we would rack in 980 points! Holy Hashut that would be appreciated the circumstances considered.

Halfway point! Turn 3 was completed, it was two o’clock and we hit the bed for 6 blissful hours, where our brains where not constantly making decisions and figuring out potential outcomes of things. Team Chaos was still doing damage control. Our shooting sucked. It felt like a 18-2 or 19-1 overall, unless things started to change rapidly the next day. Team Chaos hoped to achieve a draw. Even a small win seemed unlikely by now.

PS: The picture quality should pick up again as the sun returned with its natural light. The quantity will still be lower than than the first couple of turns, as focus was now on completing the battle more than documenting the epic scale.

The day that a Chaos Dwarf looked down upon Nagash, Surpreme Lord of the Undead!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Abecedar - 12-10-2016 06:55 AM

Loving this.   I'm enjoy living vicariously through your massive battle.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Helblindi - 12-10-2016 12:21 PM

Same here! Very inspiring, and some truely epic photos, like the last one!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-10-2016 01:37 PM

@Abecedar & Helbindi: Awesome! Glad you like it. The good pictures are take with a decent camera on tripod with directional lighting which turned out rather well. But I knew from experience, that more cameras was a good idea, as the responsible person also had to play. I practically fired away on my smartphone which worked really well with natural lights but produced the worse pictures during night. For the sake of this report, I would rather have some bad quality photos in between to document what my brother did not get with the good camera, than just leave text bombs and your imagination to do the work.

PS: Abecedar: "vicariously" xD
With English not being my native language, that word made me hit up an online dictionary. Danish is (in comparison to English) an inferior and waaaay smaller language, with less words, meanings and a lot of words that can mean 5 completely different things. Sometimes a get a little jealous when I see words such as vicariously being used <3

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-10-2016 01:49 PM

Team Undead – Turn 4

Desert board

In the desert, we could only watch, as the Warsphynx and Arkhan the Black combo charged the Khoner Warriors to assist Mannfred von Carstein.  They absolutely demolished them and ran them down into the middle of the desert.

The Ghouls had miserable dice, and failed an almost secured rear charge xD

This left the Legion of the Blood Realm free to go crazy on the horde of spear wielding skeleton, killing another 22 models and reducing them to 13! Two combat phases took this unit from 50 to 13 models! Khorne was ecstatic <3

Archaon and the Skullcrushers destroyed a catapult and overran into the desert, finally safe from harm, while Maltrax the Foul reduced Settra II to 1 wound! Such a gorgeous bull beast. The soldiers from the Infernal Fist of Fire looked on in amazements. Had Doombulls been the equivalent of Daemon Princes of Hashut all along?

Movement Phase
The Vargulfs hit the Black Orcs, while the Blood Knights clashed into the Sons of Rage. The Chosens were probably doomed, but with matching initiative, could they take some Blood Knights to their graves?

The summoned Hexwraiths moved through the Pride of the Black Fortress, killing five fireglaives wielding Infernal Guards on their way.

The skeletons with 5 Cairn Wraiths in the front rank charged Throgg the Troll King, who decided to skip the fight and ran towards the desert. The unit redirected their charge towards the Chaos Ogres of Nurgle who also chose to run due to a lack of magic weapons. They ran through the Infernal Guards, but the Chaos Dwarfs does not consider fleeing allies as a losing battle, unless it’s other Dawi Zharr.

The two lone Spirit Hosts charged the troll unit and the K’daii Destroyer and held them in place.

And lastly; Nagash assaulted the fulcrum. I believe Team Undead expected him to win combat and overrun into Hruz the Unbend, while staying close to his magic boost from the Hiero Titan’s aura. This was a fair probability and probalblt the right decision, but move could have been a pivot into a march towards Ashcannoth – The Blue Beast. Getting Nagash within 12” would prevent the Hellcannon from aiming at him, thus removing the threat from the last flaming warmachine that could see him.

Magic & Shooting Phase
Team Undead got 24 power dice to Team Chaos’ 11 dispel dice.

A level 4 Necromancers gets an Irresisteble Invocation of Nehek through, but looses both Invocation of Nehek and Hellish Vigor in a Power Drain miscast.
Vlad von Carstein rolls a triple 1 on three dice with his Invocation of Nehek, and has broken his concentration for the rest of the turn.
Nagash gets the Harbringer through, and summons a Vampire Lord, with Potion of Strenght and the Sword of Bloodshed (+3 attacks) behind the Hellcannon; Ashcannoth. We did not know his magic items yet, but the ability to customize the spell result to solve your challenges is extremely versatile and usefull.

Two Screaming Skull Catapults misfired this turn. This was going rather well everything considered. New day – new luck?

The bound spell from Casket of Souls, along with the Banshees kills the remaining Khorne Warriors, leaving Valkia alone in the gore.

Overall, this turn did not punish us hard. A light in the darkness! One less magic phase to endure!

Close Combat Phase

Drazhoath lost some wounds in his challenge, while the Blood Knights and Vargulfs erased both the Black Orcs and the Chosens. Drazhoath held, but was losing wounds fast to nefarious Neferata.

The real battle this turn was between Nagash and Zanklai’Otory the Deathsinger atop both his Lammasu; Uzroth’kulon and his summoned arcane fulcrum. Zanklai used all the options he had. The Blood of Hashut was thrown at Nagash, while Uzroth’kulon used his magical breath attack as well. Nagash swung wildly with Zefet-nebtar, the Mortis Blade, but it clashed against both a Charmed Shield and the innate ward save from the fulcrum.

After this display of power Nagash, Zanklai’Otory and Uzroth’kulon came away unscathed, which surprised us all. Nagash had failed his assault, were pushed an inch back and could be targeted in our next shooting phase, while the lucky Sorcerer-Prophet could fly away to safety. The daring plan had been successful!

Can you guys feel it too? The luck is turning. We are still losing mightily, but maybe we can change that over our last three turns? We hoped to play a tight game and achieve a draw, but we needed the luck of the dice as well as high risk- high reward plays.

PS: Updates are coming in at a decent rate right now. The early turns had a million pictures and were hard to write, while the later turns is way faster and easier to make, due to lack of pictures and that you now the units, battlefield, plans and tactics.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Abecedar - 12-11-2016 04:25 AM

Quick question about Khorne the Blood God.  Does he really rejoice when his followers chop up skeletons.. You know No blood is spilled

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-11-2016 04:30 AM

@Abecedar: "Skulls for the Skull Throne!" xD

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-11-2016 04:32 AM

Team Chaos – Turn 4

Desert board

Kodhir the Violent and his Red Legion of the Blood Realm took out another 10 skeletons! 3 to go! Even with the Ghouls coming in next turn, we should get the points. The cunning general would have reformed the Bloodletters and turned them around, as the 3 skeletons should die and the Ghouls would lose their rare charge bonus. We did not think of that, but a minor mistake overall.

The Beasts of Nurgle charged in and removed the lone Spirit Host blocking the K’daii Destroyer

Maltrax the Foul cracked the skull of Settra II, who surely had not earned his title; Mortarch of Eternity. The blessed bull feeded it’s blood rage and gained a point in strength.

With a rare act of courage, Khan Izit and Khan Ghrasha charged from the rank of the Infernal Fist of Fire towards the lone Spirit Host in battle with the trolls. Ghrasha was wounded and didn’t complete the charge, but brave Izit hit the flank of the Spirit Host and swung his Sword of Striking well enough to take 3 of its 4 wounds. The Spirit Host retaliated in epic style, and butchered brave Izit. Izit had done enough however, and secured the crumple of the Spirit Hosts last wound, thus freeing the trolls to move yet again. He would be remembered as a martyr if the Legion of Azgorh survived the battle.

The rest of the unit on the desert board (the Glottkin, the Infernal Fist and Archaon with his Skullcrushers) made a big circular positioning, encircling Arkhan the Black and Mannfred von Carstein in a way, that they could not fly over our units due to the range, but risked a charged if they did not back up slightly. We probably would not get to them in time, but they could not du any harm either. If they charged we would kill them.

Archaon and his Skullcrushers has finally reached the desert board. One wound might not be a lot, but it is enough!

In the shooting face, Zhataras the Bloody aimed our surviving Dreadqukae Mortar, and took out the War Sphynx in one shot! We could feel it. The luck had turned. Chaos would reign surpreme (or perhaps equally if we did well enough…)!

Movement Phase

Uzroth’kulon carried Zanklai’Otory the Deathsinger away from Nagash and landed neatly in front of 8 Horsemen and 2 Light Liches who would not dare to charge him. The Mortis Engine could not see him, so no counter charge were possible.

The Daemon Prince chose sacrifice himself, by further blocking and redirecting the Blood Knights and Valkia solo assaulted the Obsidian Fortress. The Ogres even decide to run off the table edge. Cowards! No pictures for now though and no more movement, as everything is either dead or locked in combat xD

Magic & Shooting Phase
Team Chaos got 12 power dice to Team Undead’s 13 dispel dice.

With more dispel dice than power in this turn we did not expect much, and could not get Hruz the Unbend to safety on an Arcane Fulcrum, but he somehow got Ashstorm through on Nagash, making him worthless the following turn.
All of our artillery on the rocky board was gone except Ashcannoth – the Blue Beast. It aimed at Nagash, and scattered 2 inches. Nagash was still directly under the hole. We wounded Nagash and he did not pass his 4+ ward save. With shaky hands we rolled the Multiple Wounds (D6) dice and got a 6! Nagash does have 7 wounds, but the Hellcannon fires flaming attacks, and Ashstorm had just made Nagash Flammable, so the 6 wounds multiplied into 12 wounds! His reign had ended! We had slayed the Great Necromancer. No more ridiculous summonings! Divine intervention from Hashut, and possibly Khorne!


Never had I ever felt such a rush of relief during a wargame. We were jumping and screaming and shaking for many minutes. 14 hours of ingame playtime had we been struggling and made damage control, uphill decisions. This was waaaaay better than sex ladies and gentlemen Wink

My most precious model right now. This was his first battle. I knew the Sonic blue color scheme would bring me glory!

Close Combat Phase

Drazhoath got taken down to three wounds in his challenge, while Valkia killed the champion and left 2 archers…

Light headed and happy, Team Chaos looked upon the battlefield. We were still losing, but Turn 4 had been magnificent and much needed. The Desert felt like a 13-7 to us, but the rocky board was still something like 17-3 to Team Undead, and this is where most of the points where. We had to continue our High Risk – High Reward playstyle, and it was paramount that we secured some victory points from the units we had bashed on for hours.

Getting such an intimidating model as Nagash off the table was such a stress release <3

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Admiral - 12-11-2016 05:17 AM

Hahahaha! Killed by an asscannon! Way to go for the great lord of Undeath. Big Grin

Amazing battle report. Keep the steam up!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Abecedar - 12-11-2016 11:21 PM

Truly epic moment.   Many Thanks again for sharing

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Darkmeer - 12-12-2016 12:00 AM

And an asscannon FTW.  Seriously, that was epic to see.  I've heard nothing but horror stories from and about Nagash (I read many forums), to see him laid low in that manner had to have been extremely rewarding.  

Great work and I hope this battle report shows Team Chaos successful!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - TheHoodedMan - 12-12-2016 08:35 AM

Finally I could read through this - how magnificent!

Alone the battlefield and to see the CD force and the obsidian towers and walls on the table, superb. There were some fantastic scenic shots in between, really mirroring the dark midst of a bloody battle.
I like the style of the undead forces, too. Paintjob on the chars  is especially well done. Other favorites are the bull centaurs and the troll unit.

There were so many good decisions on both sides, it is so great! It ist extremely difficult for the expensive chaos/CD units against that overwhelming amount of units on the undead side.  Only ridiculous amounts of chaos hounds and wolf riders could prevent being deployed out and bringing so much chaff is not the sense of such a game.

Also necromantic magic is not controllable, even without Nagash. With him every magic phase is devastating. Maybe the chalice would have reduced the undead possibilities a little, but not game deciding (or have I overread the chalice?).

Bullcentaurs: There is not much to say. I love the Renders and your classic models are so great to behold. But only the Taurukh did some great feats in my games, never the rank and file.

Certainly I was relieved that you could destroy the Lord Necromancer, that was more than was to expect! The charge of Khan Izit was a sign of the Chaos gods! Now move on, I hope you turned the tides Cheers!!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Carcearion - 12-12-2016 07:25 PM

HaHa! All Glory To Chaos! Death To The Dead! The day may yet be ours!

awesome battle report, I've been on the edge of my seat reading it the whole way through!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Unzul - 12-13-2016 10:22 AM

Go Team Chaos! GOOOO!!!!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-21-2016 10:12 AM

@Unzul, Carcearion & Abecedar
Glad you like it guys! Keeps me motivated to finish this mad report <3

Admiral Wrote:
Hahahaha! Killed by an asscannon! Way to go for the great lord of Undeath. Big Grin

Amazing battle report. Keep the steam up

The steam had to take a dive as I had 1 year birthday for the newest beardling, 10 year anniversary, 5 years married and the wife's birthday. These events demanded my full attention, but I will still try to get this done before Christmas!

Darkmeer Wrote:
And an asscannon FTW.  Seriously, that was epic to see.  I've heard nothing but horror stories from and about Nagash (I read many forums), to see him laid low in that manner had to have been extremely rewarding.  

Great work and I hope this battle report shows Team Chaos successful

It doesn't get more Chaos dwarfish, than the combo of spellcasting dwarf a top a big bull who curses the Great Necromancer right before a daemon shots hellfire from its ass and incinerate him. It was perfect!!!

TheHoodedMan Wrote:
Finally I could read through this - how magnificent!

Alone the battlefield and to see the CD force and the obsidian towers and walls on the table, superb. There were some fantastic scenic shots in between, really mirroring the dark midst of a bloody battle.
I like the style of the undead forces, too. Paintjob on the chars  is especially well done. Other favorites are the bull centaurs and the troll unit.

There were so many good decisions on both sides, it is so great! It ist extremely difficult for the expensive chaos/CD units against that overwhelming amount of units on the undead side.  Only ridiculous amounts of chaos hounds and wolf riders could prevent being deployed out and bringing so much chaff is not the sense of such a game.

Also necromantic magic is not controllable, even without Nagash. With him every magic phase is devastating. Maybe the chalice would have reduced the undead possibilities a little, but not game deciding (or have I overread the chalice?).

Bullcentaurs: There is not much to say. I love the Renders and your classic models are so great to behold. But only the Taurukh did some great feats in my games, never the rank and file.

Certainly I was relieved that you could destroy the Lord Necromancer, that was more than was to expect! The charge of Khan Izit was a sign of the Chaos gods! Now move on, I hope you turned the tides Cheers!!

Good to hear from you Hood! Awesome reply <3

The report is so big that details will get skipped over. One of those is the Chalice. I brought Chalice and used it en every single magic phase. My gaming group has no problem with the Forgeworld FAQ that allows the activation during cast (after your roll but before the opponent) but I simply haven't kept track of this or mentioned it at all. Another example is The Reign of Chaos effect from the Daemon book, who I mentioned in our first phase, but which has not been worthy to mention afterwards due to low impact. Team Undeads Screaming Skulls aren't narrated closely, even though both catapults, Chalice and the Reign of Chaos effect played some role.

Yeah Bull Centaurs tend to disappoint. The same with my Black Orcs. Both unit should pack some punch, but more often than not, they don't deliver. Now this is partially my fault, as I'm not prioritizing the Breath of Hatred buff which makes great weapon wielders immensely more powerful.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-21-2016 10:13 AM

Team Undead – Turn 5

Desert board

The Ghouls finally completed their rear charge on the Red Legion of the Blood Realm, but once the combat had been solved, the Bloodletters had killed the last of the spear wielding Skeletons, and Kodihr the Violent had slain the level one Necromancer; Boris. Kodihr and 2 Bloodletters stayed alive. The Red Legion of the Blood Realm had gained us 660 Victory Points, while only costing 485 points themselves, including Kodihr the Violent who still might survive and preserve his 195 points. If this happened, we would have traded 290 points for 660, which is exceptional by any standard. We were happy!

Aside from that, Arkhan and Mannfred backed slightly, but nothing else happened in the desert.

Movement Phase

The duo of Vargulfs charged into Drazhoath’s flank. He was in a challenge, but they still made some combat resolution.  And if Drazhoath ran, it would be nearly impossible for him to not get caught.

The Blender Lord and the Blood Knights charged the redirecting Daemon Prince. While the Grave Guard unit with Krell, Vlad, BSB and Necrotect prepared to kill Hruz the Unbend and his Bale Taurus Ta’Inroth.

And the summoned Vampire Lord charged Ashcannoth – the Blue Beast, who had just annihilated his creator Nagash.

I have not mentioned this yet, but Team Chaos rallied Throgg the Troll King last turn, so a single Cairn Wraith charged out from the skeleton bus with a wraith front line, which send Throgg fleeing again xD

The rest of the unit advanced, but would probably not see much action in its last turn

The rest of the movement phase was pretty chill. The summoned Hexwraiths moved through the Pride of the Black Fortress, killing 7 of the fireglaives wielding Infernal Guards.

The Crypt Horrors slowly advanced.

Notice: The Obsidian Fortress has 6 models left in it (3 Banshees, Khalida and 2 skeletons) but we forgot to remove models during the game from this unit, as we just kept track on paper.

Lastly, Zanklai’Otory the Deathsinger was somewhat surrounded, as well as non-marching undead units could. I couldn’t figure out exactly what they wanted to achieve, but if I charged the Horsemen, they would have plenty of counter charges ready.

Magic & Shooting Phase
Team Undead got 20 power dice to Team Chaos 14 dispel dice.

The Arcane Ruin continued to give Team Undead the upper hand along with Casket of Souls.
Team Undead got their “reroll failed to hit” bubble going around their center, and forced a Banishment through on Zanklai’Otory. His Lamassu; Uzroth’kulon was reduced to 1 wound.

The rest of the Magic Phase was dispelled or simply bad dice. We could really feel the lack of Nagash on the battle field <3

The 3 Banshees finally screamed Valkia the Gore Queen back to Khorne, but we had a final plan to grab all the points in the characters and unit.

Close Combat Phase

In revenge of their fallen master, the Mortarchs went to work on the Dawi Zharr leaders. Neferata gutted Drazhoath the Ashen and butchered Cinderbreath, while Lord Krell and Vlad von Carstein obliterated Hruz the Unbend and Ta’Inroth in a single phase!

The summoned Vampire Lord drank his Potion of Strength and hit the Hellcannon with the Sword of Bloodshed (+3A). The Blue Beast survived with a wound, but we knew it would soon fall.
Lastly, the Daemon Prince and Blender Lord went into a challenge. The Blender Lord suffered 2 wounds but took 3 from the Daemon Prince.

We did lose a lot of points this turn, but it still felt okay, as we where playing proactive now instead of reactive. We had some good plans that could reduce the beating we were receiving.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-21-2016 04:50 PM

Team Chaos – Turn 5

Desert board

The Hellcannon decided to go crazy, pivot 180 degrees on the spot an run towards a single Tomb Scorpion, effectively taking it out of the game as far as impact goes. Afterwards, Maltrax the Foul joined the Trolls again, but the migthy Troll King could not rally…

The Trolls, Infernal Fist, Skullcrushers, Archaon and Glottkin positioned and covered every possible movement that would have allowed Mannfred and/or Arkhan to relocate to the rocky board.

We also moved the K’daii Destroyer all the way up to the skeleton bus that held an objective, so that turn 6 would let us deny a good amount of points

The Ghouls did take out the Red Legion of the Blood Realm, but their Herald, Kodihr the Violent refused to go down. Khorne still had his back!

The biggest opportunity or game chancer came from the Magic Phase. We rolled a good Reign of Chaos result and had a streak of good dice. On the dessert board, this killed the Tomb Scorpion that the Hellcannon had moved towards, but more importantly, it took of FIVE wounds on Mannfred von Carstein, getting him dangerously low. We could not kill him in this turn, but a sweet opportunity for 650 victory points presented itself for turn 6,

…As we turn our attention towards the rocky board I will quickly and publicly say, that the Glottkin was extremely cool to look upon, but he is very hard to get good pictures off, due to his size. This does not do the model or paint job justice, but hey, it is better than no pictures at all <3

Movement Phase

You cannot tell from the above picture, but just to the right of the frame were the Casket of Souls. Zanklai’Otory the Deathsinger wanted to charge it, destroy it, and overrun off the table edge, so he was safe for Team Undeads last turn, but could still go ham with his spells in his own last turn. He needed to roll 5+ on 2 out of 3 dice. He rolled four, and could not reach it. We decided not to redirect into the Horsemen, so our last threat on the rocky board were in prime position to be slaughtered next turn.

Magic Phase
Both teams got 15 dice.

We tried to kill Mannfred down on the desert board, but it did not work. The Reign of Chaos took out 5 of the summoned Hex Wraiths and took 2 wounds on a Vargulf. We could not do much damage aside from this, but we got Zanklai’Otory to somewhat safety, by summoning his Arcane Fulcrum yet again.
He had enough range to get on the far side of the Horsemen, using them as a charge block against deadlier foes. With a 3+ ward save and Uzroth’kulon’s innate Magic Resistance, we had 2+ ward save against the incoming spells, which gave us a good chance to preserve points and the opportune positioning for a last turn magical barrage.

Shooting Phase

Our shooting phase was down to one Dreadquake Mortar, as one Hellcannon had lost control and the other was getting its ass manhandled by a summoned Vampire Lord with 8 attacks.
Remember how I said we had one last shot at getting good points from Khalida and her Banshees? This was it! We fired the Dreadquake into the Obsidian Fortress, which set in motion a good series of uncommon rules which some of you might have never encountered while playing.

  1. If a building is hit by a template, disregard the template and make D6 hits instead, allocated as shooting (We rolled 5 and allocated it to 3 banshees, Khalida and one of the remaining 2 archers).
  2. If less than 5 rank and file models is left in a unit, the characters do not get a look out sir roll.
  3. If a template with multiple rules for damaging hits a building, only use the most devastating rule.

In short, this means it is always bad to fire templates into buildings if a big infantry unit occupies it. If a unit of monstrous infantry like Ogres are hit by a catapult while in a building however, each of the hit Ogres is considered “directly under the centre of the template” and thus suffers a high strength hit with Multiple Wounds (D6).

This is exactly what happened here, Khalida and all her 3 Banshees received a S10 Hellbound Multiple Wounds (D6) hit from our bellowed Dread Quake Mortar. High Queen Khalida perished. Her Ethereal Banshees perished under the magical inferno of our Hellbound wonder boy. 600+ points was cashed in with this deciding shot and a sole skeleton had to be killed in the last turn for another 300+ points.

For the psychological warfare we insisted that Team Undead removed everything but a lone archer over the front gate. We had sacrificed a lot of models, shooting and attention to accomplish this so seeing our opponent removing 49 archers and 4 characters felt good!

Close Combat Phase

Not a lot of combat left in the game overall. Ashcannoth - The Blue Beast was finally wrecked by the summoned Vampire Lord and the Blender Lord took out the Daemon Prince and reformed the Blood Knights

This did not feel like a massacre anymore. IF Zanklai’Otory survived AND Mannfred died we would probably end up with a 13-7 loss. 13-7 was still a loss, but not the slaughter turn 1-3 had indicated. More importantly, this was way more fun. We applied good pressure, made them sweat a little and had some good, proactive moves, instead of the constant uphill damage control.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-22-2016 07:17 AM

Team Undead – Turn 6

This turn was really short, so I will not break it up in phases.

The Hexwraiths charged into the Pride of the Black Fortress in an attempt to kill their Infernal Castellan; Anzar the Deadly. His hat turned out to be a Trickster's Helm and they could not get any points from him.

Mannfred von Carstein backed out of charge ranges, while Arkhan the Black tried to bait out a charge from Archaon, which Arkhan would likely survive, for a chance to take Archaon's last wound. Of course we did not fall for that xD

This is probably one of this report's better pictures of Arkhan the Black. I always loved the 5th edition Arkhan the Black so that is who I got. In the Tomb King rules he can be mounted in his flying chariot and as we wanted to avoid 3 of the same monsters, we agreed that the winged chariot could proxy for his Dread Abyssal mount.

Still high on Khorne’s glory, Kodihr the Violent survived the onslaught of the Ghouls! 1 more close combat phase to survive <3

The undead in the rocky cornered positioned close to Zanklai’Otory’s Arcane Fulcrum. The last skeleton archer abandoned the Obsidian Fortress. During the Magic Phase (24 vs 13 dice) we somehow managed to stop everything aside from the Banishment targeting Zanklai’Otory on his fulcrum. With a 2+ ward save, both Zanklai’Otory and his Lammasu; Uzroth’kulon pulled through unharmed. A very reassuring last turn. We did not lose any points, and had some opportunities for last turn.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - tjub - 12-23-2016 01:02 PM

Great to see the terrain getting some love! Nice battle rep as well... Happy

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-23-2016 04:32 PM

Team Chaos – Turn 6

Desert board

Team Chaos held a strong frontline on the desert board. This a sign of how completely out deployed we had actually been, when all these units (approximately 3700 points) had killed less than 2000 points. At least they had not surrendered many points either. Mannfred von Carstein had hidden outside of the Glottkins spell range, but the zombie unit occupying the Arcane Ruins were in range. In the magic phase we got of the Nurgle spell combo on the zombies. Curse of the Leper (-D3 Toughness) followed by the magic missile Rancid Visitation (D6 S5 hits –> Unit takes a toughness test, if failed: D6 S5 hits -> rinse and repeat). The zombies were reduced to toughness 1 so Rancid Visitation reapllied many times and killed them all. Meanwhile the K’daii Destroyer had finally reached combat against the Skeletons (after failing its Burning Bright test and loosing 3 wounds).

The K’daii Destroyer went berserk on the damned bones. It destroyed enough Skeletons, so that the crumble would clear the rest. Getting points from the Skeletons and the Zombies was decent, but this also meant Team Undead would not get Scenario Points from neither the Arcane Ruin nor the Effigy of Usekph. Add all of this combined was 725 points difference. That is definitely something!

In the shooting phase, our last operational warmachine, the Red Rumbler, shot yet another Mortar shell. This beautiful machine had one shot the War Spynx in turn 4, multi killed High Queen Khalida and 3 Banshees in turn 5 and now it aimed at Mannfred von Carstein. Hit! Dead! 650 points <3
As bad as our artillery had been in turn 1-3, it absolutely redeemed itself in the remaining game. Removing monsters, expensive characters and threats had been vital in securing our honour. We were still losing, but it looked so much nicer now. Imagine if the artillery had just been decent in the first turn or two, where we had seven firing warmachines. Arkhan was now flying solo, without aid and friends nearby.

“Where did my army go?” – Arkhan the Black 2525

Sadly, the Ghouls shredded Kodihr the Violent, and as the Herald returned to the Blood Realm he knew Khorne had been a witness to his extraordinaire performance. All in all, we had managed the desert board rather well in the end.

The Rocky Board

Anzar the Deadly and the Pride of the Black Fortress had ranked up last turn, and the 10 Hexwraiths had been reduced to 5 by the last turns Reing of Chaos. With combat resolution and Anzar the Deadly’s Sword of Battle, the 10 summoned Hexwraiths ended up vanquished. They did not yield us any points, but it still felt good. The Infernal Guards held the hill for an additional 200 points!

The only other living model on this board was Zanklai’Otory and Uzroth’kulon atop their Arcane Fulcrum. Together they had survived a close combat round with Nagash himself and 2 Banishment and they had dodged quite a lot of dire situation. Our initial thoughts process was, that we would spirit leach the last Skeleton Archer from Khalida’s Horde, and just avoid miscasts.  Once the magic phase arrived, Khorne sent us a divine sign! The Reign of Chaos did not do much, but in an unlikely happenstance, a single Spirit Host was hit by a mediocre template, which then scattered the maximum 10” on the artillery dice, barely hitting (and killing) the last Skeleton Archer, thus granting us 330 points for the entire unit.

We could not know what the exact score was by now, but it did not matter much if we lost 15-5 or 14-6. Our dice and luck had been superb for hours, so we decided to make another “high risk – high reward” play. Team Chaos had rolled 19 dice to Team Undead’s 12, and even after the Glottkin had spent some, we still had enough left to go hard with Zanklai’Otory, who wielded the Book of Ashur (+1 to cast and dispel) and had the positioning most death wizards can only dream about.

… lacking quality picture, but you get the idea…

Team Undead had not left in every direction in their turn 6, but stood neatly packed around the Mortis Engine. People unfamiliar with the Mortis Engine should know, that killing this makes a huge detonation (12+turn number inches) and every unit (including friendly ones) takes 2D6 hits at the turn numbers strength. If we could kill it, every unit within 18” would take 2D6 S6 hits! We are talking about 2 Vargulfs (one was already half dead), a wounded Hierotitan, a wounded Neferata, a lone Vamipre, a Terrorgheist and the Casket of Souls. It could statistically wreak havoc and cash in a ton of points, but it might also fail. If we could kill the Casket of Souls, a similar explosion would happen (12” D6 S6 hits) which would also hit some juicy targets. We knew it would probably fail, but if we could pull this off it would be a glorious war story!

Uzroth’kulon tried to reduce the Mortis Engines initiative with Miasma to make Purple Sun a threat, but Miasma was dispelled.
We realised that without Nagash’s Inspiring Presence, the Mortis Engine had Ld5. We got Spirit Leach through but sadly only reduced it to 1 wound.
Curse of Lanip got dispelled.
We still had dices enough for the cannonball spell from Lore of Shadows, and Purple Sun. We wanted to secure the Mortis Engine with the cannonball spell, so we saved 5 dice, and used our remaining 4 on Purple Sun to reduce the chance of irresistible. Purple Sun got through!
We aimed it through the Mortis Engine, Hierotitan, duo Vargulfs and Neferata. Sadly, our artillery dice rolled the dreaded misfire… We placed the Purple Sun on the Fulcrum and Zanklai’Otory the Deathsinger failed his initiative test and was consumed…
We should have cast the cannon ball spell first, but everything is clearer in hindsight. Play hard – Die Hard. Zanklai’Otory and Uzroth’kulon will go down in history as “the almost MVP of the Legendary Battle.”

Team Chaos ended their turn 6, and our Legendary Battle was completed. We went straight to calculating victory and scenario points, and while I will not list everything, the end result was way closer than we had anticipated.

Team Undead won with 1372 points, which translate to a 13-7 victory.

Team Chaos had feared humiliation until turn 5, but 13-7 is decent after all. While packing miniatures and terrain we remembered that we had included a rule, that said if a 10-10 was the end result, the Team with a living general would be declared the winner. With Nagash dead we made some estimations on what needed to happen for Team Chaos to achieve the 10-10 and thus the Victory.
IF Zanklai’Otory had not misfired his Purple Sun (16,7% chance) he would need to cash in 428 points on his two spells. The Purple Sun would have reached both Hierotitan (16,7% chance to survive) and the Mortis Engine (50% chance to survive). Even if the Mortis Engine had survived the Purple Sun, we would have gotten the cannonball spell through and killed the Mortis Engine. These two units alone are worth 395 points, so if the Mortis Engine detonation killed either a Vargulf, the lone Vampire, the lone Spirit Host or anything else, we would have won the game <3

Losing this game felt right! Team Undead had played the best I ever saw from either player, and managed to out-deploy, out-magic and out-play our every move for the first 12 hours. Our near comeback involved a fair bit of good dice (aside from making a lot of sound decisions) so losing the game did not feel bad at all!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-23-2016 04:39 PM

Player Reflections

Thus concluded 23-24 hours of gameplay, with 6 hours of sleep, 2 hours of eating and 4 hours of packing up miniatures and terrain. We had spent 5 hours deploying the Tuesday before the weekend. We had spent months preparing objectives, terrain, rules, armies, stories and narratives, just for this one battle.

This also concluded our End Times Campaign, which ran from 2014->2016 with 6 game days ahead of this Legendary Battle.  After the game, my friends released their paint lists for the last 2,5 year, and I was quite impressed. We are not normally the fastest painters, and those of us who paint have all gotten 2 babies each in the last 3.5 years so we do not have much time and has been pretty dedicated. My Teammate Dennis could brag about getting this painted:

Warhammer Goals 2016
Chaos Warriors:

5 Trolls
1 Chosen
5 Chaos Knights
2 Skull Chrushers
5 Warriors
1 Doombull

Warhammer Goals 2015
Chaos Warriors:

1 Shaggoth
Archaon on foot
The Glottkin
1 Burning Chariot
2 Beast of Nurgle
Tomb King:
3 Necropolis Knights
1 Tomb King
1 Screaming Skull Catapult

Warhammer Goals 2014
Ogre kingdom:

4 Ironguts
2 Bulls
Chaos Warriors:
1 Scyla
2 Dragon Ogres
1 Valkia
20 Bloodletters
1 Skull Cannon
1 Herald of Khorne

And my brother had this to-do list lying around (In Danish, but I think you get the idea) Wink

I include this to underline the amount of work my friends did as well. In this thread and my army blog, focus has been on my preparation primarily. This had kept the hobby flame burning bright for years, and inspired to consistent efforts from all of us. With this conclusion, we all went straight into hobby hiatus just to catch up on life and not burn out completely. We agreed not to arrange anything else for the rest of 2016 and that 2017 must be low key 2000-2500 points chill games.

Rules wise, we experienced two things. On the negative side, we got tired of the challenge rule. A challenge works better in smaller games, although the problem exist there as well. The problem is, that a challenge should be a narrative tool for an epic duels between the heroes clashing with their units around them. In reality, the challenging system hugely favours lone characters on mount. Why would a buffed up unit Grave Guards allow my Tauruk to enter a challenge with Vlad von Carstein, when they have nothing else to kill? Why would Krell chose not to get down to business? Game wise, the tanky characters can lock up huge units for many rounds, which became annoying when both teams had a plethora of options to do this.
On the positive side, it was spectacular to see the combos from the army books stack up. Ashstorm with Hellcannon, Nagash with Casket and Hierotitan, Trollunit joined by a Doombull with Blackened Plate, duo Vargulfs running in tandem and beefy deathstars all around the battlefield. In a normal game of Warhammer, you could do at least one of these things and it would define your list, but likely reduce it to a gimmicky and unbalanced list. Reading army books inspires your imagination, but normal list writing tend to follow a pattern: “I need a lvl 4, some fast cavalry chaff, a bunker with some ranks, and something killy and/or disruptive.” Being able to go crazy in combos you have wanted to try for years without denying your own chance of achieving a balanced list felt so good, and it actually balanced out decently in game.

In the months since, we have shared thoughts on the experience. Everybody agreed it was a taxing experience, and I do not think it is for everyone! Playing a losing game for 12 hours was not as fun as playing 3 games at 2500 points. Be prepared for that if you think about doing this yourself. That being said, the sheer scale and size, the accomplishment and hobby heights achieved does not register fully during the game. Having a ton of pictures and friendly banter after the games makes the experience better when remembering it. We have already agreed to replay this game in a year or two Wink

When the End Times began, I chose to be the game master for our campaign. I had zero experience, and had to discover what it meant and what was needed from me. I underestimated the time commitment quite severely and would probably not do the job again, now that I know what it entails. It quickly became a chore, albeit better than schoolwork. I wanted it to be good and I am quite sure I delivered, but it was a struggle from time to time. Our gaming group has progressed a lot in these years. We now have grass, rock and desert boards, with varied terrain. We have 4 armies in the 4000+ points category and another 3 armies of 2000+ points. We have some nice objectives and an easily adaptable scenario points system. We have a better understanding of the rules and we play faster and with less discussions and mistakes. So all in all, these past years have been great, the finally will be remembered and the hobby flame will be rekindled in 2017.

Lastsly, I will like to thank you guys! 2015 was rough on all Warhammer communities and I was worried for Chaos Dwarf Online in late 2015. The mood was lacking, not a lot was happening and some beloved old boys left our ranks. I decided to go hard on my army blog, forum presence and content creation, and with all the new users, I am not scared for the future of our community. You guys have been great, new as well as old. Lots of support, feedback and questions. I wrote this Battle Report to share my hobby passion, and even though I yet again underestimated the amount of man-hours this would require, your enthusiasm gave me some much needed motivation in the recent time.

So thank you! Stay awesome, and ask any question you may like.

Merry Christmas <3
- Pelle / Malorndk

PS: I got you bro!

Admiral Wrote:
As for the battle report, this is one magnificent beast that is almost as over the top as it gets (it would only have needed something in the magnitude of an Undead character surfing on a giant skull and a Chaos Dwarf surfing on a lava wave to top it all off).

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Darkmeer - 12-23-2016 10:13 PM

Amazing Battle Report.  I am sad to have seen Team Chaos lose to the Undead, but the end of the last turn was a deciding turn.  Simply by that being the case, that means that every decision was important throughout the battle.  Takes Hat offCheers!

I hope that your group continues, and these battle reports (and photos) are exceedingly helpful for a Chaos Dwarf player who hasn't played as much as, well, pretty well everyone on this site.

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Helblindi - 12-24-2016 04:07 AM

Thank you for typing all this out, Malorn! It's been an exciting and inspiring read. And a great comeback at the end. One could not have hoped for a more suspensful battle.

Keep the flame kindled. I'm trying to get a campaign started with some friends, all I've got so far is a map and starting positions from most of the players. When something actually happens, I'll start up a thread here on the forums.

Happy holidays! May Hashut set your christmas tree on fire and release the K'Daai spirit bound within!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Admiral - 12-24-2016 08:24 AM

Magnificent from beginning to end, with lots of swings to keep it thrilling. You guys have put in a monster work effort, and it paid off. Very well done, not least on the final image there! Takes Hat off

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Malorndk - 12-24-2016 04:04 PM

Thanks for all the kind comments guys! It is insane that you actually managed to read through all of this xD

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 - Carcearion - 12-25-2016 07:30 PM

We had some dark times, and what felt like a hell of a comeback! This was an amazingly epic battle report, and its great to know that we where one fantastic spell away from victory!

RE: 14.000 Points Legendary Battle - Battle Report starts at page 6 [DONE] - Malorndk - 12-31-2016 08:39 AM

Thanks for all the feedback and slaves everybody. It was much appreciated <3