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CDO Website Changes
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CDO Website ChangesAdmiral 01-03-2020

Mega-Threads in Chaos Dwarf General Discussion

Greetings, folks!

Multiple existing threads have been merged and hijacked to serve as mega-threads fo AoS Dawi Zharr & Twisted Duardin, T9A Infernal Dwarves and KoW Abyssal Dwarves and Blood Bowl & Fantasy Football Chaos Dwarfs. Please keep most AoS, KoW, T9A and BB Chaos/Abyssal/Infernal Dwarf discussion to those threads. Topics which do not necessarily need a new thread will me merged with the mega-threads per routine, going forward.

These big threads are for the need of Chaos Dwarfs Online to register in the top search results for evil dwarfs in the various new settings. By keeping discussions concentrated we stand a better chance to appear on the Google radar in the current split wargaming milieu.

Unlike the aforementioned AoS, T9A and KoW Mega-Threads, the BB/fantasy football one will also feature relevant miniature news from all companies (whereas only GW/FW will show up for AoS, and Mantic for KoW).

The Staff

Upcoming Overhaul

Also, a big overhaul/reboot will be attempted later this year. Tjub and I are dead set to make it or break it, and give CDO the critical technical features which allows for direct image upload, such as Imgur, Reddit or Facebook sport: Mantic's Kings of War Forum shows the way forward.

This forum that refused to die, for the race that refused to die, have fought many succesful rearguard actions over the last years:

We met the Photobucket crisis with stubborn toil and escaped with the vast bulk of our accumulated image treasures intact. We have managed to keep the flame alive and sport lively activity from our members in all the new major wargames out there, where many other forums died in the wake of the End Times. And while our numbers have dwindled, our creativity burns as bright as ever, and the forum is overall a friendly community.

Yet the magnetism of Facebook with its intuitively simple image upload is proving too great a challenge to overcome with our old tech. So we will have to rejuvenate CDO's software and catch up in the race for the sake of our long term.

Chaos Dwarfs Online is now over 12 years old. It has been a creative hobby hub of brilliance from the very start. We hope to make it bloom anew in numbers for our next dozen years ahead, even if we have to restart it on a new site to acquire all necessary features. There might be a crowdfunding attempt; we shall see.

Be assured that all our treasures will be carried over by manual labour if a reboot occurs. We will not lose our past to safeguard our future.

Special thanks to all our active members, new and old! Stay tuned as ever, and keep sharing your ingenious creations. Takes Hat off


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