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The Bull's Eye and the Blue Tooth, by Uhr-Kulmbizharr
Author MessageThe Bull's Eye and the Blue Tooth, by Uhr-Kulmbizharr
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The Bull's Eye and the Blue Tooth, by Uhr-KulmbizharrAdmiral 01-26-2015

The Bull's Eye and the Blue Tooth, by Uhr-Kulmbizharr

Once upon a time, there was an untrustworthy Nasty Skulker from the Blue Tooth tribe. One day, he was captured by the rival Goblin tribe known as the Bull's Eye. The Nasty Skulker was dragged before the chief of the Bull's Eye.

"You will die most painfully, git. For we will eradicate the Blue Tooth to the last Goblin," growled the Bull's Eye chief.

"No, not me! I'll do anything to survive. I can help you!" shrieked the Nasty Skulker.

"Then open the palissade for us during the dead of night. Do not raise any alarm, and you will be rewarded with a magic knife that seeks out the victim's heart by its own cunning," replied the Bull's Eye chief.

The Nasty Skulker wanted that reward, and set out to cut the ropes binding the palissade together. Half night he toiled whilst the other Blue Tooth Goblins slept, and he nearly broke his back pulling up the wooden poles from the ground to open a gap in the wall. At last he was finished, and the Bull's Eye tribe stormed the Blue Tooth camp and killed every one inside. When the massacre was over, the Nasty Skulker crept up from the shadows.

"You won big time thanks to me. I want my reward," demanded the Nasty Skulker.

But the Bull's Eye Goblins seized him and dragged him before their chief, who held the magic knife high.

"Here is your reward," said the Bull's Eye chief, and stabbed the Nasty Skulker in the heart in order to eradicate the Blue Tooth to the last Goblin. For such is the fate of thouse who would betray their tribe.

- The Bull's Eye and the Blue Tooth, by Daemonsmith Uhr-Kulmbizharr the Blind, the renowned Chaos Dwarf author of fable stories during the foundation of Zharr-Naggrund*

* The moral of the story may also be interpreted as 'treachery will punish itself'. Despite greed and ambition, Chaos Dwarf caste society is based upon blind obedience and unasking loyalty to the leaders. Treachery is a thing for Greenskins, utterly beneath the Dawi Zharr, at least if you do not count the scheming elite. Note the intelligible Goblin speech, at odds with the real version. Greenskin fables such as this are normally filed under 'animal fables' by Chaos Dwarf scholars, since Greenskins are viewed as little else but savage beasts.

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