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The Reed Boat and the Inflated Hide Raft, by Zhargonidus
Author MessageThe Reed Boat and the Inflated Hide Raft, by Zhargonidus
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The Reed Boat and the Inflated Hide Raft, by ZhargonidusAdmiral 01-27-2015

The Reed Boat and the Inflated Hide Raft, by Zhargonidus

Once upon a time, there was a Hobgoblin river slave towing his vessel after his Chaos Dwarf master's steam barge upon the River Ruin. Though the Hobgoblin's vessel was but a reed boat caulked with bitumen, he was still eager to surpass his peers. One day, the Hobgoblin river slave passed by a big raft of wood and inflated animal hides. The Hobgoblins aboard it jeered at him since they could load so much more than the river slave could in his reed boat. At this, the Hobgoblin river slave drew his knives to stab the taunters, yet he could not reach the others since he did not know how to swim.

The river slave's master moored his steam barge by the dock of a quarry to load his vessel with fresh cargo. At this, the Hobgoblin river slave kicked some Goblin slaves into loading his reed boat with much more stones than was usual.

The boat bulged and lay low in the filthy water line when the barge steamed upriver again. Soon, the steam barge and its towed reed boat passed by the slower, inflated hide raft.

"Look at all my cargo, you maggots!" jeered the Hobgoblin river slave to the crew on the raft.

"Yep, it's fat like you!" replied one of the raft Hobgoblins.

At this, the wrath of the Hobgoblin river slave was kindled, and he threw a knife right into one of the inflated cattle hides of the raft. It quickly deflated and destabilized the vessel, pulling both Hobgoblins and cargo under water. At the sight of this, the Hobgoblin river slave could do nothing but laugh like a maniac, rocking his boat. But when he did so, the overloaded reed boat tipped into the River Ruin, and water gushed into it. The reed boat sank.

"Help! I'll drown! Help!" shrieked the Hobgoblin river slave moments before he sank.

But the Chaos Dwarf master fished up his worthless slave with a ship's pike.

"Thanks, boss," coughed the Hobgoblin river slave.

"How polite of you to thank me for your death," snarked the Chaos Dwarf master, and shredded the Hobgoblin river slave alive on the propeller of the steam barge. For such is the fate of those who would overburden their vessels, and destroy their master's property.

- The Reed Boat and the Inflated Hide Raft, by Despot Zhargonidus Doombeard, the renowned Chaos Dwarf author of fable stories, of our present time

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