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While the focus of Chaos Dwarf Online is on the Chaos Dwarfs created by Games Workshop, both their models and their background, other companies have produced miniatures of or relating to Chaos Dwarfs. These miniatures, even if of the proper scale (28mm), are not legal for Games Workshop tournaments, but many look pretty spiffy! There is a CDO thread showing the different sizes of the miniatures and a new (as of july 2014) thread, where the miniatures are positioned near a millimeter chart.


[edit] Avatars of War

Avatars of War (AoW) is a small miniatures company in Barcelona, Spain that casts 28mm "hero" models of many popular fantasy races - perhaps not coincidentally many of the same races as those in Warhammer Fantasy! They are internationally known for their extremely well-sculpted and detailed models, which they cast in the highest quality White Metal to get the best detail out of all their casts.

Among the AoW collection is the Dwarf Lord of Chaos figure (sculpted by Felix Paniagua), which bears a significant resemblance to the early Chaos Dwarf models.

Dwarf Lord of Chaos
Dwarf Lord of Chaos

[edit] The Battleforge

The Battleforge have a range of Chaos Dwarves and hobgoblin allies.


[edit] Dark Art Studios

Dark Art Studios is a UK based miniature company, founded in 2004. In 2014 the added a chaos dwarf to their line of miniatures. The Goretrek miniatures is limited to a 100 casts and a sold with a letter of authenticity. Sculpted by Byron Townshend. Dark Art Studios plan on releasing more Chaos Dwarf miniatures in the future.

[edit] Delaney King's Bederken Dwergs

Delaney King released a series of Bederken Dwergs (Evil Dwarfs), styled in the manner of the old MM90 models. Bederken (pronounced Bee-Derr-Ken) is from Middle English, meaning "to cast into darkness". Delaney's models drip with theme and nostalgia. Follow the progress via her Blog

[edit] DO ODD Miniatures

Based in Germany DO ODD Miniatures, operated by Dirk Opper sculpts several variants of evil dwarfs, as well as other fantasy and non-fantasy miniatures. His Black Dwarf Warband was inspired by the Border Town Burning supplement for Mordheim. Each is sold with several weapon choices or additional accents (such as a muzzle blast for the Black Dwarf Gaoler with the blunderbuss). Currently there is no website that sells the miniatures (as of 7-26-14)

[edit] Dwarf Tales Miniatures

Dwarf Tales started a range of evil dwarf models called Volgars. A whole range of models was in the works but the company folded before they could add anything more than a sktech of a golem type model to the Volgar range and the warrior was left as the only model released. The webstore and facebook fanpage for Dwarf Tales Miniatures were closed down sometime after march 2011.

[edit] Enigma Miniatures

Enigma Miniatures produce miniatures from 28mm scale upwards. Although the figure below is too large to use as a Chaos Dwarf it certainly looks the part.

[edit] Essex Miniatures

Essex are another company that released several of the Bob Olley Chaos Dwarves.

[edit] Ewal Dvergar

Ewal Dvergar is a line sold by Clam. The miniatures are sculpted by John "Poshgoblin" Pickford, Clam and a few by Sjoerd Trouwee. They are done in fashion of old 2nd and 3rd edition Citadel and Marauder chaos dwarfs. Made for Clams personal collection, the miniatures sold are all extras. The line features dwarfs with many different weapon types including hand weapons, pole arms, crossbows, blunderbusses.

[edit] Fenryll Miniatures

Fenryll is a company started by Thierry Crabouliet in 1991. Their resin figures are often humourous and include several Dwarf figures that are good candidates for a Chaos Dwarf force.

[edit] Figurines Uscarl Miniatures

Figurines Uscarl Miniatures are a French company that sells a small range of Nains (Dwarf) Mutants and bull centaurs. The miniatures of this company is primarily designed for fantasy football.

[edit] Four A Miniatures

Four A Miniatures make a number of different evil dwarfs, ranging from classic evil fantasy dwarfs to highly mutated dwarf sized miniatures. The range has many different sculpters, John Pickford, Clam, Adam Grayford, Alex Bird and Shane Hoyle.

[edit] Goblin Forge

Goblin Forge miniatures produce the Kigloo the bad miniature.

[edit] Greebo Miniatures

Greebo Miniatures sells models for fantasy football. Their Volmarian Chaos Dwarf team consists of Chaos Dwarfs, Bull Centaurs and Hobgoblins. The models are made to a 32mm scale, which makes the Dwarf models ~22mm from the foot to the eye-level, which is ~30% larger in scale than the Games Workshop plastic Chaos Dwarf Warriors.

[edit] Grenadier Miniatures

Grenadier Miniatures are no longer in business, however they did make a box set of Chaos Dwarf figures as well as a blister pack.

[edit] Grimstonefire's dwarfs

Grimestonefire of the CDO community has made and cast a few chaos dwarfs. Grimestonefire has also made several different conversion parts, for upgrading the Warhammer Forge models, that doesn't come with great weapons or blunderbusses. As of 29-7-14 Grimstonefire has approximately 10 of each of three models in stock, with no date on a refill.

[edit] Hasslefree Miniatures

Hasslefree is a company that makes a wide variety of figures including two excellent 28mm scale Dwarf figures that can easily be used in a Chaos Dwarf army.

Hasslefree is also the seller of the figures sculpted by Sjoerd Trouwee (who also made some Ewal Dvergar) they are still called Twisted Tales.

[edit] Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker did a small range of Dark Dwarfs.

[edit] Heresy Miniatures

Heresy is a company that produces a wide variety of different figures, including this excellent evil Dwarf figure designed as a loving tribute to Darth Vader. It also comes with a Bloodbowl (fantasy football) arm variant.

[edit] Hodag Games

Hodag Games makes a small range of asian/mongol style hobgoblins. Not resembling the classic games workshop hobgoblins, these miniatures are more in a facial style and size of elves. The miniatures are distributed and sold through Gorgon Studios.

Currently no pictures for public sharing.

[edit] Impact! Miniatures

Impact! produces a range of miniatures for their fantasy football game "Elfbowl". One of their factions is the Black Rock Dwarfs, a race of evil Dwarf engineers who make use of goblinoid slaves and even create semi-mechanical centaurs to work in their mines.

[edit] Mantic

Mantic produces a range of miniatures for their miniature wargame Kings of War called "Abyssal Dwarfs". They are described as blood thirsty and demon worshiping, living in a highly hierarchical society. The Abyssal Dwarf line provides cheap aternative miniatures for many of the units in the Legion of Azgorh list.

Currently no pictures for public sharing.

[edit] Metal Magic

Although now out of business they did release many of the Bob Olley Chaos Dwarves.

[edit] Miniatures of the North

Miniatures of the North produces a broad spectre of different miniatures from Edinburgh Scotland. Of interest to chaos dwarf players is The Fallen Dwarfs. The miniatures are sold through Anvil Industries webshop.

[edit] Mirliton Miniatures

Mirliton produce a large number of Dwogars (evil Dwarf) miniatures.

[edit] Rackham Miniatures

Rackham Miniatures made a wide range of metal Dwarf figures, although in their later years their focus shifted primarily to the manufacturing of pre-painted plastic figures. In 2005 Rackham was listed on the stock market, but in 2010 the company was dissolved. The two main types of Dwarfs they made were the Mid-Nor (evil Dwarf) miniatures and the Dwarfs of Tir-Na-Bor (the more-or-less good Dwarfs). A representative sample of these can be seen below. Some are still avalable at Ludik Bazar

[edit] RAFM Miniatures

[1] RAFM miniatures make a varity of dwarfs which a similar look to WW1 german troops.

Image:04511.jpg Image:04515.jpg‎ Image:04514.jpg‎ Image:04510.jpg‎ Image:04513.jpg‎ Image:04516.jpg‎

[edit] Raging Heroes

Raging Heroes manufactures resin miniatures designed to be playable in many different armies and various other games, including RPGs. In 2011 Raging Heroes released a Manticore model and released a Lammasu head as a replacement for the default Manticore head. It was an instant success, however, Games Workshop intervened and the Lammasu head was removed as an option and subsequently referred to as a "Shedu" head. Currently the Shedu head is available as a conversion part sold in different retail stores.

[edit] Ral Partha (Iron Wind)

Ral Partha (or Iron Wind as they are now called) had a line of evil Dwarves in their Chronopia line of figures.

[edit] Ravenswood Studios

Ravenswood has made a Dark Castellan miniature, named Bezhukk the Immortal. It's made in a limited run of 250 casts, sold with a certificate of authenticity and number. He is currently working on a battle standard bearer in the same style.


[edit] Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures make a huge variety of Dark Dwarfs and regular Dwarfs that can easily slot into a Chaos Dwarf army.

[edit] Russian Alternative

Russian Alternative has a line of evil dwarf called Dwarfs of Fire Canyon. Sculpted in a style "as an updated version of the classic big hat", the line provides heroes, command groups, units with different weapon options and hobgoblin allies. Mostly sculpted by Rozmax

[edit] Scibor Monstrous Miniatures

Scibor Monstrous Miniatures are the miniature company behind the line of dwarfs called "Moscals", inspired by and following a eastern european / cossack look.

[edit] Titan-Forge

Titan-Forge launched a kickstarter project just before the end of 2013. The project was for a tabletop dwarf army of mechanical steam driven dwarf robots. The setting being that, dwarfs live long, reproduce slow and thus needing robots for warface. The kickstarter project was an enormous succes and as a stretch goal The Sons of Kashan Vra was added. An alternative army, with an evil theme. Opening up an interest from existing and would be chaos dwarf players. By the end of the the kickstarter campaign the project was founded with over 1500%, covering almost all units from the Legion of Azgorh with alternative models.

No pictures, for public use, as of yet.

[edit] Titan Wargames

Titan Wargames was launched in 2010 and produces a range of Dwarves, designed and sculpted by John Blake. The range is backed up by the writings of Thomas Heasman-Hunt, and conjures a subterranean world of terror and wonder. Future plans include Goblins, the nemesis of the Dwarves, and other horrors from the Deep places of the earth.

[edit] Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales is the brainchild of Sjoerd Trouwee. These figures are a part of his "dwarfs of myth" range. The first miniatures is inspired by and have the look of old 3rd edition marauder and citadel chaos dwarfs, yet over the year the Twisted Tales has evolved its own unique "heroic 28mm" feel and look. The miniatures are now sold by Hasselfree Miniatures

[edit] Werewolf Miniatures

Werewolf Miniatures currently only have an ebay page, but plan to launch a full website in autumn 2014. The have a small range of evil dwarfs, with some small futuristic elements in the design.

[edit] Zonk's Evil Dwarfs

A range of both Big Hat and Marauder inspired miniatures sculpted by Zonk, considered rather rare and hard to come-by as these were part of a sales scam. Although models exist, few ever received them.


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