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Mounted Archaon
Mounted Archaon

"Fear me mortals, for I am the Anointed, the Favoured Son of Chaos, the Scourge of the World. The armies of the gods rally behind me, and it is by my will and by my sword that your weakling nations shall fall." - Archaon, Lord of the End Times.

Archaon is the most powerful Chaos Lord ever to walk the Warhammer world, blessed above all others by the powers of Chaos. In games of Warhammer, Archaon is amongst the strongest and toughest characters that you can field in your army. Weighing in at a whopping 865 points, he is a one man (and daemonic steed!) combat monster, who can also cast spells from the lore of Tzeentch. He can be taken as one of your Lord choices in a mortal Chaos army. In addition, he also uses up two Hero choices. Mounted on the feared Steed of the Apocalypse and holding the fate of the world in his hands, Archaon will lead your Chaos army to victory against the thrice accursed enemies of the Dark Gods.

Since the fall of the Old Ones and the collapse of the Gate of Heaven, Chaos has threatened to overwhelm and destroy the world. But, the Gods of Chaos are fickle and capricious and rarely have they combined their forces for this purpose, instead preferring to further their own twisted schemes of domination in the hopes of ruling unchallenged.

Be that as it may, every few centuries there is a mortal champion who is destined for the greatest blessings of Chaos. He is the Lord of the End Times, the Everchosen, whom the Chaos Gods unite behind, bestowing all their gifts upon him.

Each time one of these great warlords has walked the world, it has heralded war, plague, famine and destruction on a massive scale. Nature itself abhors his presence, the ground splits asunder at his feet, the air churns and swirls around him. He is Chaos incarnate and the herald of the Apocalypse.

Archaon on foot (was only availiable at Gamesday 2004).
Archaon on foot (was only availiable at Gamesday 2004).
On each of the previous occasions when the Everchosen has appeared, there has been a champion of Light to defeat him - the fate of the world coming down to single combat between these two forces. Each time, the forces of Chaos have been thwarted on the brink of total victory. But, now another Everchosen has risen to power. For over a century, Lord Archaon has quested across the wastes of the North to prove his worth, seeking out the artefacts of power that belonged to his predecessors. For many years he searched, looking for the final talisman of destiny which he required to allow the Gods of Chaos to unite fully behind him. The Crown of Domination eluded him though, no matter how far he scoured the land or how large his army grew.

But, then another champion of Chaos appeared; Harbinger, Be'lakor, messenger of Chaos, a daemon prince who has embodied the essence of Chaos, the first ever Champion. Once again, he came back from his abode in the heavens to seek out the Everchosen and told Archaon of the unholy resting place of the Crown of Domination. Almost unopposed, Archaon led his army, into the Worlds Edge Mountains in frozen Kislev, to the First Shrine to Chaos. Here he battled single-handedly against beasts and daemons and eventually won the right to be crowned Lord of the End Times.

Realising that his own glory was not to be, the Harbinger was forced to take the Crown from Archaon and perform the unholy coronation that confirmed the Chaos Lord's status as the favoured conqueror of the Gods.

Archaon led the Storm of Chaos, an event played out as a worldwide campaign by Games Workshop in 2004. The end saw orc warboss grimgor ironhide take archaon by suprise which led to a narrow victory for the Forces of Light, leading to Archaon's defeat. However, the Everchosen remains at large, holed up in the Brass Keep and waiting for his chance to return to power once again.

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