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These are the banners and symbols used by the Games Workshop Chaos Dwarf army.


[edit] Chaos Dwarf Banners

[edit] Hobgoblin Banners

[edit] Chaos Dwarf Symbols

[edit] Malorndk's Classic Banners

Since the original scans from the army book is in a rather low quality, the user Malorndk has remade all the classic banners (as well as some recolors and customized banners) in Photoshop.

You can read his thread about the process of remaking the banners, see pictures of how the banners look printed or enjoy his tutorials on how to print your own banners HERE

The images below are not to be printed, but you can get the printable, high quality version of the Classic Banners HERE

[edit] Malorndk's Recolored/Customized Banners

The images below are not to be printed, but you can get all these banners on each of the four different pages below. These printable, high quality versions are categorized after their content.

Get the Recolor/Customized Banners HERE

Get the Battle Standard Banners HERE

Get the Greenskin Banners HERE

Get the Black 'n White Banners to paint yourself HERE

[edit] Fan-made Banners

[edit] Related Links

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