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This page aims to be a visual reference to all 2nd and 3rd edition Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs in their component parts, and all related catalog pages. All were released by Citadel, Marauder, or Games Workshop, unless noted otherwise. Pictures are courtesy of Clam and Nicodemus.

The catalog pages link to the miniatures site Stuff of Legends. Some models appear in several catalogs, others appear only once or not at all. There is a reference spreadsheet that has been compiled to help identify those models.


[edit] The Models

[edit] D3 Chaos Dwarfs

  • This is a variant of another Chaos Dwarf model

[edit] C16 Chaos Dwarfs

[edit] Chaos Dwarf Renegades

[edit] C22 War Machines

[edit] Other War Machines

[edit] Chaos Dwarf Crossbows

[edit] MM90 Chaos Dwarfs

[edit] Possible Chaos Dwarfs and Related Models

[edit] C27 Hobhounds and Hobgoblin Master

[edit] C36 Hobgoblins

[edit] DL2 Hobgoblin Warriors

[edit] Despoilers of the Dark Lands

[edit] Other Hobgoblins

[edit] Catalog Pages

[edit] 2nd Edition

[edit] 3rd Edition

[edit] Unreleased, Rare, and Other Related Catalog Pages

[edit] Related Links

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