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A Chaos Dwarf Warrior with his characteristic great axe
A Chaos Dwarf Warrior with his characteristic great axe
Chaos Dwarf Warriors are a unit available to Chaos Dwarf armies. They are a Core choice and the basic troop type of the army.


[edit] History

Chaos Dwarf Warriors
Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Rules wise, Chaos Dwarfs are very similar to regular Dwarfs. All Chaos Dwarf armies must have several units of them, as the only other Core unit, Hobgoblins, does not fulfil the minimum core unit requirements of the Chaos Dwarf army. In the last version of the rules, all Chaos Dwarf armies had to take at least one unit.[1]

Chaos Dwarf Warriors come equipped with heavy armour, shields and a hand weapon. They may take a great weapon or may swap their shields for a blunderbuss (see Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses).

There were many Chaos Dwarf models made for 3rd edition Warhammer, but the most recent Warrior models were made in 4th edition and carried over into 5th edition. These are often referred to as "Big Hats". There were four axemen models and two complete command groups[2]. Later came a box of single pose plastic warriors. Two other models appeared on the Games Workshop online store at around the time that 6th edition had just been released but these were not released in stores. All of these variants are viewable in the Chaos Dwarf Catalog section.

[edit] Background

Chaos Dwarf Warriors are the rank and file soldiery of Dawi Zharr society and make up the bulk of male Chaos Dwarfs. They will typically serve under a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer or Chaos Dwarf Lord. Their main task is to collect slaves to toil in Zharr-Naggrund or to be sacrificed to their dark god. The more slaves taken in these raids, the more successful the raid had been.

There are relatively few Chaos Dwarf warriors, even serving in the raiding parties that leave their srongholds to scour The Dark Lands. The slaves that toil throughout the Chaos Dwarf empire outnumber them many times over and, indeed, were the slaves ever to unite, they would swiftly overwhelm the Chaos Dwarfs[3].

Nonetheless, Chaos Dwarf warriors are dangerous fighters who serve their Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer masters with the same loyalty and tenacity as any ordinary Dwarf of the west[4]. Most Chaos Dwarf warriors curl their beards into elaborate and exotic styles and sport the trademark tusks of their corrupted race. Advancing grimly in orderly columns, armed and armoured by the creations of the black furnaces of Zharr Naggrund, an army of these dark soldiers is a dreaded sight throughout the shattered lands they call home.

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