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The Chaos Dwarfs have sometimes come through the High Pass to ravage Kislev and enslave its people, and at other times they face their rotas of Winged Lancers as allies of their many other hated foes.


[edit] Allied Contingent

The Kislev Allied Contingent is not designed to be fielded as a full army, though that is an option, but rather as a supplemental force to their allies. As such, the primary focus of this page will be how the Kislevite troops work in tandem with other armies.

Allied Contingents do no depend on or benefit from the Army General or the Army Banner, instead they depend on and benefit from the Contingent Commander and a Contingent Standard. These characters are typically weaker than their counterparts and more vulnerable to assassination.

[edit] Advantages

The Kislev Allied Contingents don't have any particularly outstanding troops, and they possess an even more limited range than Chaos Dwarfs. Of course, this is mitigated by the fact that they are basically there to support their allies.

[edit] Fire

The Kislev Allied Contingent has a single magic-user available, the Tzarina Katarin, who uses Ice Magic. The most potent spell in the Ice Magic arsenal (or at least the hardest to cast) is Glacial Barrier, which melts when confronted with any Flaming attack - either from the breath of a Great Taurus, or an appropriate spell from the Lore of Fire or Lore of Metal.

A unit of Ironfist Ogres hired as Dogs of War can be equipped with the Dragonhide Banner from the Ogre Kingdoms army list, which renders them immune to Ice Magic - a good choice if you decide to hunt the Ice Queen!

[edit] Disadvantages

On the other hand, the Kislevites don't field any bad troops either. Their cavalry is superior and the Kislev Kossars are dependable and versatile troops, if not particularly exceptional.

[edit] Glorious Charge

The Winged Lancers and Gryphon Legion can cause Panic when they charge the front of a unit, just as if the unit had been flanked - this is not a good thing when it happens to Panic-prone Hobgoblins and other Greenskins. Try and keep them near the Banner of Slavery, or better yet deal with the cavalry units before they get too close.

[edit] Targets

Either of the Kislev Allied Contingent special characters, the Tzarina Katrin or Boris Ursus present valid targets, if only to throw the Allied Contingent in disarray. Both characters also present special options for the Allied Contingent in terms of army composition; more Gryphon Legion in the case of the Ice Queen and more dangerous Kossars for the Red Tsar. Boris Ursus, at least, can be lured into traps baited by Hobgoblins, as he must pursue when they flee.

[edit] Army Composition

Chaos Dwarf armies are generally well-disposed to handle Kislev Allied Contingents, but if concerned consider take a unit of Ironfist Ogres bearing the Dragonhide Banner and a Sorcerer Lord with the Lore of Fire - that should easily handle the Ice Queen and her body guard.

[edit] Strategy

The primary purpose to taking a Kislev Allied Contingent is to address a need lacking in the main army - for the Bretonnians, this might be Kossars to act as good foot troops and Horse Archers as mobile missile units, for the Empire the Winged Lancers and Gryphon Legion can put hordes of Greenskins to flight; Dwarfs may simply enjoy the cavalry and the novelty of Ice Magic to surprise their foes. High Elves and Wood Elves gain the least from the Kislev Allied Contingents, but the Kossars are relatively cheaper than their own Core troops and can easily flesh out the normally sparse Elven forces.

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