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A death rocket with crew.
A death rocket with crew.
The Death Rocket is a Chaos Dwarf artillery piece.

In game-terms, it follows the rules for stone throwers, though it misfires in the same manner as a cannon. Its smaller size causes it to often be overlooked in favour of its bigger brother, the Earthshaker. In Grudgebearer, batteries of Death Rockets are present at the Battle of Peak Pass. Daemons within the rockets steer the projeticles towards a foe. They are woken by Priests that 'scrawl wicked runes' with 'fingers coated in crimson' onto the rocket's that are fired. Unlike the Hellcannon but similar to the Earthshaker, a Death Rocket still uses physical ammo. It is crewed by a pair of Chaos Dwarf crewmen and is seven to eight feet long.

Chaos Dwarfs have made other attempts with rocket technology, but none of them have proved to be overly successful. The most famous experiment was the "Hammer of Hashut", a rocket the size of a tower. It went off course and nearly blew up Zharr Naggrund. Thankfully it narrowly missed the city and only blew a giant crater in a slave camp instead, killing several goblin tribes. [1]

In the novel Grudge Bearer the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers are described as painting "wicked runes" on the Death Rockets to awake the daemons within.

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